Ohio State MSA President Arrested in Egypt

Ohio State MSA Pres with Brotherhood genocidal preacher

Ohio State MSA Pres with Brotherhood genocidal preacher

Finally an MSA president was arrested for his activities on behalf of the MSA’s Brotherhood front office and not its Al Qaeda splinter group. That is an improvement of sorts.

Security officials say the son of an outspoken Muslim Brotherhood figure has been detained. Mohamed Soltan’s family says he is a U.S. citizen and does not know his whereabouts. An active supporter of the Islamist group online, the 25-year-old had posted pictures of his arm after it was shot when security forces cleared out two Brotherhood sit-ins Aug. 14.

The Ohio State University graduate is the son of outspoken Muslim Brotherhood figure Salah Soltan. He was detained Monday along with four other men in the office of the pro-Brotherhood Rassd Network News service, according to security officials who spoke anonymously in line with regulations and released the information to The Associated Press late that same night.

Police said the group had plans to spread violence by inciting splits among the ranks of the army and police.

It’s like there’s some sort of connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Students Association. It’s like one is really just an American front group and recruitment center for the other.

  • Gee

    Oh what a shame – the poor Muslim Brotherhood is being arrested but only in Egypt.

    Now to take my tongue out of my cheek

  • Jamie

    He looks nuts.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Goodbye, Columbus, indeed. Just desserts for the MSA geek.

  • Christopher Riddle

    I hope they put them up against a wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DisplacedTxn

    Ohio State Colleges have long been the breeding ground for Muslim Extremists. The Imam from Cleveland was stripped of his citizenship and deported back to Gaza after it was discovered he lied about his incendiary attitudes towards the Jews on his citizenship application. I hope this kid enjoys being the guest of the Egyptian military for a good long time.