Palestinian Arabs Now Trying to Claim King Herod as a Palestinian

First, the Palestinian Arab spokesmen claimed that Jesus was a Palestinian. Now King Herod. They do have a better shot of laying claim to Herod, who was not Jewish, but an Idumean. Due to the Arab Islamic policy of wiping out native cultures and beliefs, it is quite possible that the Idumeans were wiped out and absorbed into the Arab mix, but considering that Herod was an illegitimate Roman appointee, it doesn’t give them much of a claim to Israel.

If the Arab Muslims want King Herod, they can have him. A foreign usurper who presided over the destruction of the Second Jewish Kingdom is not much of a prize. And Herod did have a great deal in common with the Palestinian Authority rulers. He was a liar, a thief and a murderer of Jews. What they cannot have however is any artifacts from the period, which come from Jewish settlement of the land.

The real story here is the sloppy and biased reporting of the New York Times. Jodi Rudoren has been absolutely shameless in shoving a pro-terrorist angle into any Israeli story and her reporting is inept at best.

The original story about an archeological exhibition about King Herod interviewed a Palestinian Authority figure and an Israeli leftist, but failed to get an actual response from the exhibition director. That had to be added in later, which suggests that some adults at the New York Times have once again been forced to step in to try and make Jodi Rudoren look marginally competent.

Jodi Rudoren’s story focuses on West Bank “anger” over “cultural artifacts” supposedly stolen by Israel for the exhibition. At no point in the story does she spell out what these artifacts are. That’s a bizarre and glaring omission. And it raises the question of whether Jodi Rudoren is just incompetent as a reporter or whether this was a deliberate omission to avoid dealing with the question of who left these artifacts behind.

It’s rather doubtful that an exhibition about Herod included any Islamic or Arab artifacts. And it is the height of Chutzpah for Arab Muslims to lay claim to artifacts from the Jewish period found in the West Bank simply because they occupied the territory later. And yet that is what they appear to be doing.

The Palestinian Authority says the exhibition is a violation of international law because much of its material was taken from near Bethlehem and Jericho, both in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Hamdan Taha, director of the Palestinian Authority’s department of antiquities and cultural heritage, said that while Oslo provides for Israel’s excavation in the West Bank, exhibiting the material was another story. He complained that the Palestinians were never consulted about the project, which he called “an aggression against Palestinian cultural rights in their own land,” and said it would “not help to reconstruct peace between the Palestinians and Israel.”

“Palestinian” cultural rights can only extend as far as Arab and Islamic artifacts. They can try to lay claim to Third Party artifacts, e.g. Phoenician, though any such artifacts that predate the Arab conquest are part of Jewish history, not Arab history.

For the Palestinian Authority to claim artifacts from the Jewish period as part of their cultural history is a brazen deception. No one has cultural rights to the culture of another people.

Unless the Palestinian Authority wants to claim that it’s really Jewish, then it can stick to Islamic artifacts that postdate the Arab conquest and settlement, without attempting to seize Jewish cultural history, as they have already seized Jewish land.

  • cxt

    Of course they do…..they "they" being PLO "scholors" have been caught trucking out tons of material from their section of the temple mount–material cock full of Jewish articfacts–in addition to roman,crusader etc. THEN they claim there is "no historical evidence" that jews ever worshiped etc on the Mount, making a case for it being wholly a Muslim site.

    Back in the day one of the PLO founder admitted–in print–that the "Palistinians" were invented out of whole cloth as a wedge vs. Israel–that they were culturally and lingiusiticly (sp) Arab.

    There are NO lengths these fanatics will not go–no depths to which they will not sink.

  • JacksonPearson

    Article Eight: The Slogan of the Hamas
    "Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution, Jihad its path and death
    for the case of Allah its most sublime belief."

    Whatever that's suppose to mean. /Sarc

    • g_jochnowitz

      Sacrifice is just too gory,
      So Abraham made up a story:
      “My son Isaac is not dead
      Because an angel saved him,” Abraham said.

      HaShem had different views.
      He never forgave the Jews.
      The Israelites who had been slaves
      Died in the desert, without even graves.

      Because HaShem’s wrath was fired,
      A biological son of his own he sired.
      “Listen to me, each and every Jew.
      I sacrificed my son. Why can’t you?”

      The Diaspora would last and last.
      Then the birth of Israel made exile the past.
      Jihadists said, “Accept my son, my shaheed, my gem.”
      “Yum yum, delicious,” said HaShem.

      • JacksonPearson

        A new form of warfare by Islamists is being waged. This new offensive is not only a military campaign for jihad and for the creation of Islamic states ruled by sharia law; rather it is explicitly for the elimination of the non-Islamist past — an ideological offensive to remove the memories, historical artifacts, monuments, buildings, or any other evidence of the history and contribution of Judaism, Christianity, and even the moderate forms of Islam to civilization. This offensive is potentially more dangerous than any violence or vandalism or acts of revenge directed against supposed enemies. Part of it is the denial or minimizing of the Holocaust.

        It is now well-understood that since the establishment of the State of Israel in May 1948, Islamist forces and groups, as well as the Palestinian extremists, have not only sought to eliminate it by military methods — by wars and terrorism — but also asserted that Jews have no historic association with the land and therefore that the State is illegitimate. They even ignore or deny the visible evidence of Jewish history offered by the many physical sites in the area. Instead, a fallacious Palestinian narrative has been created declaring that the disputed area, from Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea and embracing Jerusalem, Acre, Haifa, Jericho, Gaza, Galilee, Hebron, and Tiberias, is not Jewish, but rather completely Arab by associations of history and identity.

  • Mary Sue

    what's hilarious is the Leftists will browbeat Whitey for "cultural appropriation" but not say boo about Islamic Cultural Appropriation…

  • Dubi Yarden

    Umm . . . True except for the fact that the Idumeans, Herod included, were Jews.

    The Hasmoneans conquered what were previously known as Edomites and forcibly converted them to Judaism. While Herod may not have been a good Jew, he did rebuild the Second Temple.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No they weren't. Some of them converted to a version of Judaism, but they remained separate nations. A number of Arab tribes also converted, etc. So did quite a few Romans. But these were temporary accommodations that did not last.

  • Jeff Bargholz

    The muslims won the PR war in Israel a long time ago. The muslim riff-raff who call themselves Palestinians are as fictional as Trolls and Orcs but most of the world believes they exist. Any of their mythical cultural narratives follow on that idiotic belief. For God's sake, Israel is allowing them to squat on the Temple Mount and defile it on a daily basis. If the Jews of Israel allow their Holiest of Holy sites-the center of their religion and Zionism-to be just another symbol of islamic conquest why should anybody else think they have a serious claim to their own land and everything in it?

    At this point, I don't think Israel can ever counter Psuedostinian PR lies. Except for Christians, most people in the world are helping the Paleostinians in the genocidal jihad against Israel.

    The only solution left is to expell all muslims. Nothing else will ever work.

  • UCSPanther

    Let's see: Herod the Great, who in a rage ordered the massacre of young children in and around Jerusalem because of the birth of Christ and even was known to murder his own sons when they threatened his power, and one of Herod's descendants who was struck dead and eaten by worms when people hailed him as a god.

    The Palestinians can have Herod and his spawn .

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The Palestinians can have Herod and his spawn"

      Yes they can, but they can't have his past possessions by claiming them with lies. Claim him as an ancestor but don't expect any material gains from that. What pisses me off is this accusation about using stolen artifacts. If it's a crime shouting "fire" in a crowded movie theater, what is it when you spread lies through the media known to move jihadis to murder?

      They ought to shoot these a-holes inciting war and jihad with their lies. Seriously. I would. I'd be saving lives doing it too.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "The Palestinian Authority says…"

    Palestinian Authority; another Islamic oxymoron. Unless they mean it ironically, like the ministry of liars. They are authorized to lie and wage jihad until allah takes them all. Who knows what they're thinking when they dream these things up.

    If you want to make a silk purse, you'd better find some silk first.

  • Jew

    Death to Israel soon! You barbaric war criminals.