Paul Krugman Attacks Me, Fails at Humor


Back in May, I wrote a piece mocking Bloomberg’s ridiculous bike sharing program. And that was that.

Then in June, Paul Krugman, who has done for economics what Erich Von Daniken did for space exploration, decided to attack me for the article while failing as badly at reading comprehension as he does at comprehending the existence of money.

Writing tongue-in-cheek, I mentioned that Bloomberg’s transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, the granddaughter of a Muslim Imam who worked with Hitler’s Mufti teaching SS men had, “In partial revenge… made many New York streets nearly as impassable as those of her grandfather’s wartime Dresden.”

You would have to be an idiot to take that at face value. Or Paul Krugman who headlined it as Nazi Islamic Bikes From Hell and called it “a wonderful window into the conservative psyche”.

It’s actually a wonderful window into Krugman’s humorlessness.

Krugman writes, “By the way, I’m sometimes accused of making ad hominem attacks because I say that so-and-so is making a dishonest case for such-and-such a policy. Folks, that’s not an ad hominem attack; this is an ad hominem attack.”

No, it’s actually not. But Krugman fails at humor the way he fails at economics.

Not to be outdone, Gawker decided to take things to the next level in humorlessness by actually running a comparison of a Dresden street and a New York City street side by side, to prove that Bloomberg’s Khan hadn’t actually turned the city into Dresden.

“As Frontpage Mag’s Daniel Greenfield persuasively argues in a piece from last month, it’s also a Nazi Muslim plot, over three generations, to enact revenge for the firebombing of Dresden,” a Gawkerite writer wrote. “Yes, as the photograph above demonstrates, New York City streets are “nearly as impassable” as those in “wartime Dresden.”

Apparently you have to put a lot of things in quotation marks for our friends on the left to understand that something need not be taken at face value.

Here is my original paragraph re-punctuated to the standards of liberal reading comprehension.

“In partial “revenge”, Khan has made many New York streets nearly as “impassable” as those of her grandfather’s wartime Dresden. Bike lanes have turned two lane streets into one lane streets. “Infidels” sit in their cars and honk while bike lanes go unused and midtown bus lanes sit empty except for the occasional daring taxi driver braving the bus lane camera and the 150 dollar fine.”

Fortunately I don’t write for liberal audiences or this sort of thing would get tedious.

The pattern of toneless reading incomprehension continued across snotty New York media blogs including the New York Observer.

“In perhaps the best unhinged rant of any kind ever, Daniel Greenfield at the always enjoyable FrontPage Magazine refers to Janette Sadik-Khan, the city’s pro-bike transportation chief, as a “Muslim Nazi collaborator’s granddaughter” who in “partial revenge … made many New York streets nearly as impassable as those of her grandfather’s wartime Dresden,” NY Mag’s Dan Amira wrote.

Also I hear a guy named Jonathan Swift was really into eating Irish babies. But who needs the ability to understand a sentence when you have Venn diagrams?

At Hurry Up Harry, there was this. “So “peddling bikes” (I don’t think a pun was intended) is some kind of Nazi/Islamic conspiracy. That is a new one anyway.”

To the left everything is always new. When you can’t carry a sustained thought, then life is full of things that you don’t understand and are outraged by.

Like humor.

  • ElizabethMC

    Typical liberal tactic – if you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger. And be as hateful and unfounded as you want because you won’t be called on it by the msm.

    • EarlyBird

      Thought experiment, Elizabeth: Could Greenfield’s weird joke about Nazi Muslims attempting revenge for Dresden in the streets of New York be distinguished as a joke in a line up among his many other outrageous but “serious” propositions he posts daily on this propaganda site? It would be a very hard job for any regular reader of Lil’ Danny Greenfield.

      In fairness, his sense of humor is bone dry.

    • Victor

      Dear Elizabeth,

      I agree with you that attacking the messenger is a pretty unpleasant tactic and not very persuasive in debate.

      When Daniel raises the city transportation chief’s (Sadik-Khan’s) background as an implied criticism of the bike scheme, what do you call that?

  • Steeloak

    “Paul Krugman, who has done for economics what Erich Von Daniken did for space exploration” LOL – Pure gold Daniel!
    Krugman famously once said that an Alien Attack would be good for the economy – a shining example of the broken window fallacy taken to extremes.

    • ElizabethMC

      We have an alien attack, and it ain’t good for the economy. :-(

  • cxt

    Don’t let it get you down……the Left is often a humorless bunch. Plus their “humor” is prerrty much limited to cheap putdowns, hysterical slurs and hyperbole. Its why Bill Mhar (sp) still has a show.

    Krugman and the Left often resort to serious miscasting of peoples statements and ideas because in many cases they simply don’t have the intellectual chops to deal with the concepts people actually raise.

    • EarlyBird

      Danny’s not letting this get him down. The fact that a mainstream lefty like Krugman put his name in writing helps him further his career as a right wing media soldier. He’s got to be thrilled that his name was read outside of the right wing fever swamp.

      • alericKong

        Krugman only exists because he trolls for controversy.

        Soon people will look at our careless behvaior and wonder how we failed to forsee the catastrophe it creates.

  • Gee

    The leftists believe that anything posted is a fact. They do it on a daily basis.

    Want to confuse the heck out them – just keep posting all kinds of humor and they will go nuts (oh wait too late)

  • RCCA

    It wasn’t a very funny joke. Some things are better left unsaid or reworded, for example, her grandfather must be very proud of the work she has done.

  • SouthofCincy

    I’m really glad you don’t write for liberal audiences too; I’d have missed most of your work.

  • EarlyBird

    The problem for lil’ Danny Greenfield is that everything he writes could be a parody of the hysterical, paranoid right wing, so when he attempts “tongue-in-cheek” scenarios about Nazi Muslims getting revenge for Dresden, it is indistinguishable from the rest of his “serious” lunacy.

  • edlancey

    I suppose that if I got a Nobel prize for writing smug opinion pieces in the NYT then I’d be rather tetchy as well.

  • Crazycatkid

    It’s odd that those who hired an unattractive actress to mock Sarah Palin full time and use the words “Dick Cheney” as the butt of every joke don’t get that we use humor among ourselves to mock their ridiculous(to us & to any sane thinking person ) beliefs and lifestyle. Such as the very unpopular bicycles in NYC.
    They don’t think we can have our “in-jokes” because they cannot conceive of themselves as ridiculous and wrong and they cannot conceive that we, as a group of people with our own sensibilities, can even exist.
    This is the egocentrism of a toddler writ large.

  • OfficialPro

    It’s the edumacation system. It turns out kids learning Whole Language reading whose reading comprehension exists at an existential level but doesn’t exist on a comprehensive level. It’s like monkeys being trained to respond to certain keys on a special “monkey communication device”. They only understand rudimentarily what the keys are for, like ‘bring me a banana’. The humorlessness comes in via extreme political correctness/sensitivity training. They’re taught to be offended rather than be amused so that it’s like Pavlov’s dogs, everytime someone tells a joke, they get offended rather than laugh because they have been conditioned to. Or they have a processing error that causes them to take what is meant as humor, seriously. They can’t pick up sarcasm in text so well.

  • trickyblain

    Thank you Daniel. This piece verifies what I’ve been trying to tell folks for years! FPM is a comedy site; never to be taken seriously.

  • ElizabethMC

    In addition to having no religion, liberals have no sense of humor. Go bother someone else.

    • EarlyBird

      I asked a serious question, Elizabeth. Come on.

  • Peter Aretin

    Boo! Hoo!

  • Alex I.

    For humor to work, it has to be funny. Saying stupid things isn’t funny.