Only 11% of Americans Support Obama’s Plan to Arm Syrian Terrorists


11 percent. That means hardly any Democrats even support this terrible idea. These polls coming from mainstream media outlets show most Americans are absolutely against it.

This could be something for the Republican Party to jump on to if too many of its top politicians weren’t wired into the same Arab Spring nonsense.

Asked to pick a response to stop the killing of civilians in Syria, just 15 percent in the poll say they favor U.S. military action, and only 11 percent want to provide arms to the opposition.

And the opposition in bipartisan.

Perhaps more significantly, those attitudes cut across party lines and almost all demographic groups. “Whether you voted for Romney or Obama, they have the same opinion on Syria,” said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the survey with the Democratic firm Hart Research.

Taking the right position on this is a win-win for the GOP. If Romney had been smarter about this in the third debate, it might have made a difference.

The Gallup poll shows that there is no group in favor of military action. Regardless of race and creed (though Sunni Muslims in the US would presumably be for).

  • Ron Lewenberg

    Where are the Republicans? Why are they
    not fighting this?
    Far too many are collaborators. Vichy
    Republicans are traitors just like Obama. Ditto the Jacobins at
    Commentary, the Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal, and Fox
    They held that democracy was enemy of Jihad, and so they had
    us wage war for Democracy. And in so doing, we had to win the hearts
    and minds of the locals, so we had to change our policies. But this
    didn’t work, and we are hated all the more. When the Arab/Jihad sping
    came, they supported it because it was “democratic” even
    though it empowered the Muslim Brotherhood, the progenitor of Al
    Qaeda. And so they mirrored 1970s leftists who supported the Iranian
    revolution. Of course pissing on their own legacy and the graves of
    thinking people like Jeane Kirkpatrick was not enough. No, they had
    to go further and militarily support the Democracy Jihad in Libya.
    When patriots called them out the neoconservatives allied with the
    administration to attack them. When a US ambassador was killed gun
    running with the Islamists, all they could do was call Obama
    incompetent in promoting the policies they share with him. But the
    policies are TREASON. They have us ally with Al Qaeda and its allies.

    And now they wish us to go into Syria.
    For what purpose? To hurt Iran? Please. It will only tell the Iranian
    regime that they must have nukes. If you want to go after Iranian
    nukes, you go after Iranian nukes. You don’t aid Al Qaeda.. You don’t
    commit treason and cover for a leftist administration doing so.

    Any Republican who fails to oppose this
    unpopular act of treason does not deserve to hold office, much less
    run for higher office. I don’t mind wrong policies or stupid
    policies. But when unthinking ideologues and corrupt fools undermine
    the security of the US, they must be fought regardless of party.

  • Chris Samuel

    Let’s each spend five minutes today sending love and peace to Turkey,
    Syria and any other nation in turmoil, in whatever way is true for us

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  • george mack

    At least Obama’s running dog in the UK is running into difficulties.

  • Gee

    I think for once Sarah Palin actually nailed one. “Let Allah sort them out”

  • cathy

    Could it be that common sense dictates that when all is said and done ALL fighting factions of Islam are America’s enemies. Something akin to fighting crocodiles.

    Crocodile Fight to the Death

  • cathy

    An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. – Sir Winston Churchill

  • deniis82

    The problem however, peace is a best gift for them. And will make the whole of human life more beautiful

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