Palestinian Authority Sentences Man to 6 Months in Jail for “Liking” Facebook Post

“Let me tell you about my social media strategy.”

I’m with Barack. I can’t wait until there’s a Palestinian State so that everyone in the West Bank can enjoy the freedom that comes with billions of dollars in foreign aid being used to subsidize a backward tyranny.

And then Hamas will take over and things can get even worse.

Last week, I covered the second case of a man being sentenced to jail for putting up a funny Facebook photo making President Mahmoud Abbas, who last won won a presidential election in 2005.

If you think Abbas is a little insecure about his popularity, you just might be right, because not only was the guy who put up a funny photo of Abbas sent to jail for a year, but the guy who “Liked” a call for firing a minister was sentenced to 6 months.

Anas Ismail, 29, of Salfit, near Nablus, was found guilty of “libel and slander.” Ismail is the second Palestinian to be imprisoned for Facebook activities in the past few days.

He was sentenced to prison on the same day another PA court in Bethlehem sentenced Palestinian journalist to one year in prison for sharing a photo on Facebook that compared PA President Mahmoud Abbas to a villain and the spy of French colonial authorities in a Syrian drama.

Ismail said that the PA’s Preventive Security force detained him for 17 days before he was sentenced to six months in prison.

He said he was accused of clicking “Like” on a status that called for sacking former PA Communications minister Mashhour Abu Daka.

Ismail told the West Bank-based Wattan TV station that he had been summoned for interrogation 10 times in the past six months because of the “Like” on Facebook.

He pointed out that he had been sentenced in absentia last Thursday.

This is the regime that Obama is dumping $700 million on… just as a start. And let’s just hope Abbas doesn’t send Anas for a session in the torture chair.

Nowadays, he adds, the preferred method is termed ‘shabeh’ – the hooding and tying of the prisoner in a variety of agonising positions for up to eight hours. He does not elaborate on the details, but claims: ‘It works with 95 per cent of the subjects.’ It also takes considerable skill: ‘You have to deal with it as if you were playing a guitar. Each case has its own speciality.’

Maybe Obama can send them some more cash. 700 million dollars doesn’t seem enough to cover all that Facebook chair torture.

  • Mary Sue

    Heh, when was the last time anyone heard of Israel torturing someone for liking something on facebook? XD

    • pagegl

      Gosh darn, Mary Sue, didn't you know it was cool to be a dim-bulb leftist supporting a fascist wannabe state.

    • Ar'nun

      It depends if you count the Israeli's forcing terorists to go on hunger strikes. We all know that is a clever Zionist scheme. [sarc]

  • Brian

    I can imagine that if mr. Obama gives more money to Abbas, Abbas can then arrest more people. So mr. Obama explain how is arresting people for for having the right to express themselves democratically? Oh wait Abbas is not running a democratic state. He can arrest whoever he wants. So Mr. Obama when you gave these billions to Abbas, did you ask him where the money is going? Or did Abbas tell you that he is doing what Arafat did.

  • Ar'nun

    Oh come on, tying someone in a chair in agonizing positions for hours and hours can't be as bad as pouring water over someone's head…

    One thing I am curios about is how long after the State of Palestine is official do they start killing and displacing the Christians in areas like Bethlehem? My money is on one week.

  • Mark

    As the saying goes….." Give till it hurts". So obama keeps giving and the palis are hurting anyone that disagrees with them.

  • AdinaK

    This man is actually lucky that his head is still attached to his shoulders. Really. While Jews and Christians are forever in their cross hairs, those who voice dissent – even within their ranks – are treated with extreme cruelty, even death.

    The fact that U.S. taxpayers are forced to pay for these jihadis, well, that is not only enraging, but it is against U.S. AND international law. How is that? –

    A fiscally bankrupt America, in tandem with an immoral Washington leadership, makes sure to keep their coffers flowing. Imagine that.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Michael

    If there was a dislike button on Facebook and the guy hit it, would he be given a job in the government and be hailed a hero? Just asking.

  • Rianna Richards

    Geez, that means, Palestinians better think twice before liking any posts on Facebook.