OIC Muslim Org Wants a Seat on the UN Security Council

And who’s to say that Obama won’t give them one along with the ability to block any UN military action against a Sunni Muslim country, including Sudan.

Should there be reserved seats for religions in the United Nations? If we’re going to go theocracy, we might as well go all the way.

The 56-member Organization of Islamic Conference, the largest Muslim organization in the world, should have a seat on the UN Security Council, said Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, its secretary-general.

“One of the important objectives for which I have been exerting a lot of efforts was to have a seat for OIC in the Security Council to represent 1.5 billion Muslims in the world,” Ihsanoglu told reporters in Cairo.

Observer Islamic Countries opposed a permanent seat for India in the UN Security Council, saying it would be an injustice with the Muslim World. A permanent Security Council seat in the UN for India means a major injustice with 1.90 billion’s Muslim of world said Faisal Muhammed.

And a UN Security Council seat will be a great forum for the OIC’s Blasphemy War against Freedom of Speech.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Why the devil not? After all, the parley of thugs roaming its halls would not be complete without the advocates of throat slitters and headchoppers!

    Moreover, these same "dignitaries" adhere to edicts which mandate the devouring – literally – of "infidel" flesh – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/06/islam-barbari

    And while the west is at it, go right ahead…shovel millions more into their coffers. They deserve it!
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Mary Sue

    India bloody well BETTER get a permanent seat, then!

  • http://www.tundratabloid.blogspot.com KEGS59

    The OIC poses a danger that far outweighs anything al-Qaida has managed to do against the West, and must be opposed.

  • john spielman

    this farce of an institution must be kicked out of the USA immediately, and all ties and monies forever separated from it!


    Move the UN to Mecca.

    Let the high life loving Infidels of the UN country club live in Mecca.

    Let's see how accommodating Mecca is to UN Infidels and booze loving Muslims.

  • Ufuk Gokcen

    There are already four OIC member states sitting at the Security Council as non-permanent members: Togo, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Morocco. Within UNSC reform many ideas were put forward, many emerging powers from different geographical areas are asking for a permanent seat. What the OIC Secretary General called for is the allocation of one permanent seat which will be filled by the OIC member states on rotational basis in the case of an increase of the total number of UNSC membership as a result of the UNSC reform efforts. As a trans-regional international political organization with 57 member states, the OIC has every right to step into the UNSC reform debate. It is neither an NGO nor a religious institution. One may find OIC's request feasible and legitimate or not. It is another matter. However, misinformed and manipulative debate in this forum is very saddening.


    "… a seat for OIC in the Security Council to represent 1.5 billion Muslims in the world,” Ihsanoglu told reporters …"

    They can have "representation" by membership of their countries in the non-permanent Security Council members. If the Muslims, who are not a state, why not the Vatican which IS a real state?

  • Bassma Sourour

    You would be surprised of the scope of the work of the OIC. The Organization carries out numerous humanitarian activities for all people, not just Muslims. They are in the Sahel in Mali, Niger and other countries, in the Horn of Africa, rebuilding farms and teaching drought farming techniques, digging water wells and providing coordination for UN agencies and activities in Yemen, Myanmar and other places.

    Maybe it would be good for fellow commenters to check out the work of an organization, before condemning it.

    • http://iranaware..com/ IranAware

      you just want a forum to continue the great lie of the Oppression of the pooooor Muslims feelings always getting hurt due to their 7th century backwater ways, and a fresh way to blame Israe l for all your shortcomings..Enter a new age of enlightenment for a century (or 3) then we can talk

  • Guy Salop

    What is sad is that a bloc overtly bound by a supremacist and dogmatic religion, which has made no significant contribution to mankind save adding population, should seek to influence an organisation created from the blood and horror endured by those seeking freedom and betterment for the whole of mankind. Islam is what islam does.

  • Jay

    India having a seat would be an injustice to the Muslim world….of course it would seem to Muslims to be an injustice to them that an infidel country attacked for a thousand years by Islamic jihadists where 80 million of its people were brutally killed, where countless others were enslaved, where Muslims partitioned the land to create what became two Islamic states, but yet still survives and is not completed subdued after all those in humane atrocities committed against it by Muslims, be admitted to the security council and given power instead of being utterly destroyed by Muslims. Yes no doubt their intended victim having a permanent seat on the security council would seem an injustice to inhumane Muslim supremacists.

  • sultan

    Observer Islamic Countries is only Organization who are struggling for the betterment of Islamic World through Diplomatic & Political means. Other side OIC who have a large mandate and activities are “0” what is going in Egypt OIC is sleeping.