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Pakistan Calls Bin Laden Raid “Greatest Humiliation Since 1971″

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 15, 2013 @ 12:26 pm In The Point | 31 Comments

Pakistan [1]

Pakistan seems to have forgotten about International Guerrillas (1990) which is arguably a far greater humiliation than either one. Also Pakistan has repeatedly taken home the Nobel Prize in Corruption and is best known as a place where people throw acid at little girls for knowing how to read.

But everyone has their priorities [2].

The US raid that killed Osama Bin Laden at his secret compound in Pakistan amounted to an “American act of war” against the South Asian country, a government investigation into the operation has found.

That might be true if it wasn’t for the fact that harboring Bin Laden was an act of war by Pakistan. You can’t have an act of war long after the initial act of war had been committed. It’s like calling the Doolittle Raid on Japan an act of war.

Pakistan’s Abbottabad Commission, set up to probe the raid and previous efforts to capture the Al-Qaeda leader, delivered a trenchant condemnation of the US decision to unilaterally launch the operation inside Pakistani territory without seeking permission from the government in Islamabad. It painted the United States as an “arrogant” military power disdainful of the rights of other nations, over which it would ride roughshod in pursuit of its security goals.

Good point.

Coming from a country that fulfills its security goals by arming and training terrorists and then sending them into India. Maybe the ISI can give us some riding roughshod tips.

The commission’s report – leaked by Al Jazeera on Monday – denounced the US action as the “greatest humiliation” suffered by Pakistan since 1971, when East Pakistan seceded to form Bangladesh.

And unlike that humiliation, Pakistan has yet to carry out mass killings and rapes of the civilian population to avenge it.

“When the raid was happening, the report reveals, the provincial police chief’s only response was to sit at home and watch television.”

Sounds reasonable. It was either catch the next episode of Pakistani Idol or get blown away by Navy SEALS.

“Either OBL was extremely fortunate to not run into anyone committed to doing his job honestly,” the report notes, referring to bin Laden by his initials, “or there was a complete collapse of governance.”

Or… you know. The Pakistan government knew exactly what it was doing.

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