Only Man in America to Sign Up for ObamaCare is Obama Volunteer


I guess he volunteered once again.

It’s not clear whether anyone besides Chad Henderson managed to actually sign up for ObamaCare. But it’s not implausible.

Entire states are reporting that no one signed up for ObamaCare and the media is obsessively covering Chad Henderson successfully signing up for ObamaCare. If Chad Henderson was one of 5 million or even 500,000 people, that wouldn’t be the case.

So we’ve got a hideously expensive, disastrous and illegal program all for the benefit of Chad Henderson. And how did Chad Henderson manage to accomplish what even MSNBC couldn’t?

Well Chad Henderson was a volunteer at Obama’s SuperPAC, OFA or Organizing for America. And that’s not surprising.

ObamaCare depends entirely on tricking twenty something males into signing up for it. If they don’t show up as sacrifices to the insurance companies, then the whole thing collapses.

It’s very likely that this bout of astroturfing was carefully planned right down to the demographics. Chad Henderson fits those demos perfectly. He’s being covered by the press, not because it picked him out of a crowd, but because there were OFA publicists working behind the scenes to feed the story to the media.

It’s doubtful that Chad Henderson had to work through a buggy website. He’s there to sell people his age on the myth that they’ll save money and get good healthcare by going through ObamaCare. Everything else was taken care of.

UPDATE: According to Dad, he didn’t even actually enroll.

Someone decided to actually live out the SNL Cold Open on ObamaCare.

Bill Henderson told me that both he and his son were interested in getting coverage, but that they had not enrolled in any plan yet, and to his knowledge, neither had his son. He also said that when they do enroll, getting the most coverage for the least money would be the goal, and that he expects that he and his son will get coverage under the same plan.

Bill told me that Chad had been looking into plans online. “He told me that there’s different plans. And we haven’t decided which plans to enroll in yet.”

  • Nancy Murdoch

    Every radio program I hear has someone telling about how their insurance has tripled or worse. Yesterday one caller’s bill had gone from about $100 a month to $600 a month. Now that’s affordable!
    I bet a bunch of readers here would gladly pool our resources to buy Chad’s insurance if we could rid just the country of ACA.

    • CowboyUp

      Mine has doubled since obamacare was passed, and the small business I work for will have to drop it if it goes up much more.

      • vulgar_imposter

        Rates had been going up dramatically before Obamacare came along. Are you going to blame Obama for those hideous warts on your rear end, too? I hear there’s a hurricane brewing in the Gulf. Is that Obama’s fault as well? You wingnuts are always good for a laugh.

  • trapper

    But Obama said that our insurance premiums would go down! How can this be?

  • CaoMoo

    So whens the F#$% Obama rally?

  • vulgar_imposter

    “Illegal program?” That’s an interesting observation. Let’s see: Obamacare passed both houses of Congress. Check. Obama signed it into law. Check. The Supreme Court judged it constitutional. Check. So…um…how is this illegal? Am I missing something?
    Perhaps you need a refresher on how the government works:

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Fraud is illegal.

      • bb

        It wont even let me down vote this post…lol

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “It wont even let me down vote this post…lol”

          Maybe you need to register to vote down. I don’t know.

          But what is really interesting is that you disagree that fraud is illegal.

      • bb

        Hmmm it’ll let me up vote but no down vote??? I think this could be from the NSA.

  • bb

    Is Obama paying you well??

  • CowboyUp

    My insurance didn’t double in the four, or even the five years before obamacare, try again.