Palestinian Stone Throwing is Harmless… Except When It’s at a 2-Year-Old Baby Girl


It’s been decades since the media embraced the Palestinian Muslim stonethrower as a “symbol of resistance”. And you can’t make a politically correct Anti-Israel omelet without breaking a few skulls. Including the skull of a 2-year-old baby girl.

A two-year-old baby was seriously injured Thursday when Muslim terrorists hurled rocks at the car she was in, at the entrance to the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in southern Jerusalem.

Refael Herbst, an MDA paramedic who treated the girl, said: “When we arrived we saw a woman holding a baby aged about 2 years, with a bleeding wound in her head. She was apathetic and in a foggy state of consciousness. We gave her medical treatment on the spot. We were told she had been hit by a large rock as she was traveling in the car with her mother and two brothers, who sat beside her in the car’s back seat.”

“After initial medical care we began the evacuation, and continued giving her care inside the ICU ambulance. On the way to Hadassah Ein Kerem, in the course of the treatment, she began to recover and regained consciousness. When we took her to the trauma room in the hospital she was in moderate condition.”

Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) reacted to the attack and said that it joins a long list of similar serious incidents. “I strengthen the prime minister’s hands,” he said, “[in the hope] for a determined, quick action to put an end to the Stone Age.”

If anything, we seem to be entering the stone age.

  • Notalibfool

    Where are the Rachel Corries of the world to protest this? Oh, that’s right, they support the stone throwers.

    • Drakken

      I always encourage the Rachel (st pancake) Corries of this world to join the Islamic cause, they get what they so richly deserve.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    There is NOTHING “harmless” about Fakeistinians or Fakeistine.

    • notalibfool

      True. They hurt/kill innocent children, women, and men, yet no one in the west dares to speak up. Instead Israel gets the blame.

    • defcon 4

      Paleswine are just a symptom of the greater disease called islam.

  • Gee
    • A Z

      I read the first few paragraphs of the Slate “hit piece”.

      They gave stats ad naseum on rack throwing and brick throwing.

      What they did not do is countenance how much more frequently rocks would be thrown if none was ever shot with rubber or lead bullets for throwing rocks. With increased incidence of rock throwing there would be more fatalities.

      They will point to rocks, bottles and other objects being thrown at protests and no officers being killed. Those officers are wearing riot gear. We could not have all our border patrol and law enforcement go around all day every day in riot gear due to the cost or due to the impracticability of LEO performing their duties.

      All the logic in the world will not avail a person if you start with false assumptions.

      I submit that logic cannot help the writers at Slate. They are like a new protein that folds wrong once initially. There is no way that will end well.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “What they did not do is countenance how much more frequently rocks would be thrown if none was ever shot with rubber or lead bullets for throwing rocks. With increased incidence of rock throwing there would be more fatalities.”

        Here’s where the “cycle of violence” phrase comes in. That’s the signal to ignore any timeline and pretend like it’s some perpetual process. Then you imply that the reaction to aggression is actually the cause. Boom. You’ve made “victims” of the weak because they’re pathetic losers. And nothing else is really considered. Because if it’s a cycle, obviously the losers don’t want to be involved. The ones with the upper hand must logically be causing it. Why would losers cause a “cycle of violence?”

        The Western mind can’t comprehend the answers without wanting to. In the end though it’s still willful blindness.

        • A Z

          “Here’s where the “cycle of violence” phrase comes in. That’s the signal to ignore any timeline and pretend like it’s some perpetual process”

          That is so well said (succinct & true).

          • ziggy zoggy

            Yes. Well said. Said about you islamopithecine scum.

            Go rape a child for Mohammed. (Piss be upon him.)

      • ziggy zoggy


        I see. So police wearing self defensive gear designed to protect innocent Israeli people from islamopithecine savagery deserve to die. Self defense by any Jew in his own country towards rabid antagonists is a provocation.

        allahu akbar your momma. Oh, wait. You probably already murdered your momma in an “honour killing.” Sorry. Maybe one of your camels is still a virgin. You can take out your Oedipal fantasies on it.

        • A Z


          I was talking about the Slate essay. The claim that rock throwing is not a problem. They do this by showing that not many American law enforcement officers (LEO) have died. They say not one LEO has died from a thrown rock since 1942.

          I pointed out one reason is LEO take precautions against rock throwers. If American LEOs had not, then there would have been a lot of dead LEOs due to the riots in the 60s (Also in the 80s and 90s due to anti globalization protests). Which I believe trashes the liberal Slate dot com essay.

          Further deconstructing the Slate essay, when LEO fire rubber bullets at American protesters that dissuade some from copying others and throwing rocks. Thereby there are not as many chances for LEO to get hurt.

          I was refuting the slate essay, which Gee linked

          I believe that LEO should be able to shoot and kill any protester with a molotov cocktail. I consider it an immanent threat of deadly force by the protester directed at LEO.

          I would say the same about rocks, bricks and bottles. I can show that objects thrown by people have similar if not equivalent ability to inflict fatalities or serious harm. One can show they have similar kinetic energy.

          By refuting the Slate police, I am deconstructing their criticisms of the Israelis.

          BTW I consider myself a victim of friendly fire.

      • Gee

        Compare the Israeli response to attacks to the American response.

        The number of rock attacks on American Border Patrol less than 1/100th of the attacks on Israeli Border Guards. Number of Molotov Cocktails – none for America, thousands for Israel. Number of nonlethal weapons used – none by America. Number of Border Patrol killed by said rocks – America zero, Israel four. Number of Border Patrol maimed by said rocks – America zero, Israel several hundred. Number of rock thrower killed – American far more than Israel.

        Yet morons like you claim it is because we over-react. The truth is we under-react

        • A Z

          I was refuting the slate essay, which you linked.

          I did not say that the Israelis, American LEO or American border patrol were wrong.

          Slate said that rock throwing is not a big deal because look there have been no American lives lost to it in 60 years, 3 generations.

          I argued that Slate is being disingenuous and the reason no American lives were lost is because LEO protects themselves at time from rock throwers and they shoot back at times at rock throwers. That is the real reason there are no deaths (in America) due to rocks. It is not because rocks are basically harmless.

          • Gee

            My apologizes – my English is not to the subtly of your comments

          • A Z

            I used the Latin phrase ad naseum” and the word countenance which although not archaic not many people use.

            I also had one grammatical error. I typed none instead of “no one”.

            Sometimes “less is more”. If I had found a way to write more concisely and without flowery words, i would have communicated better.

          • A Z

            I used the Latin phrase “ad naseum”, which is fairly common but not something a non-native speaker would be expected to know.

            I also used the word countenance which although not archaic is not very commonly used.

            I also made a grammatical error. I typed the word ‘none’ instead of “no one”.

            the phrase “less is more” is apt. If I had used more common words, I would have communicated better.

            I’ll apologize.

  • Drakken

    It is rather amusing to see haji throwing rocks at us and then act surprised and outraged when we shoot them. The lesson learned, don’t throw rocks, and you don’t get shot, even primitive inbred haji’s get that.