Orthodox Jews Blamed for Australian Sex Party Downgrade

Michael Danby's two 'how to vote' cards

This is a rather confused story from The Guardian, whose favorite targets are Jews, but seem to have trouble entirely parsing out who to blame for it.

Labor MP Michael Danby has become embroiled in a spat over voting preferences after downgrading the Sex party from first preference position on his how-to-vote cards to avoid offending Orthodox Jews.

Danby, MP for Melbourne Ports since 1998, created two different how-to-vote cards, with one specifically aimed at Orthodox Jewish voters.

Campaign literature seen by Guardian Australia places Melissa Star, the Sex party candidate, in the top preference slot, ahead of Steven Armstrong of the Stable Population party and Margaret Quinn of the Rise Up Australia party.

A second how-to-vote card, distributed at pre-polling booths, relegates Star to ninth position, switching places with Family First’s Robert Keenan, who is pushed up to first preference position.

The Family First Party is Christian conservative. The Sex Party is a front for the porn industry. This is an issue because Labor is apparently giving the Sex Party a high placement in its normal ballots, while fraudulently associating themselves with Family First in order to appeal to Orthodox Jews.

Alex Fein, editor of Jewish news site Galus Australis, which first noted the switched preferences, said she found the move “offensive”.

“What does Michael Danby think of Jewish people that he thinks we’d be happier with a party like Family First?” she said. “I find it offensive. You’d have to work on the assumption that all Orthodox Jews are prejudiced and closed-minded if you think Family First would appeal to them.”

Fein, an Orthodox Jew who is married to Caulfield rabbi Yaron Gottlieb, added: “I absolutely hate Family First and so would other Jews who are socially liberal. The Orthodox Jewish community is incredibly diverse.

“There may be some elements that would have a problem with the Sex party and as a feminist I’m not thrilled by them, but I’m even less thrilled by Family First, given their positions on gay marriage, Indigenous issues and social conservatism.”

There is no such thing as a socially liberal Orthodox Jew. There is such a thing as a liberal who remains in the Orthodox community despite having values incompatible with it for assorted reasons.

Alex Fein and her husband are on the left side of the graph to the point that they are not even a factor.  Gottlieb has written in support of gay rights and Fein would not be accused of being pro-Israel. Both Fein and Gottlieb are frequent critics of the Melbourne Orthodox Jewish community.

But they’re the only people the Guardian quotes, which is a little like treating a radical nun who campaigns for abortion rights as a representative of the Catholic Church. It’s blatantly dishonest at best.

Fein said that Danby’s campaign literature in Caulfield focused on his local achievements for the Jewish community. However, she said that there was “a lot of disquiet” in the Jewish community over Labor’s treatment of asylum seekers.

Not in the Orthodox Jewish community. Just on the left where Fein and Gottlieb and the rest of the left-wing trolls playing at being Orthodox Jews live.

  • Judahlevi

    Publications like the Guardian only quote their ‘kind’ of Jews.

    Alex Fein doesn’t sound like any Orthodox Jew I know. Because her position agrees with the Guardian’s, she becomes the ‘spokesperson’ for Orthodox Jews in Australia.

    How can you “hate” a political party because they believe that marriage is between one man and one woman? What kind of bigot is that?

    • Nabuquduriuzhur

      The only hatred in such matters is by homosexuals against Christians. They have come to hate anyone who questions what they do to others. Having lived in areas with large homosexual populations, I can state without any worry of factual contradiction that it is not acting in love to support their lifestyle. The predominant characteristic of homosexual communities is violence. Domestic and otherwise. It’s not acting in love to support such a lifestyle. The media has tried to give a completely different view of homosexuals, but murders, domestic violence, beatings and other violence are common among them. Dismemberment crimes like Vogue’s editor did are not unusual. Why? Besides what homosexuality does to a person’s morals and sense of self, because of the extreme promiscuity hurt feelings are commonplace and the resulting fights often lead to violence.

      It makes me angry when I see the media parade around the one or two persons out of a thousand or ten thousand that stayed together for more than two years (that is how long most such “marriages” last) as if it’s the normal situation. It isn’t. Indeed, one of the key ideas of marriage, that of someone having a “one and only” is completely lost to homosexuals. I’ve never seen a homosexual couple that wasn’t sleeping wiht multiple partners. I suppose it can happen, but I’ve never seen it in the places I’ve lived. It’s not compatible with the lifestyle.

      To call someone a bigot or some other defamation when they point out what homosexuality does to people is a moral evil. It’s not acting in love.

      • ziggy zoggy

        I like gays but you’re right. Monogamy is deviancy for them.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    I miss the days when we were only worried about porn. Now we have to worry about the homosexual agenda being taught as fact in the media and the public schools. It’s far easier to defend little kids from porn than it is to defend them from reprobates teaching moral evil to them.

  • Boris Karshino

    “Orthodox” Alex Fein was previously married to a Muslim!
    She prefers the Sex Party to Family First – which shows exactly who and what she stands for.
    BTW the Sex Party candidate calims to have grown up in an Orthodox family (Like Fein?) and also BTW she was once a he…

    More re Alex Fein’s background:
    See http://ajnwatch.blogspot.com.au/2009/09/who-is-alex-fein.html