One Video that Captures the Broken Urban Way of Life

No it’s not another ghetto shot of burned out homes. Instead it’s a New York City City Council Speaker running for office who turns an intern passing out into a campaign event.

Quinn tries to get an ambulance by leaving messages for top city brass, something no ordinary person could do, including Ray Kelly, who is the Police Commissioner, has no control over the Fire Department or EMS (but is Quinn’s likely opponent in the general election) and finally has to settle for the neighborhood Jewish volunteer ambulance service taking the intern away.

Finally at the end we’re told that EMS decided to treat this as a non-emergency call because an EMT was present and there was no clear emergency. I’m not qualified to pass judgement on that,  but the entire ugly scene says nothing good about the urban way of life.

Quinn, who is a close Bloomberg ally and has been the City Council Speaker since forever and is running for mayor, acts like she has no idea what emergency response times are. Then she acts like she’s the only thing standing between an intern who passed out from heatstroke and death. Then she tries to push every button she can think of to get special treatment on camera, though if she really had an emergency, I suspect we would see a whole bunch of other buttons being pushed with immediate results. Finally this whole comedy ends when a local non-government volunteer ambulance crew solves the problem.

Because in New York City the only things that really work are private. Sometimes.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Muslim supporters of Quinn (if there are any) will probably lodge an complaint of “offense” because the ambulance that responded was “Jewish.” Bet she loses her Muslim support over that. Will CAIR become involved? It’s right up their alley. But then Quinn is just Bloomberg in skirts and with more hair on her head.

  • CowboyUp

    Typical democrat, she has no clue how things work or get done, other than by her command. What a perfect storm of arrogance and ignorance It reminds me of Obama’s “Just plug the d*mn hole!”

    They could have saved time and taken the intern to a hospital themselves. I bet with that many city ‘leaders’ on hand, someone there had a limo. I’m sure the limos had AC and I bet they had ice. Yet she was laying out there in the heat, in the middle of a city. That’s “the smart people” for you.