“One of the Worst Statements by an American President in History”; Israeli Cabinet Members Blast Obama’s UN Speech

obama netanyahu

The reviews are in for Obama’s UN speech from Israel and they aren’t good.

The politicians were particularly outraged by Obama’s statement that Israel’s security as a Jewish and democratic state depends on the realization of a Palestinian state.

“That is one of the worst statements by an American president in history,” said Transportation Minister Israel Katz, who heads the Likud’s governing secretariat. “Israel’s existence does not depend on anything, especially not the Palestinians. The US helps Israel, but we have always known to defend ourselves with our own force. We desire peace, but we will not take unnecessary risks and we will not accept any solution that endangers our existence.”

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon called upon Netanyahu to resist pressure from Obama on the Palestinian issue, which he said he expects will only increase with time.

“At a time when steely resolve is needed in dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue, we are instead hearing of premature concessions,” Danon said. “If this is the new policy of the US administration, then our government must remain vigilant and ready for the possibility of huge American pressure in the current talks with the Palestinians.”

It’s not even a new policy. It’s the same old policy. Except now Iran smells weakness and has decided to play a little with Obama.

  • Former journalist

    Previously the Jerusalem Post had reported: “‘Friends
    of Israel, including the US, must say clearly that its future depends
    on the creation of a Palestinian state,’ Obama told the [UN General] Assembly.” So not just Israel’s security and democracy, but its existence itself. In the meantime, the Jerusalem Post seems to have made this sound not like an invitation to threaten and blackmail Israel in order to bring it to its knees or even obliterate it as a sovereign state, which it appears to have been, but more like the concern you can also hear from Israeli leftists, i.e. it has changed Obama’s tone to that of a really concerned friend again.
    Maybe I am wrong.

  • dvorah b

    the “audacity” of Obamalek!!!!

  • Gee

    The existence of the ‘Palestinians’ is dependent upon Israel. They can and should deport the illegal colonists back to their own lands

    • defcon 4

      Bring back the Kach party!

      • Lynne Marton

        If only!!!!!! He would make Krepel Fleish(chopped meat) out of him!!!

    • Hammer66

      I agree: send the settlers back to the old Soviet republics where they came from, and the remaining gun-lovers back to Brooklyn.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Only self loathing queers hate guns. Real gay men love them.

  • v

    I don’t get it, do all the leftist Jews and the writers in the Jerusalem Post want to live under Muslim/Arab domination, because if they do, then they will cease to exist, and I am not saying professionally cease to exist, I am saying physically they will.

    • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

      Like Lefties everywhere the Marxist Jews go with Enemy of my Enemy calculations first, last and always. Bibi is their proximate enemy. They admire the Palestinians for their frank hatred, even if it includes themselves.

    • Blade_Runner_1776

      The leftists Jews have a thing in common with the American leftists: They are LIBERALS. Liberalism is the their TRUE religion and they sacrifice their children at the altar of abortion, quick to remind people of the Holocaust, but turn a blind eye to the MILLIONS of babies being murdered at their altar of abortion for their “god” of liberalism. That is why the voted for BHO and are defending them.

      • elizabeth cohen

        I have been saying this for years and years. It hurts to see my own people go against everything that is right and proper. Even my cousin told me last night that she blames Israel for what ails the Palestinians. I was so angry, but I told her in a nice way that there is no such thing as a Palestinian people. People need to read the history and see for themselves. And you are right they all come to the alter of the “god” of Liberalism, that is what got them murdered in Germany. They simply closed a blind eye until it was too late.

    • Hammer66

      The Jerusalem Post is hardly liberal. But it is IN Israel, which means that it is tired of living in a pariah state, and tired of living without peace. They want something better for Israel. Contrast that to those posting here: hard-right Jews who want Israel to stretch from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, fundamentalist born-again Christians who believe that their fairy tale Biblical stories can’t come true without the existance of ancient Israel, and the usual racist anti-Obama, trailer park inhabiting, Tea Party supporting vermin.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Hummer69, I am a kraut eating, crumpet munching Limey Hun American who will kick the dog$hit straight out of your mouth if I ever meet you. I like Jews and the Tea Party and hate Obangi.

        I am a member of the moral majority.

  • Manaphy

    LOL, Jews complaining that their puppet isn’t good enough.

    BTW, saying that a Palestinian state should exist is not antsemitic. And, objecting to a war against Iran is not antisemitic.

    • LibertarianToo

      There already is a Palestinian State, It’s called Israel. BTW From the river to the sea, Israel shall be free. And the Palestinian Arabs will just have to find someplace else to hang gays.

      • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

        Actually it’s called Jordan.

        • elizabeth cohen

          The King himself said “there are no Palestinian people, they are all Jordanians” never a truer word spoken.

          • Gee

            The Arabs in Israel have said the same.

            Following excerpt is from an address by Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad, aired by Al-Hekma TV on March 23, 2012

            “Who are the Palestinians? We have many families called Al-Masri, whose roots are Egyptian. Egyptian! They may be from Alexandria, from Cairo, from Dumietta, from the North, from Aswan, from Upper Egypt. We are Egyptians. We are Arabs. We are Muslims. We are a part of you.”

            PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, in a 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw

            “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians,
            Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian people’ to oppose Zionism.

            “For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state
            with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa. While as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”

            PLO Charter
            “Article (1) Palestine is part of the Arab World, and the
            Palestinian people are part of the Arab Nation, and their
            struggle is part of its struggle.”

    • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

      No one said anything was anti-semitic but of course, it is. What else is the further empowerment of those who dream of exterminating the Jews, talk about it every day and bend their every action to that end? Of course it is anti-semitic. It’s against Jews, to the death of all. And…. Obama is a Zionist puppet? LOL, indeed.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Stop using a Japanese image for your avatar. The Japanese are not self loathing pussy-wipes like you.

    • DB1954

      1. False on its face.
      2. Irrelevant.

    • Moa

      Manaphy. You are correct in your statements. However, they are somewhat naiive. Please let me explain:

      Before 1948 the word “Palestinian” was used *exclusively* for Jewish inhabitants of the region. Once the State of Israel was established they switched to calling themselves, “Israelis”.

      The Arabs consider themselves as part of one worldwide “Ummah”. They adopted the word “Palestinian” in 1967 on the advice of a Soviet disinformation campaign (which has worked on many, including you it appears). Before 1967 these people considered themselves “Arabs” first and foremost, and as Jordanians (if in the West Bank) or Egyptian (if in Gaza).

      The whole use of “Palestinian” for Arabs is part of a planned and very successful disinformation campaign. Even people like Yasser Arafat (an Egyptian, btw) and other Arab “leaders” admit that the term “Palestinian” is a fiction simply so they can commit genocide on the Jews. See the following for quotes by Arafat et al (particularly pages 6-12):

      The reason the Arabs use this disinformation is because they plan a genocide of the Jews. This is commanded for all Muslims to kill *all* Jews (not just the Israeli ones, but the ones around the World and in the US too). See hadith Sahih Muslim 6985 for the command to genocide that *all Muslims must obey without question*:

      Have a look at the Hamas Charter – it calls for the same thing:

      The Muslim Ummah already has 57 states (if we include Palestine), that are large and with plenty of room. The reason they want Palestine is because it allows them to commit genocide on the Jews of Israel. Once they are done with the Jews they are then commanded to subjugate all non-Muslims around the Globe (see Qur’an Sura 9:5 and 9:29 for example, but there are 109 other verses, and even more in the hadith and Sura).

      As the Arab Palestinians say, “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”. Sounds obvious and harmless, right? Well, what it really means is, “First comes [genocide against the people who pray on] Saturday [ie. Jews], then comes [slaughter and subjugation of people who pray on ] Sunday [Christians, atheists, Westerners and all non-Muslims]“.

      So, the words you used are literally ok – and are fine when Westerners talk amongst themselves as we have the same meaning. However, when such words are used by Arabs and Muslims they have a second layer of meaning – which often is opposite to the understanding you as a Western have. Have a read of the following article which shows several ways which Muslims are not only allowed to lie to you, but commanded to mislead you if it advances their genocidal and supremacist goals:

      So, it may appear that kneejerk “zionist rednecks” have posted you down through ignorance. Actually, it turns out that many people understand the facts I just referenced and have punished you for making a statement that is ignorant of the reality of the situation (sorry to be so harsh, but that’s how it is).

      Please read up on the genocidal goals of the Muslims, how they lie to you. You’ll also find that the media supports the lying too, as there is an alliance between the International Socialists and the Islamists (called the “Red-Green Alliance”) and the media is heavily biased by the Cultural Marxism of the Left (hence, they spread disinformation by calling the recent mall attack in Kenya as being perpetrated by “militants” or “Islamic terrorists”, when in fact the only correct terms are “jihadis”, or “Islamic jihadis”, for reasons I won’t elaborate in this already long post – but trust me, the former terms are deliberately misleading).

      Back to your specific statements:

      > “saying that a Palestinian state should exist is not antsemitic”

      No, provided that the Palestinians agree to mutual permanent recognition of Israel too. They will say so in English, but never recognize Israel in Arabic to their own people – part of their disinformation to misdirect English speakers like yourself as to what is really going on.

      > “And, objecting to a war against Iran is not antisemitic.”

      Not on the face of it. However, this suggests that Israel has no right to attack Iran (which has repeatedly stated that Israel should be “wiped from the pages of history” and is very clearly acquiring the nuclear arms to make this so). How arrogant is that, do dictate whether a country (Israel) has the right to defend itself from declared plans for its genocide? would you like it if the Saudis said whether or not your country “has the right to exist” or the “right to defend itself”? even the mere suggestion of this is double standards and is indeed anti-Semitic in that it questions Israel’s legitimacy and legitimacy to conduct self-defense. Show how this issue is subtle.

      If, however, you are simply stating that your own country should not go to war with Iran then that is far more reasonable – but incredibly foolish. If Iran gets nukes then it cannot be contained and your country will be threatened. The Iranian people are great but the Iranian theocrats have an insane medieval outlook. To fail to prevent the Iranian mullahs from getting nuclear arms and blackmailing the World (and especially their neighbours) is immoral and cowardly. Peace is good. Peace at any price is a great moral evil that has been shown to fail time and again.

      “Si vis pace, para bellum” is the only thing known to work.

      • elizabeth cohen

        I have book called “From time immemorial” and you have stated exactly the same thing as the book has. This is definitely a share.

        • Moa

          Many thanks Elizabeth.

      • defcon 4

        Muslimes blew up two synagogues in Argentina? I had only read about one (I think it was in Buenos Aires).

        • Moa

          FYI: In 1992 and 1994.

          Nice sig, btw :)

  • Softly Bob

    Look at the above photo of Barack and Bibi. Check out the body language and what does it tell you?
    Obama is being aggressive and finger-pointy. He is clearly wound up and is making subtle threats.
    Netanyahu, hands calmly by his side, is not budging an inch. He knows that bully-boy Obama is out of his depth and is silently saying to himself, “Come on, ghetto boy. I’m a military vet, you’re a loud-mouthed coward. Push me too far and you’ll be eating your own teeth for breakfast.”

    • Piglet

      Softly Bob,

      I look forward to your posts. I think calling BHO a ghetto boy is not wise nor accurate.

      Obama could not survive in the ghetto. He grew up a pampered private prep school boy. He is a preppy. It explains everything. His discipline is that of a dilettante. His knowledge base and reasoning skills are those of a vacuous, privileged kid.

      Come on if BHO was in a schoolyard fight back in the day would you put your money on him to win? If you wouldn’t, then than why today?

      Calling BHO ghetto would be a big step up in respectability for him.

      But you are correct Obama was making threats via body language. As an ex-president he is going to find life harder since he won’t have political power and he has flushed so many people unlike the Clintons.

      • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

        It’s Urkel all the way down.

        • Aizino Smith

          Jaleel white who played Urkel would be a better president than Obama.

        • corona

          PLEASE Don’t Insult Urkel……He Way OUTCLASSES Barry o

      • https://www.facebook.com/duke.mantee.77 Duke Mantee

        I was an “Army Brat” growing up. We would have kicked his a s s just for trying to hang around us.

    • Chris Behme

      I would pay good money to see that!
      Obama wants to play the “knockout game” (beloved of black punks like obama’s son Trayvon) with Bibi. Bibi would crush him like the slimy bug he is.

      • Hammer66

        Your Klan laundry is ready for pickup, cracker. It’s highly ironic when Jew-lovers become racist given the amount of racism directed at Jews throughout history.

        • Chris Behme

          You operate a klan laundry?
          I’ve never heard of such a thing.
          Well at least you have a job.

          • Seth56

            Question is, who pays his bills……

        • ziggy zoggy

          Hummer69, Obama watches Fox News. Through clenched buttocks.

          Does that turn you on?

        • Ave Ashley Victoria E

          I’m part Jewish and Part Native American Indian, Cherokee and Choctaw Indian to be exact, not to mention I’m mixed with Northern European, English, Irish, Scottish and French-Canadian …

          Um how about you shut up – @aizinosmith:disqus ammer 66
          Calling racist names is not gonna end racism. plus you are beyond stupid, their is no separate races under Jesus Christ, and Science supports this …

          Just So you know racist black person with no picture …

          Hammer 66 – your not separate from whites or any light skinned person, the same goes for white or light skinned against Latino and anyone else …

          Sense you probably don’t get what I’m saying

          African – Americans and Caucasians are 0.012% Genetically Different

          Latino’s and Caucasians are 0.06% Genetically Different ..

          Plus every single human being … on this earth has and carries all the same pigments…

          Every single person has “melanin” or pigment in their bodies …

          And Everyone carries “Eumelanin (black to brown pigment) and Phenomelanin (Red to Yellow pigment)

          Everyone has different amounts of black,brown,red and yellow … no matter how dark or light you are … Black and white, native american indian, latino .. you are all Gods people and you all are “ALL MY PEOPLE”: Especially if you are “Christian” ..

          Your also forgetting Whites weren’t racist …

          German nazis were racist, because of Adolf Hitler …

          History Lesson …

          Adolf Hitler was mixed – He was half Jewish and half German … He went to the extent of hiding his Jewish mother so know one would know he was mixed …

          He Indoctrinated and corrupted Germany and other countries by banning guns, he used Scientist and Evolutionist to corrupt the German people and blame
          Jews as being a inferior and reason the country was poor and finacially indebt etc.

          He also went to the extent of twisting the Bible for his means of power and control …


          What does Adolf Hitler and Obama have in the same or in common …

          Almost everything ..

          Obama uses the color of his skin, as a means to get what he wants, although he’s also mixed ….

          Obama is half black and half white …

          Public schools force down evolution theories and beliefs like some how it has been proven true, which it has been disproven …

          Public schools accomadate and stand up for everyone except those that are Christian and disagree publicaly with abortion, homosexuality … etc …

          Obama goes public and to the aid of white on black hate crimes, but doesn’t give the time of day towards the last 6+ counting racial hate crimes against
          Whites or Australian and Canadian murders ranging from teenagers to older people in their 60′s-80′s …

          Obama ignores black on black crime and black on latino crime and vise versa … doesn’t pay any attention …

          Obama doesn’t acknowledge the real minorites in this country, aka Native Americans who live even poor than poor than African American, Latino or Caucasians do, not to mention this is my Ancestors Land … !!!

          Obama doesn’t like Israel, Christians or Jews, and has publicaly demonstrated hate and lack of any respect for them …

          He doesn’t respect or uphold the 2nd Admendment –

          The Right To Bear Arms, it is consitutionally Illegal to have any form of “any gun control or ban”, and I will not obey Obama let alone any president that trys to take my rights away …

          Obama has constantly used African Americans and Latinos as a means to get a vote …
          He has no ability, like me to even relate to the ghetto, poor, minority in urban enviroments that Africans and Latinos live in, let alone Native Americans …

          Obama could care less about upholding are immigration laws, we are a country, no matter what nationality you are, Illegal is Illegal, 11+ illegal immigrants is an insult to me and my mixed immigrant family and others who come from other countries and came here legally ….

          @ Hammer 66 – I suggest to you, either get with God, and/or stop justifying your own racist hate, it is just as racist for anyone to vote or support another being based superfically on the premise of skin color or culture relation or similarities …
          This is racism no matter what color you are …

          I will not vote for someone to help them feel prideful of the color of their skin or cultural heritage, thats what Obama wants, he is no fucking way getting it from me… Ever ..

          I am a Christian and Gods, I do not tolerate racism or even tolerate others catagorizing me as a race or on the bases of my skin color …

          I’m sick and tired of people like you, and tired of everyone quiet frankly expressimg racism.

          Being that I’m mixed I do not as an English and European owe any African American and Latino anything for racism done by past English or so-called white people …

          My family had nothing to do with that, I will not be held accountable for something I did not do nor condone, sense race, racism and any form of pride is a “SIN” …

          I do not approve of your comment, its disgusting, if you even care about Martin Luther Kings speech or that he was a Christian man, that valued God and Faith, I hope that you aren’t like this, because you are not my Christian people if you are, this is biblically and scientifically wrong and what your doing is fucked up and you are prepetuating racism yourself …

          Grow up … !!!

    • ziggy zoggy

      Obama has been doing this since day one. His handlers have taught him how to posture and preen like what they stupidly think is an alpha male instead of a queen. All of his glad handing, shoulder clapping, nose in the air displays are meant to convey regal power but to anybody with eyes to see, he is exposing his pusillanimous weakness.

      I have nothing against weaklings, but I hate frauds.

      • DB1954

        He’s gay. You know his supporters know he is just by their reaction when you bring up the subject or confront them with the fact. They go nuclear about it. He’s not only gay, he’s effeminate. You can see through his man-act. Who says only gay men have gaydar? John Drew met him back in 82 when he wasn’t hiding it. Drew says that back then Obama was “decidedly more effeminate.”

        • ziggy zoggy

          You are 100% correct. Obama is a queen.

        • Aizino Smith

          John Drew the basketball player?

          • DB1954

            No. John Drew, Columbia University, PhD, and former professor of political science.

          • Aizino Smith

            Ok, I tried looking up famous people by surname in wiki with an appropriate age range to try to figure it out.

            A link would be nice. I know someone secondary eduction and they of course meet a lot of kids. they say their gaydar is pretty d_mn good. As a side note they also substitute and their gaydar does not work I at the primary school. A person could take that either way as proof or proof of the contrary of the innateness of being gay. Like I said a link would be very much appreciated. I am not sure in and of itself it will be sufficient proof, but I would like to read his full quote. Maybe Obama was nervous about what grade he would get.

          • DB1954

            Try Googling both names: “John Drew” and “Hasan Chandoo.” Did I say that “gaydar” always works or works well? Uh no, I didn’t, did I? It’s a silly phrase which has some truth in it. Now take a look at what Drew had to say about the Obama he met back when Obama was still a student at Occidental College. Drew was never Obama’s professor, and I never said he was. Drew was an Occidental College graduate, and a graduate student at Columbia University at the time he met Obama. Take a look at the photograph on this page. Tell me your gaydar doesn’t go off when you look at this picture and you read what Drew had to say about Obama at that point in his life. Remember, that Drew primarily recounted how dedicated Obama was to proletarian revolution or full bore communism or Marxism-Leninism, or whatever ideology Obama claimed to believe. Drew’s focus wasn’t on the fact he thought Obama and Chandoo were gay. He didn’t care about that. That was just the side note. What struck Drew was that not only was Obama expressing his full-bore belief in communist ideology, Obama was to Drew, a naïve undergraduate who believed in fairytales. Drew told Obama exactly that, and Drew was himself, still of a left-liberal worldview.

          • Aizino Smith

            I was not criticising. I mentioned it in passing. Sometimes less is more. I wrote too much.

            Actually my gaydar does not go off when looking at the picture above. I do think of bullying or p_ssant when I see it.

            The picture at RadioPatriot creeps me out. It is not how close they are sitting. It is just somethingabout Chandoo’s manner or posture.

            Anyway thank you for the link.

          • DB1954

            You’re welcome. Gaydar is different for all, I suppose, but for what it’s worth, when I say this pic, it was also Chandoo’s posture or manner that set off my gaydar warning buzzer.

        • TylerDurden22

          I bet Michelle O puts a strap on, bends Barry over and makes him her bitch every night.

          • ziggy zoggy

            And she screams the Wookie war call while she does him.

      • Timmogul7

        He came from trash, IS trash, and the only thing he’ll ever get right in his pathetic ‘life’ is that he will ALWAYS BE TRASH.

    • Lynne Marton

      Softly Bob, and he’s right up in Bibi’s face with that finger pointing – personal space is somewhere you DON’T go – especially in a case like this!!! That’s real CHUTZPAH – and also in this instance, stupidity. I totally admire Bibi’s restraint – I don’t know how he didn’t just walk away and leave him wagging his finger in the empty air!

    • https://www.facebook.com/duke.mantee.77 Duke Mantee

      Obama needs to “step off.” I don’t let anyone get that close to me, unless she’s female and we’re about to do the nasty.

    • Lawdawg541

      And you know Bibi would kick the living crap out of our skinny, socialist dictator. Sorry Israel, please know most of America stands with you and not the turd we somehow elected.

    • http://www.hspig.org/ Kenneth Dreger

      Softly Bob- You forgot “Girls Bike riding Idiot” (Hello NSA! Ya Listening yet?)

    • Mary Ellen Lucas

      Love it, soft Bob. You are so right. LMBO!

    • Michelle Yeack Brantley Johnso

      Obama is not a GHETTO BOY :) He is not Qualified to be a Ghetto Boy. He is a Muslim Brother”Hood” Boy and that aint from a HOOD in America. Netanyahu is calm:) and waiting to feed Obama Boy his teeth.

      • Seth56

        His brother, not the obne that lives in a dirt-hut, but the othe rone, Malik. he is the finance-man for Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queada.

    • Hammer66

      Maybe Bibi is giving him advice on how to cheat on his wife – over and over again – and Obama is saying “no, I have values. I’m not a sexual deviant like you.”

      • DB1954

        Yeah, right. Obama just likes to bone (or get boned by) Hasan Chandoo, Larry Sinclair, Donald Young …

      • ziggy zoggy

        Hummer69, Obangi doesn’t need advice on how to bend over and take it. It’s his only skill…….except for humming and tea bagging.

    • sherri

      hahaha very well said Softly Bob.:)

  • MikeNZ

    Obama isn’t a student of history is he?
    There was a two state solution when the British gave Transjordan to the Hashemites.
    Judea and Samaria should be annexed properly as they should have been done in 1967.

    • Larry Larkin

      And they should have kept the Sinai with its oil and gas and strategic naval choke point.
      If the
      Egyptians ever renege on the peace treaty Israel should very promptly take it back, and this time keep it. The Suez would make for a much easier to protect southern border.

    • whitworth

      If the Hashemites didn’t lose to the Saudis in Arabia, Transjordan would have gone to the Palestinian Arabs and the Jews would have got Judea, Samaria and everything else west of the Jordan River.

  • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

    Actually it is the so-called Palestinians that rely, quite literally, on the Israelis. Why don’t you Jews just stop feeding them? At least stop giving them electricity. If they like the Dark Ages so much let them try it for realz.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Fuckin A.

    • DB1954

      You forgot water. Cut it off for a few days just to play with them.

      • Silver Gonzales

        At least disconnect their vile odious “media” of 24/7 Jew hate and not so tacit suggestions that the USA is owned by AIPAC, just one of many lobby groups including the all mighty Saudi Lobby that all should be eliminated.

      • Gee

        Israel supplies them with that and so much more.

        Food, water, fuel, power, infrastructure, medical care, jobs, etc. etc. There is nothing that Israel doesn’t supply that they have

  • Blade_Runner_1776

    I’d like to see Israel’s Defense Minister give his opinion on Rahm Emanuel

    • Gee

      Bogie is not much of a leader – ask MK Danon or Bennett instead

  • Blade_Runner_1776

    Only a Muslim president would talk to Bibi in that manner.

    • DB1954

      Or the world’s most arrogant person.

  • Danny

    This is Netanyahu’s fault. Obama is what he is. I don’t expect anything better from him. But a couple years ago, when Obama came out with this obscene statement that Israel go back to the ’67 boundaries, Netanyahu should have told Obama to go to hell (in those words). What did he think Obama would do after having gotten away with that?!

    However, it’s not too late. Netanyahu should make a televised address world-wide, and say (without apology) that Israel does not depend on America for anything, and as far as Israel’s viability as a secure Jewish state goes, Israel is master of its own ship and no one else is.

    The Jews did not go through a 1900 year Diaspora and suffer what they have suffered so some commie radical could call the shots.

  • Dr Moon

    Obama is a Muslim Terrorist and member of the Muslim Brotherhood. His goal is to destroy Israel and the US and allow Islam to be the only World Religion and Government. Democrats have gotten so greedy taking money from the producers that they hide their eyes and fail to see who Obama really is. Democrats are the most ignorant people on earth.

    • DB1954

      I see Obama as a madman, a lunatic, as suffering from a grave mental illness. I can’t personally identify that illness since I’m not a mental health professional, but his mental illness has all the signs–as I understand them–of narcissism and/or sociopathy. Barack Obama is so delusional he has deluded himself and all around him. I don’t think he’s a Muslim; I think he’s a Muslim sympathizer. I don’t believe he wants to establish Islam as the world religion; he just wouldn’t really care if it were since he’s an atheist and a natural born liar who would tell you anything you wanted to hear about what he really believes. In short, his religion and his god is himself. Believing that he’s God is perfectly consistent with Marxist ideology, and Barack Obama–notwithstanding his denials–is the greatest Marxist in history since he combined the delusions, lies, and self-deceptions of Karl Marx with the stealth approach of Saul Alinsky. I don’t think he consciously seeks to destroy Israel; I think he’s indifferent to its existence. Democrats are not just the most ignorant people on earth; they’re the most foolish.

      • ziggy zoggy

        I think you’re right. Obama has done more to strengthen Islam than Muhammed and all his knuckle dragging islamopithecine descendants have been able to do in the last 1400 years, but he obviously has no religious conviction. Jeremiah Wright preached hatred instead of religious doctrine and Obama ate it up. His paymasters have always been koranimals and Marxists. He wants Islam to be powerful but he doesn’t believe in it.

        He is a narcissistic pu$$y who is in way over his head. He became the most powerful man in the world without being a man. He is a queen who was crowned by the media.

        • DB1954

          A historian once said that Adolph Hitler’s hatred for the Jews was not as people imagined it, i.e., that it was not a hot or hot-headed, reactive hatred but rather a cold, calculating, and patient hatred. Hitler wasn’t actually a sadist. He simply wanted the Jews eliminated from existence. He cared not the least to see for himself their elimination done or to take part in it himself, but only that it was done. I think I agree with that historian because sociopaths or malignant narcissists like Obama prove once again that the worst kind of hate can be the cold type–the coldest imaginable–the hatred from hell itself.

      • TylerDurden22

        You are totally right, Democrats are ignorant and Barry does suffer from an inflated ego ie narcassist socio pathic liar. BTW, I am a mental health professional.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Tyler Durden. LOL! Kick Obangi’s @$$ and boil him down to soap!

  • Danny

    This is Netanyahu’s fault. Obama is what he is. I don’t expect anything better from him. But a couple years ago, when Obama came out with this obscene statement that Israel go back to the ’67 boundaries, Netanyahu should have told Obama to go to hell (in those words). What did he think Obama would do after having gotten away with that?!

    However, it’s not too late. Netanyahu should make a televised address world-wide, and say (without apology) that Israel does not depend on America for anything, and as far as Israel’s viability as a secure Jewish state goes, Israel is master of its own ship and no one else is.

    The Jews did not go through a 1900 year Diaspora and suffer what they have suffered so some commie radical could call the shots.

  • JDL Toronto

    The time has come to say to Obama “You are either with us, or against us” sound familiar? Giving him an ultamatem that will immediately indicate if he supports Israel or not. It is time for Israel to become its own master and not take American government aid. You cannot be a sovreign country if you rely on foreign aid It is time to tell America that Israel does not need there support any longer and will seek a friendship with China in the same way it had a relationship with America It will shake Obama up but more so the Jewish American,s who really need a wake up call. Obama cannot be trusted and does not stand with America’s friends The Chinese will welcome a strong relationship with Israel. I live in a neighbourhood in Toronto that is split between Chinese and Jews The area was predominately Jewish and the chinese have been buying property and moving in I was at a open house in our area and a Chinese man came and asked me if I was Jewish I said I was and he then said that he will now go look at the house because they want to live with the Jews I asked him why and he said the Jews think the same way as the Chinese and they want there children to grow up with Jews AM YISRAEL CHAI

    • defcon 4

      Maybe Israel can embrace the PRC as a potential ally? It would be a helluva lot better than the US of Obamastan.

    • Gee

      Israel does not rely on foreign aid – it is less than 1% of the GNP and over 70% is spent in the US.

      Yes Israel needs to end the aid because it actually hurts the Israeli economy. The other $20 billion going to the Arabs needs to end as well as the $150 billion a year going to each Iraq and Afghanistan needs to end as well

  • JDL Toronto

    How Obama could say that and then expect Israel to work with him is beyond me. When the talks fail, and they will he will hold Israel responsible. This will result in a 3rd intifada and the loss of Jewish lives This guy is clueless and very dangerous He will be held accountable

  • AdinaF

    Truth be told, once Bibi capitulated to Washington in 2009, when he uttered his ‘acceptance’ of a ‘two state solution’ at Bar Ilan Univeristy, well, the jig was up. He knows that the Islamist-in-Chief wants to destroy Israel – pincer-like. However, he does not have the mettle to withstand any pressure and the onus is on him for that.

    In fact, this was written as a clarion call before Obama’s re-election – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/11/06/obamas-second-term-plans-for-israel-if-re-elected-going-for-broke-addendum-to-stunning-video-exposing-islamist-in-chiefs-mendacity-re-israel-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/

    That’s all folks.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://www.adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • ziggy zoggy

      Do you really think Netanyahu

      • Gee

        He will – now the question remains if Likud will toss him out – I hope so

        • ziggy zoggy

          Holy crap Gee……who do you hope would replace him? What is your major malfunction?

    • 1776 Freedom Fighter

      Hi Adina, thank you for your kind words on the other forum.

      Your post has been delayed (over there, not here). I decided to send this now, since it’s past 9pm in Israel. I’ve been talking with the other forum, and hopefully the delays will be resolved.

      Your blog continues to be insightful. God bless you and our friends in Israel. Be well . . .

  • defcon 4

    I had hoped Obama would be different. He seemed intelligent, well spoken and cultured, unlike anything I’ve seen in the US presidency for a long time. Unfortunately he seems to be dishonest and an islamofascist appeaser and/or collaborator and his actions belie his words.

    • DB1954

      I never even remotely shared that hope. I knew who this bast*rd was from the get-go.

  • defcon 4

    It’s carp like this that makes me wish Israel had a fleet of boomers, because that’s all the corrupt scumbags that constitute the ruling elite of the world seem to respect these days.

  • http://www.lp2cd.za.net/ Ian D. Samson

    Oh Dumber and Oh Dumber … how much Dumber can O’Bummer get?

  • Silver Gonzales

    Israel does not want the USA to defend her. The Israelis do not want to lose!!! Let’s see: Korea, Vietnam, Iran Contra fiasco, Iraq, Afghanistan, I see a trend.

    • defcon 4

      The Korean War wasn’t a loss. S. Korea is still free.

  • Trevor Celebkidnapperforhire P

    Us brits get a lot of stick off you Yankees for the way our politicians walk all over us, but you have let the weak muslim obama ride roughshod right over you. What happened to the 1776 spirit you are so proud of? You see, this is what happens when you free your slaves, they turn islamic, take over your country, and condemn you all to death whilst living in luxury on your taxes. At least us brits haven’t let the muslim horde build a victory mosque on a terror attack site, yet.

    • Hammer66

      Don’t worry they will soon, if only to get revenge for the illegal British participation in Iraq.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Hummer69, fuck Iraq and fuck you.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Good points, though Britain seems to be more Islamic than any camel jockey country.

    • DB1954

      Trevor, on this blog you’ll find few who disagree with your assertion that Obama rides roughshod over us. You should try to understand that Obama’s presidential candidacy was a masterpiece of Alinskyite stealth. Most Americans had no clue as to who Obama was or what he really believed, and believe me, no one in the Obama camp was even remotely planning to let that cat out of the bag. Obama has spent millions to keep his past out of the news media, and his efforts have been remarkably successful because the 80 to 85% of the American media are owned by George Soros. You remember him? The man who “broke the Bank of England.” Believe me, the Soros media here spends every waking moment suppressing information about Obama and his past. I’ve never seen anything like it. Journalism died in 2008 because Mr. Soros purchased them so incensed as he was about the 2004 Presidential election. Meanwhile the American people’s consciousness about Obama’s malevolence and his hatred for this country of ours (not to mention yours too) is slowly dawning on more and more Americans. Remember, that when people have been hoodwinked, it’s not easy for most to admit they were. Wait and watch. There are some of us who were never fooled by Obama, and there are also some of us, who will not rest until he’s gone and Obamaism the ideology is unmasked. For some, there will be h*ll to pay.

  • JVictor

    Obama continues suffering from the delusion of “if I tell this lie long enough, it will become a reality.” The world has already seen how the leadership of the “Palestinians” and the Palestinians themselves want to push Israel and the Jews into the Sea. The reports from this summer that showed video of what I call “Vacation Jihadist School” where pre-schoolers were drilled with the anti-Israel rhetoric of the day is proof that there is not a shred of desire in the Palestinians for a peaceful co-existence with Israel. That the bullies and protagonists continue to receive the sympathies of Obama and other world leaders while playing the victim card is nauseating. A two-state solution? Please. That’s not even on the real radar screen.

    Netanyahu was so right when he said something along the lines of “If the “Palestinians” laid down their weapons there would be no more war. If Israel laid down her weapons, there would be no more Israel.”

    • defcon 4

      I thought Golda Meir said that?

    • Hammer66

      Maybe if Bibi laid down his construction cranes and stopped stealing Palestinian land, there’d be a better chance of the Palestinians laying down their guns.

      • JVictor

        The Israelis and other Jews who are making Aliyah are settling their homeland that is occupied by the Palestinians. The cranes are instruments of construction, not weapons of destruction. On the other hand, the Palestinians have language in their charters calling for the utter annihilation of all Jews in and outside of Israel. Again, “Vacation Jihadist School” indoctrinates the young minds with this vile thought. So, tell me, how will deactivating cranes encourage the Palestinians to lay down their weapons?

        • Hammer66

          So I assume if Native Americans started building on land that we currently “occupy”, you’d support that? The Native Americans at least lived here unlike the Johnny-come-lately European Jews and their friends from Brooklyn.

          • JVictor

            No question that atrocities were committed by European settlers in North America. Whether one totally agrees with the reservation system and settlements that were established by treaty to help recompense some of that damage, one cannot deny that there is not a charter statement in any North American country for further genocide of the First Nations. The same cannot be said for any of the leadership of the Palestinians when it comes to their treatment of the Jews. Any attempt to equate them is ridiculous, insulting and intellectually vapid.

          • DB1954

            There were atrocities on both sides. Conflict over land and territories between North American Indians and European settlers was inevitable the moment the settlers set foot on soil at Jamestown or at Plymouth Rock. True, the Europeans entered North America at a time when the native peoples had been living here for centuries. Even so, at the time the first few English colonies were founded, the Indians didn’t even have a word or a concept for the ownership of land, and the original settlers thought that North America was sparsely settled by Indians. In point of fact, it was sparsely settled. Some Indian tribes welcomed the Europeans and made them allies against other tribes, while others did not. Indian tribes warred with each other every bit or more than they made war on the European settlers. Within a matter of decades, territorial disputes were inevitable. Moreover, the fact was that the settlers didn’t make war on the native tribes, except and to the extent that the native tribes made war on them. The Indians began the Pequot war by their attacks on their neighbors with whom they had previously lived in peace for quite sometime. Although it is true that the settlers slaughtered the Indians unmercifully, they didn’t start that war, nor were the settlers the only ones guilty of atrocities. Centuries later, Andrew Jackson’s Tennessee militia was formed because Indians and settlers simply did not always know where the boundaries of Indian and settlers land began and ended. The result, sadly, was that some Indians simply murdered whole families of settlers who were unfortunate enough to have mistakenly crossed over Indian land, or lands the Indians claimed were theirs. The Tennessee Militia then went after Indians with a vengeance. If you think that whites where the only ones who committed atrocities on the American frontier, you’re as stupid, misinformed, or as ill educated as Ward Churchill, the faux Indian who continues to insist that he’s a real historian. What a farce.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Indians have always been brave and stellar fighters. The exact opposite of Psuedostinian pu$$ies.

  • ericsol

    If Putin can bitch slap him and china stand behind Russia. It was only time the Iran to play head games the the fake obama. Netanyahu should have slap obama hand away

  • CarlW

    LOL! I love it! Israel needs to take its AIPAC and all it’s dual-citizen SPIES and WARMONGERS at the top levels of the Fed Govt and Congress back to Israel! We Americans don’t WANT them HERE! Israel is a PARASITE on 315 million Americans, our soldiers and our pocketbooks. As much as I despise Obama/Jarret & company, I despise warmonger ISRAEL’s sucking America dry more.



    • Gee

      You racist moron – AIPAC members are 100% American citizens exercising their rights under a little known piece of paper called the Constitution of the United States.

      Racist bigots like you want to deny people their rights based upon their religion.

      Not one American has ever protected Israel – the only American ally that hasn’t had any protection by the US.

      Posting racist lies tells us how pathetic morons like you are

  • pennant8

    It would be nice to have side by side photos. The one from this article next to the infamous bowing photo,

  • Stephen Peele

    not even a gaff….

  • irwinpenny18

    Obama looks like an idiot when he makes comments about the Arab-Israeli conflict. If Barack loves peace so much, let him invite the Grand Wizard of the KKK to the White House for a breakfast meeting. Perhaps then he will understand that you do not make peace with evil. You kill it!!!

    Otherwise, you wind up swinging from a tree, behind The White House!!!!

  • Patricia Fontana

    How many millions or is it billions did we just send to palestine a week ago????

    • Gee

      US supplies them with about $1 billion a year

      • defcon 4

        That’s disgusting. I wonder how many US citizens support giving free foreign aid to jihadi scum? I know I don’t.

        • Hammer66

          Then express your disgust to your Congressman about the US-funded dollars being used to prop up the Israeli Defence Forces and to steal Palestinian land for settlers from Russia and Brooklyn (not Israel!).

          • LFRD

            It’s all a big scum pool.

          • ziggy zoggy

            When you suck those dune c00n d!cks, do you massage the little balls? Fruit loop.

          • DB1954

            Hammer, you familiar with the law of war? To the victor, goes the land conquered in war. The Arabs who live in the former Roman province called “Palestine” joined other Arabs and Arab nations in attacking the Jews living in the British Mandate in 1948. The Arabs lost this war, which they started. With that loss, they lost some land. The Arabs launched several more wars of aggression against the Jews, and each time, the Jews, relying on the international law of war, took as a prize, more land from the Arabs. Now the land belongs to the Jews, aka, the Israelis. It’s really quite simple. Arab aggressors lost any claim to lands that were taken from them by the Jews in a series of wars. Now Jews own the land. Simple enough, non?

          • Hammer66

            That was true …. 200 years ago! Why then does NO COUNTRY including the USA for the last 20 years recognise the illegal settlements. If Israel just took the West Bank, they’d be frozen out by the entire world. Not so simple, right?

          • DB1954

            NO, I’m sorry, Hammer, the law of war applies now, today, in 1948,1967, and 1973 too. What are you talking about “illegal settlements”? They’re not illegal because of the internationally recognized law of war. You say that the settlements are “illegal” because the U.N. said that they are at some time or another. Israel has no obligation to recognize a U.N. resolution requiring them to give up their lawfully acquired lands. A U.N resolution is not a law binding on any state. Read a book, Schicklegruber, and get over your Jew-hate!

      • Patricia Fontana

        Oh damn…Well that sure doesn’t make it better. I wonder how much we help Israel?????

  • MalalchHaMavet

    Obummer & Bin Ladin, both cut from the same defective bolt of cloth

  • http://www.hspig.org/ Kenneth Dreger

    People of Israel, please accept our sincere apologies for our Stupid, dis-respectful POS (POTUS). We have tried hard for almost 5 years to remove him and his thugs but those who keep voting for him are just as stupid as he is.

  • David Smith

    Is BHO a Sunni or Shiite? Does anyone know for sure? I rather suspect that HE is a Shiite, with one too many i’s and one too many e’s!!

    • LFRD

      Obama is Sunni–Arab. Iran has Shiite muslims. Sunni muslims are inbreeds and Shiites are of more intelligent breeding, as Persian who ruled the world once. Long history on them and very interesting. Maybe this might be why Obama finds Iran so threatening? And has more favor with the Arabs?
      There is write up on Wikipedia on the 1400 year war between both Shiites and Sunni muslims. They hate each other with a passion. Even more than they hate Israel. Wish they taught this more to kids in school.
      Sorry for the never ending yack.

      • DB1954

        I say we radiate them all. Let God sort them out.

    • DB1954

      He supports Sunnis it seems. Also he was raised as one, until age 10.

  • Kadie

    You can dress ‘em up, you can change their name, but once a THUG, always a THUG!

  • Mary Ellen Lucas

    Obama can’t intimidate Bibi!
    So funny!

  • Kadie

    Stupid is as Stupid does….. just sayin’

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    President Obama in his speech to the UNGA said: “Real breakthroughs on these two issues – Iran’s nuclear program, and Israeli-Palestinian peace – would have a profound and positive impact on the entire Middle East and North Africa.”

    The world is facing its gravest moments since the Cuban Missile Crisis. If Iran gets the bomb it will probably use it undeterred, since according to Bernard Lewis – “for people with this mindset, M.A.D. is not a constraint; it is an inducement“. Millions may die. But what does President Obama put in the same sentence along with the prevention of this looming catastrophe? The resolution of the Arab –Israeli conflict which ranks 49th in terms of number of fatalities. This is absurd. It demonstrates that President Obama either does not understand the magnitude of the Iranian threat or he has inflated the importance of the Arab –Israeli conflict hundredfold . Either way, his policies are detached from reality.

    Obama in his speech also said: “Friends of Israel, including the United States, must recognize that Israel’s security as a Jewish and democratic state depend on the realization of a Palestinian state.”

    President Obama is wrong. The future of Israel, and the world, depends on what PM Netanyahu does about the Iranian nuclear threat, not what President Obama says he would do.

    President Obama’s abysmal leadership – yet nobody cares

  • http://www.SuperiorPolitics.Com/ SuperiorPoliticsDotCom

    Obama is a turd.

    • ziggy zoggy

      That was insulting to turds.

    • DB1954

      Of a snake. Or a pig. One or the other.

  • lemondrop1

    there are no words anymore

  • Seth56

    Barack Hussein Obama, aka Bary Soetero, is nothing but an embarrassing scandal. He has no idea about reality, he is walking around like photo-op for Hollywood. He reminds me of a 14 year old boy flipping through his first porno-magazine.

  • Jackie Owens

    Israel depends only on Israel, every time there is ‘peace talks’ Israel has to give up something, NOT Palestine. P.S. there IS NO Palestine, the Romans started calling it that but they knew the Jews were there first. Islam is a phony religion that has COPIED from the Jews and Christianity.

  • You Didit

    Yes we know, Can you help the American’s Bibi? .

  • Shlomo Elbaz

    Israel must relieve dependence on the U.S. even have to break it!

  • Andres Columbus

    Obama just mentioned what the true nature of the United Nations is…I don’t know why we still call him a president…nor any of the last 4 all the way back to Reagan. They’ve all been UN/NWO trolls.

    • DB1954

      Hmm, not exactly.

  • billy bob

    just wait till owebozo’s records become unsealed…. if you think the world is laughing at the usa now– wait till they see just how badly bamboozled we will look to the world then… I have never voted for a democrat in my life and I am not going to start now…i’m a 61 year old independent…. I was a republican for 40 years… those commies can ‘t fool me… but the usa is a stupid populous for sure…

  • Christina Svensson

    It is just time for peace with Iran and if Israel want’s war it is up to them to do the fighting and dying. America and the whole world are just feed up with Israel and pushy Israelis.