Obama’s Non-Partisan Campaign Selling Access to Obama for $500,000

The perpetual non-partisan campaign is blending together the old inside-outside operation into one mass government consortium. There is no longer a difference between the the government and the activists around it. They’re all part of one network that is pushing one single agenda.

Forget the Military-Industrial Complex, this is the Activist-Government Complex.

Leaders of Organizing for Action, President Obama’s new nonprofit advocacy group, are courting his top campaign bundlers to be part of a high-dollar fundraising network that will help finance the work of the nascent organization.

Bundlers will probably be asked to raised $500,000 to be part of the committee. Such top fundraisers will get perks in return. One reward that was floated as a possibility was an invitation to quarterly meetings with Obama.

They’re “Organizing for Action”, but the action that they’re organizing for comes from the White House. This is no different than a candidate funding a grass roots movement calling on him to run for office. And now we’ve got a non-profit openly selling access to elected officials outside campaign time.

Such proximity to the president is nothing new for those being courted, who include the most prolific fundraisers for Obama’s political campaigns.

“People are not doing this to get their third or sixth photo with the president,” said one bundler who attended an OFA fundraising outreach session this week. “Everybody is in because they are in.”

They’re not doing it to get a photo, they’re doing it to push their own economic interests through access to high level government officials, including the highest possible official in the country.

Obama has turned America into Argentina, Nigeria or Russia. A completely corrupt country where the only way to get anything done is to give money to those in power.

  • http://oldschooltwentysix.blogspot.com/ oldschooltwentysix

    Obama's disconnect comes from the start, as The Hill reported in March, 2007.

    His claims about standing for the little guy are a farce, as did his $1 billion campaign that he ushered in.

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      Not only is he disconnected, but he is dangerously disconnected – thuggish-like. It is no longer a question of personalities, and liking this Dem or that one. But it is a question of socialist/Marxist style of power politics, do this, or else.
      In fact, there is no daylight between the henchmen who surround George-the-devil-incarnate and Obama. They are ONE and the same. Some are his top dogs INSIDE the gov't, the rest surround him via socialist leaning NGO's. This is seriously a mirror image of how the regime works under Hugo and third world basket cases.
      Alas, what does one expect when radical revolutionaries are at the helm – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/15/u-s-leaders-f

      As such, the process involves conditioning the citizens, and this is described above.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Brian Donegal

    Did the Democrats just turn the US into a banana republic? Yes. Yes, they did.

  • JacksonPearson

    IMO, the U.S. government have way to much money to toss around, and be unaccounted for.. Budgets are loose and ambiguous. I believe there should be an agency by agency, or department for department line item budget submitted, instead of lumps sums. I'd like to see exactly where the lump of sugar is going, and if it's all needed, or if it's just more sweet bleed off money!

  • fnord

    sure, they say they're non-partisan, but when the name says "OFAY" you can be sure its staffed with virulent DNC racists