Obama’s “Tech Surge” Depends on Friendly Engineers from Companies like Google

A photo worth nine figures

A photo worth nine figures

Instead of bringing in competent companies to build Healthcare.gov, Obama gave a no-bid contract to CGI, a company with a terrible track record and a top executive who is friends with Michelle Obama and has visited the White House. Oversight stayed with CMS, a government agency completely unprepared for the task.

The Tech Surge consisted of Obama bringing in friendly engineers from actually competent companies. But it raises the question of why he threw $630 million at companies that couldn’t do the job, but had political connections?

In fact, the surge centered on about a half-dozen people who had taken leave from various technology companies to join the effort. They included Michael Dickerson, a site reliability engineer at Google who had also worked on Mr. Obama’s campaign and now draws praise from contractors as someone who is “actually making a difference,” one said.

Even so, one person working on the project said, “Surge was probably an overstatement.”

Everything Obama says is an overstatement. But what’s interesting is that Obama shunned the pro dot com companies and talent that might have gotten the job done and followed his usual bad habit of giving the work to incompetent political cronies paid with taxpayer money.

Obama’s own greed for corruption landed him and his website in this mess. And he turned to the people he should have put in charge only when it was clear that his poll numbers were disastrous.

  • bigpete

    He can’t spread the talent but he can sure spread our wealth.

    • Lanna

      He can sure spread a lot of things!

  • http://fdnyretiree.com/ Ed FDNYRetiree

    You wrote: “Everything Obama says is an overstatement.”

    Is that a new phrase for LIE?

  • Lanna

    Eventually Evil destroys itself, it prevails for awhile, but the normal progression of things goes against evil.

  • Adam Rich

    Chicago style corruption rules D.C. from both sides. Prohibition of insider trading and 4 year term limits will prevent these “honorable gentlemen” from building power bases and straying from the constitutional oath they all took but have forgotten.

  • tracy

    Black power.

  • Lanna

    Regardless of what the regime says about the website working much better, there are big failures going on, especially with security, all this has come back to bite them, and the Insurance companies know it has made them look bad too….The regime did it Their Way..and flopped!