Occupy Toronto Features Calls for Forming Taliban, Killing White People

Yes there really is something worse than Occupy Oakland. And oddly enough it’s Occupy Toronto. (via Blazing Cat Fur)

A group of people from Occupy Toronto setup camp on campus at Ryerson University this weekend and have been using the school’s power and network to live broadcast an 80 hour fundraiser over Livestream.

At about 2:45 Saturday afternoon the Livestream camera was handed to a young native man named Billy who says he comes from near the Conawapa Dam in Manitoba. The beginning of his appearance (with Crystal Sinclair of Idle No More Toronto) was unremarkable, typical banter. He later switched to a monologue, blasting violent, racist and anti-Semitic anger into the camera. The highlights included talking about killing CSIS & RCMP Agents, killing white people, and Holocaust denial.

So typical Occupier. Aside from not being the spawn of a couple of white college professors who drive a Subaru.

Near the beginning of his monologue Billy explains his view on what indigenous people need to do to get attention for their cause:

“Us Indians have to do something really extreme to get the world’s attention, like forming a Taliban“

Billy then explains his dismay and how he perceives that people are ignoring indigenous issues saying “Do we Indians have to blow up something? For all this s##t to f##king stop?”. Following up saying “Do you want a war, do you want a war!” and explaining how the RCMP are “getting away with f##king murder in the jail cells”.

He then moves on to discuss his feelings on Jewish people and Israel- explaining:

“I f##king laugh at the Holocaust. Seriously, I spit on the f##king Holocaust. The Holocaust was was not a f##king genocide, if it was a genocide they’d all be f##king dead- but, no, they need the f##king Israelites to exist. Hitler was just something else.”

Like I said, typical Occupier. Aside from the Subaru.

He explains that the Vatican “has to be charged as an enemy of mankind”, and that the entire British Royal family must be convicted with genocide. Then he says:

“The moment you send your f##king goons and legal f##king houligans to come after me- that’s the moment I start f##king killing white people. Until I can get a 33rd degree Mason and f##king cut his F##king head and heart off. That’s the kind of warrior I am”

I think you have to watch the video to get a sense of just what an incredible warrior Billy is.

  • CowboyUp

    I thought that kind of speech was illegal up there. Their courts have gone after conservatives for so far less that it’s not even remotely comparable.
    Just looking at him, he’d better make sure those folks he wants to murder are tied up good when he goes to do the evil deed, or they’re apt to mop the floor with him.

    • DogmaelJones1

      That kind of speech is illegal up there if you’re a white guy who dresses in suits and has a better command of the English language and goes out of his way to defend Western civilization. Say, someone like Mark Steyn. But if you’re a “minority” and can only emote in language saltier than a sailor’s, deuces are wild and you’re protected.

    • Albert8184

      Let him speak. It’s good to know what the enemy looks like.

      • CowboyUp

        I didn’t mean to suggest anyone silence him, just point out the blatant hypocrisy of those deciding such offenses. When someone’s declaring themselves like that, it should go far and wide, and never forgotten.

        • Albert8184

          Yeah, you’re definitely right about hte hypocrisy. And I don’t think anyone will silence him. And it’s a good thing they won’t ultimately.

  • Ulrick

    This aboriginal guy was homeless according to GenuiNEWitty. He probably doesn’t know any better, unlike most of Occupy.

  • UCSPanther

    Yet another failure at life posting a general declaration of his genocidal fantasies…

  • grenouf

    Thanks for posting my article here, I’m glad to see this issue getting more coverage…

    It’s interesting how you mention Occupy Oakland. I’ve spoken with someone who was there, and who spends a lot of time researching the radical left. He says that after reading my accounts of what’s happening in Canada he believes the radicals are even more radical here. I’m beginning to believe him.

    @CowboyUp:disqus, Canada had hate crime laws up until last month when the federal government made them null & void. I have mixed feelings about this- on the one hand it’s good to have full freedom of speech, but equally people like “Billy” show us that this could work out badly…

    • Ulrick

      Most if not all provinces still have laws against hate propaganda that this may fall under, as does the Criminal Code. The Conservatives only abolished sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act which could try violators in the Human Rights Tribunal.

      • grenouf

        That’s true, there are provincial laws. I still need to look up the laws in Ontario- do you know if there are any here?

        • Ulrick

          It might fall under the Ontario Human Rights Code’s provisions against discrimination and harassment since it’s at a university, but I’m not sure.

    • Albert8184

      You’re stupid if you believe the solution to “Billy” is to shut him up with “hate speech” laws. No. The solution is to let him speak. Let him speak, so that everyone can hear him, and he will become his own worst enemy. It’s when you push these people underground that they become invisible. You don’t want them invisible. You want to see them in the open. When they are invisible, they are dangerous.

    • CowboyUp

      I think it will work out for the best in the long run. The crazies will out themselves, policies and people can be criticized, and arguments can be refuted without fear of being silenced by the government.
      I’m happy to be wrong in accusing them of hypocrisy, thanks for setting me straight.

      • grenouf

        There’s a major investigation going on at Ryerson University right now, and the police & RCMP are involved. I’ll keep you all updated if anything comes of it…

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    As a N/A I want you to know not everyone feels this way. In fact I am mortified that they still do feel this way. It would help if the governments would at least give them the reservation lands so they can start pulling out of the government imposed poverty that is the reservation socialist system. Without hope, this is what breeds. If that guy is liberal he is on the same side as those who want to eliminate all but the elitist class and a select few others. In other words Margaret Sanger who devised the “final solution” and her group of ghouls would have wiped out the NA through sterilization a long time ago if she hadn’t been found out. She is the darling of the left who now promote genocide through abortion.

    • Moto

      I know for a fact that not all indigenous Americans feel this way. I have met quite a few of them and they have shared skills and knowledge with me that I use every day.

      I too agree that the reservation lands should be given to the indigenous. We have done this with some reservations in the United States and these reservations flourished while the surrounding government-funded ones degenerated.

      North Americans of European descent admire the courage,honor, and tenacity of Native Americans,we are thankful for the current peaceful cooperation between our people facilitated by pragmatic Native American representatives,and bear the Native American people no ill will whatsoever.

      Wherever possible, I would like to inspire Native Americans to hope for a better future for their next generation by giving them control of their own destiny,as I believe any right-leaning individual would.

      Native Americans in general know the destruction caused by government meddling in people’s personal lives and forming a Taliban to encourage it is the farthest thing from the minds of most indigenous American peoples,who simply want to live their lives in dignity,peace, and hope.

    • Albert8184

      He’s not liberal. He’s a radical Leftist.

  • donaldopeoples

    Typical Occupy? That’s too funny, there is no such thing a typical Occupy and if there was , it certainly wouldn’t be this lost soul.

    • Albert8184

      Baloney. He’s a classic Leftist and a typical Occupier type.

  • donaldopeoples

    That being said, it seems as though some folk’s ” holacaust” get way better coverage than others. Native people have been marginalized to the point where they aren’t even afforded the right to express their rage. If your race is not well represented in the media, you don’t exist and past transgressions against you don’t seem to matter.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “That being said, it seems as though some folk’s ” holacaust” get way better coverage than others.”

      There has been nothing in modern history equal to the WWII holocaust. Stop being so dense.

      “Native people have been marginalized to the point where they aren’t even afforded the right to express their rage.”

      Whether that’s true or not, that’s not what holocaust means.

      “If your race is not well represented in the media, you don’t exist and past transgressions against you don’t seem to matter.”

      So the courts have failed certain “race victims?” I’m not seeing that. Who cares about “the media?” If anything, the courts have been too tolerant of collectivist solutions, thanks to crypto-communists on the left, and that leaves individual victims around to provide anecdotes about “virtual holocaust experiences.” And thus it never ends because they never look for justice on an individual basis. Which is all we ever promise anyone.

    • Crazycatkid

      Yeah, the Jewish nation and Jews are beloved by Islam, Obama and the left (sarcasm, of corse). I mean duh, all leftist Hollywood /Media coverage of the WWII Genocide backed by both West&Islam says one thing and one thing only: good when dead, long dead.
      Your fake kvetch victim group collectivism competition is very, very thin veneer for your blazing racist hatreds.

  • Albert8184

    Whenever you run across a Leftist diatribe like this, bookmark it, cut and paste it and share it all over the internet and disseminate it as widely as possible. The Left is their own worst enemy. The Left provides us all the ammunition we need to defeat them with knowledge and without the need to defeat them violently. No sane person can listen to this rant without realizing what is good and what is evil.

  • aceclaymore

    Yeah, he’s clear about what he wants, but who would follow this yutz?

  • Broder

    Buy guns and ammo while you can people. In 10-20 years the second amendment will have been effectively regulated out of existence.

  • ??

    Occupy what ?
    you are a lazy spoiled ignorant useful idiot ,
    go play with your Xbox and drive the car daddy pays for .

  • ytdontplay

    Who is going to kill them in the rugged mountains of British Columbia?


    you white people are all illegal and should f off back to europe GET OFF OUR SOIL!!!!!!!!!