Only 31% of Americans Under 30 Have a Full-Time Job

Remember, it’s not a depression or even a recession. It’s a recovery. Just close your eyes and repeat it to yourself as many times as it takes. Don’t pay attention to anyone who disagrees. Just say it to yourself, “Recovery, recovery, recovery” and like a wish, it will come true.

At least that’s the editorial philosophy of the New York Times. Meanwhile in the real world, the next generation doesn’t have a foothold or even a handhold in the economy.

59 percent of those aged 18-29, have gone to college. but only 62.9% are currently working, of which 31.2% work on a part-time basis

59.2 percent are white; 19.9 percent are Hispanic; 13.5 percent are black; 5.1 percent are Asian; .7 percent are Native American; and 1.5 percent are multiracial or “other.” 27.3 percent have immigrant backgrounds.

Less than 20 percent aged 18-24 percent are married. Of those 25-29, slightly more than 40 percent are married, but that is down 80 percent from 1960.

These numbers paint a picture of a dysfunctional society as well as a dysfunctional economy. The Baby Boomers failed Generation X and Generation X failed the Millennials and the Millenials show every sign of carrying on the tradition.

Generation X in politics has shown itself to be even worse than the Boomers, stuck on its own cleverness with no substance, agile at marketing themselves, but incapable of distinguishing their fantasies from real solutions. The Millenials are likely to be an even worse of Generation X, just as Generation X was a worse version of the Baby Boomers.

Cultural decay has led to economic decay and the United States looks a lot like a failed state, spending fortunes on massive government projects while its youth have no jobs and no hope for the future and their only career direction is party membership.

  • Barakus abomidas

    The new america that i built is better than the 'racist' one of the past.

  • Barakus abomidas

    Oh, and i only care about my children because they are important. Not yours.

  • trickyblain

    "Of those 25-29, slightly more than 40 percent are married, but that is down 80 percent from 1960."

    So, 120 percent of 25-29 year-olds were married in 1960?

    • Daniel

      Your math skills are astounding. 40×1.8 /=120

  • Mary Sue

    I think some of them are delusionally hoping for a mass exodus from the workforce of Baby Boomer retirees.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      Wait til they find out that because Boomers have already spent much of their retirement savings, they have no plans to retire and leave their jobs to the younger generations. They will work until they die and leave little to their children. I was so surprised to see the number of older (and not so old) homeowners who now want to rent out rooms in their large (and not so large) homes because they can no longer afford the mortgage payments on their own. Entire suburban neighborhoods are now filled with homes renting to boarders. This is not a bad thing but it is indicative of a new way of life and a new perspective on the economy.

  • Roger Charles

    A lot of those folks will be glad to join FEMA for full-time work policing, arresting, and sending many of us to FEMA camps. Of course they don't realize how hazardous that will be for the first few years until all Americans have been disarmed.

    • AdinaK

      It was stunning how many young people voted for "The One", even though they understood that the economy was falling off the cliff. Heck, it was front and center news, even dumb bells would have known. Mind you, as the incumbent, surely they realized the Radical-in-Chief "owned" its failings too.

      However, what many do not understand is, the economic disasters aren't an accident. They are part of the reconstruction/destruction –

      As such, many will be living in mama and papa's basement for the foreseeable future. Too damn bad. The worst is yet to come!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Yit derp

      I heard they will take away our tin foil hats too!

  • BS77

    Fifty million on food stamps. Twenty three million unemployed. Millions more on welfare and social security……a nation that is 16 trillion dollars in debt. Call it recovery if you like.

  • cynthia curran

    Tell this to senators John MCCain and Jeff Flake that think native born kids will not do fastfood or construcation work or cleaning work, after all those jobs Hispanics do not white people.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    The new America will live smaller lives, repair instead of replace, rent instead of own, share instead of buy as individuals and buy used instead of new. These are not bad things. The expectation that things will return to what they were before is ridiculous – they won't. The furor over gun control will get more intense. With cuts in services, people will have to protect themselves and states which risk imposing confiscation laws will go belly up quickly. People will leave in droves. The younger generation will resent the older but I fear that they will lack the skills, knowledge and wherewithall to carry on or to make sacrifices.

  • Questions

    How come these metrics weren't used by conservatives during the Bush years? Or does political aggression (against Obama) count more than empirical consistency? News flash: The economy is not in a state of collapse. Not even close. This may well be in spite of Obama rather than because of him. Notwithstanding, this "accentuate the negative" assumption does nobody any good.

    • nightspore

      It's not Bush vs. Obama that is being discussed here. Try to avoid forcing facts into ten-cent self-serving narratives. Bolstering complacency in this fashion won't save you or yours.

  • Alan
  • JacksonPearson

    What's troubling is, future generations are not going to ever forgive this one, for hooking them up like jackasses to plow the Progressive social engineered plantation. Their college degrees will be liken to debit cards.