Obama’s New Libyan Gov Releases Planner of Benghazi Attack


That whole “Let’s Bomb Libya, So We Can Replace Their Government With Islamist Militias” plan sure is working out well. No wonder Obama wants to try it again in Syria.

Libya’s government earlier this month released a key terror suspect who U.S. officials say was involved in planning the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on U.S. diplomatic and intelligence facilities in Benghazi.

Faraj al Chalabi, (also spelled Shibli) an al Qaeda terrorist also linked to the 1994 terrorist murder of two German tourists, was detained by the Tripoli government in March.

However, al Chalabi was released June 12 based on claims that there was a lack of evidence to hold him custody.

Al Chalabi was a member of both al Qaeda and the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group (LIFG). He had previously been sought in connection with the attack on German nationals Silvan and Vera Becker near Sirte, Libya in 1994.

The LIFG has not been identified as continuing to operate in Libya. However, a Pentagon report on al Qaeda in Libya said: “While some of its former leaders have distanced themselves from al Qaeda and reiterated their intent to play by the democratic rules of the new Libya, clandestinely, some former members of LIFG may be among those helping to create the al Qaeda network.”

The fake LIFG moderation was a scam that Gaddafi Jr. fell for. And it ended up costing daddy his whole regime. The United States wanted to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood had moderated the LIFG away from Al Qaeda.

And then the US got the Muslim Brotherhood to protect the Benghazi mission.

  • Jsjk

    Of course, and I’m sure all the morons who re-elected Obozo also adamantly believed the Liar-in-Chief when he swore and promised to bring the Benghazi perps to Justice! As if that will ever happen. No, Obama roots for America’s enemies. He hopes and prays for America’s demise (just as right now Obozo mounts his War Against Coal — and do the morons who re-elected Obozo recall his campaign promises with regard to the coal industry? Of course, the Liar, the Sociopath, alleged that it was *Romney* who wanted to destroy the coal industry! Unbelievable that Obozo was able to fool so many people! Tragic.

    • ziggy zoggy

      I never heard it articulated before but you’re right. Obama is a classic sociopath. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

      • Jsjk

        (Once upon a time, I had the misfortune of running into such an individual — utterly ruthless, without a conscience, manipulative, lying, but beyond everything else, power hungry. Had to control others. Another factor which stood out was the demonizing of others for petty things, trivialities, yet, when you thought about it, it was precisely what he himself was doing! It was pure projection. 100 percent. Whenever I listen to Obama (for my own peace of mind I try to avoid listening to him) the alarm bells start going off — Obama so reminds me of a con artist. He’s the sort of destructive, ferocious entity that people should stay away from — avoid at all costs.)

        • rosech

          Precisely why we did not vote for him. I lived/worked under Socialism and my spouse escaped Communism, and there he was spouting their words. Difficult to understand why people who had freedom and futures thought things could be better. Stupid is as stupid does and now we are paying big time for their stupidity.

          • Doutfuloutcome

            It must be aggrevating to leave socialism and communism thinking you are now safe only to be faced with it again. I would have never thought we would be in this shape but I guess he is just following the plan, The plan that all the other ruthless dictators have followed.Now think about what he plans for us!!!!!

      • rosech

        Have been articles by many psychiatrists and psychologists on his psyche and they consider him a psychopath and not just a sociopath. Whatever, he needs to go.

        • Jsjk

          (I’ve read that the term “psychopath” is British, while “sociopath” is American. But, there was another aspect of Obama — drives me up the wall — this is when Obama adopts an act, a persona of someone whom he is not (such as “an ordinary guy” or someone who’s really mad about the Benghazi killers, and he’ll “fix” things — as I laugh.) it is all a performance to con people. Just as right now he’s in Senegal pretending to be an ancestor of slaves, and a crusader for “civil rights.” Again, this is all a fraud, a phony, fake deceptive performance. In reality he’s sending American troops into Egypt to support Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood. The protesters are secularists opposed to Islamism — yet Obama wishes to crush them using U.S. forces to do so! Obama is on the side of evil — I utterly detest him.

  • rosech

    Hey, first rule of Obama is to protect his muslim buddies. Funny how now they are turning against him. I think he may not be safe from them. Tsk! Tisk!