Peace Corps Vet Chris Matthews Mocks John McCain’s Vietnam Service

From 1968 to 1970, Christopher John Matthews heroically served his nation as a trade development adviser in the Peace Corps where he developed trade or traded advisers or developed trading advice. Or something. There he gained the name Phakama Dube, which is Swazi for Jump Up Zebra and faced danger a thousand times.

I was driving my British-made Ford Escort through the Grand Valley. Sweating and numbed by the heat, I barely noticed a black line across half of the roadway ahead. Suddenly I could see it was alive, heading at a sharp angle toward me. Before I could change course, the snake was at my open window, its full length springing up and in at me!

At that exact moment of sheer terror, I was as sure as I have been of anything in my life that the black mamba was twisting around in the backseat of my Escort, ready to strike. Of course, the mamba wasn’t there at all. In my panic I flinched, jerking the wheel to the left and skidding to a stop.

That heroic escapade, which is exactly like being shot down and tortured in Vietnam, eminently qualifies the second whitest and fattest journalist on MSNBC (Ed Schultz still wins this one) to mock McCain as a crazy veteran.

Both Matthews and McCain were well connected young men. The difference is that McCain served his country, while Matthews was playing tourist in Africa on Uncle Sam’s dime.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Why is John McCain so angry? Forty years after the Vietnam POWs came home, the most famous of them is angrier than ever. Why is America, why are we fighting the Vietnam war all over again in the United States Senate? The ticked off vitriol against Chuck Hagel, what is it about is? Is it for show? Is it about something Hagel said in the cloakroom? Is it about the basic unfairness of Vietnam itself that some went and some didn’t? Is it about Lyndon Johnson’s inability to either win that war or end it? What is it that burns so deeply in John McCain these days? It seems to excite those who knew nothing of Vietnam, but for hard reasons want to replay it again and again in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Syria and, yes, eventually in Iran. Well, tonight, we dig into the deep well of resentment burning in John McCain’s patriotic heart.

A resentment not against the North Vietnamese who imprisoned and toured him all those years, not against George W. Bush and his political henchmen who tried to stain McCain’s reputation back in 2000, but against a guy who fought against fear and rallied against wounds just like he did in the same army of America’s long nightmare in Vietnam, Chuck Hagel. A nightmare by the way whose flashbacks must haunt still the mind and heart of John Sidney McCain.

Eugene McCarthy supporter Chris Matthews appears to be having his own flashback here, and it’s to Vietnam, not Africa.

This isn’t really about Vietnam, it’s about the resentment of a generation of leftists for Vietnam veterans. A resentment that they disguise as concern trolling about angry and unstable veterans.

If McCain were really angry about Vietnam, it would have come out in the Kerry hearing, not the Hagel hearing. The Hagel hearing was ugly because Hagel was an incompetent nominee who had alienated everyone in the Senate. It’s Chris Matthews who can’t let Vietnam go, who has to continue defaming Vietnam veterans as a cover for his own cowardice.

MATTHEWS: It looks like a flashback. McCain is so angry. Is it really about the surge?

Here’s a question. Why is Chris Matthews so angry? He’s never been to Vietnam. He’s been a privileged boy of the DC establishment who had a patronage job, a jaunt in the Peace Corps and then has to do the hard work of getting on the air of a news network with lower standards than a White Castle (a place that Chris Matthews has spent more time in than Vietnam and Africa combined) to scream childish insults at the Republican Enemy of the Day.

Chris Matthews is rich. He’s privileged. So why is he so angry? It can’t be Vietnam. It’s probably not Swaziland. Is it the knowledge that he’s a worthless human being who has made a fortune telling lies and churning out bile? Is it the self-loathing that comes from the knowledge that his anger is what he’s being paid for and that his anger is as phony as the rest of him? Is Chris Matthews’ fake anger behind his real anger?

Perhaps we can have a panel discussion on what makes Matthews so mad.

  • JBL

    Correct me, but wasn’t joining Peace Corps a way to avoid the draft and ultimately Vietnam service?

    • MBW

      Consider yourself corrected. You're wrong. Peace Corps service was a deferrment, like grad school. Several former Peace Corps volunteers were killed in Vietnam following their service, having been declared 1-A upon their return home.

  • FPF

    "he developed trade or traded advisers or developed trading advice." Trade of what, ivory, rhino horns, and other endangered species?

  • Yakman

    Hagel gives him a tingle up his leg

    • AdinaK

      Not only that, but Mathews is simply a prick, and his being a die-hard radical leftist doesn't help matters! He would just as soon see America go poof, as he would "report" the news.

      In any case, leftist dogma is the same all over, regardless of locale. It is a sickness, as it is not grounded in any ethos, other than hatred of western, Judeo-Christian constructs. It is "anti", instead of positive and affirmative –

      Simply put, he is a nobody.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        Yes, I agree, Mathews is a die-hard radical leftist prick. But unfortunately, we live in a time when die-hard radical leftist pricks rule the world.(Even in Israel-as your posts have pointed out) This is a world where honesty, integrity, courage. kindness, and will power are ridiculed and sneered at, more often than not. And having those qualities is a ticket to defeat, in any number of venues.Who will change things? Who will lead us into the light?

  • Feather Duster

    Frankly, my dear Mr. Greenfield, I don't give a good dang.

    Screw Chris Matthews and screw John McCain as well as the spirited high horse on which they stride.

  • JacksonPearson

    Chris Matthews will end up in hell…and;
    Thanks for serving McCain, now PULLEEEZE go home. Enough is enough!

    • theoldwiseone
      • JacksonPearson

        I heard and read that.
        Lots of wild stories. I'm not going to dispute or praise pro, or con, what went on in POW prisons. I thank McCain for serving, but I believe his days in government are past tense.

  • Edward Cline

    Few things are as pitiful and disgusting as watching a person whine about how selfless he was while serving in a "good cause" (in this instance, the Peace Corps), and how he's not appreciated for his alleged sacrifices and would someone please throw him a crumb of respect? I mean, he had this very realistic delusion about a black mamba! Isn't that suffering? Doesn’t that count for something? Never mind that he was being paid by the government to act like an altruist lord of the manor to develop "trade" for backward tribesmen. I have no regard for John McCain, either, because he's just as much of a loon as Matthews and ought to retire from politics before further embarrassing himself. Hagel? As Daniel noted, for Matthews, it's a new kind of tingle. He's a man who uses words as a kind of Styrofoam excelsior to disguise his leftist philosophy. His performance during the Senate hearing was nearly as laughable as was Hillary Clinton's, because he obviously didn't rehearse it as much as she did.

  • james brother of

    john mc cain cool under fire. he's the pilot walking off the fire engulfed jet's wing during the uss forrestal disaster. quiet hero beaten by a boastful man of limited convictions.

  • Jim

    I think Matthews actually served in Malawi, not Swaziland, and quoting from a book he wrote long ago is a bit low to make an unflattering contrast with McCain. Matthews does go over the top, but nothing like to the extent you guys do in the opposite direction. At least some of you need to get a grip on reality, and travel with your eyes open to a few other parts of the world probably wouldn't hurt you. Failing that, read outside the narrow confines of your prejudices occasionally — just because people don't agree with you doesn't mean they are stupid or you can't learn from them.

  • Ar'nun

    The real part of the Viet Nam we are forced to constantly relive is the atrocities of the Left. What ever it is Comrade Chris has to say about Viet Nam is completely irrelevant. He, like the rest of the Left, uses Hagel's service in Nam to defend him even though these are the same scum bags who spit on Hagel when he came back.

  • missu1

    John McCain can not get over the fact that the American people soundly rejected him as president. So say because he was unqualified, lacking judgement, character, credibility and integrity to be president. McCain changed into a racist, bitter, jealous, revengeful, vindictive, warmonger.
    John McCain's military career has become quite controversial and questionable by conflicting eyewitness reports. You have to take into consideration too, that McCain's father was his commanding officer so a cover up could of likely happen. The real truth will never be known because McCain is now a pathological liar that tells one blatant lie after another.
    I think too that McCain is jealous not only of President Obama, but Chuck Nagel and Colin Powell, unlike McCain they're real foreign affairs and military expects who refused to endorse McCain's disastrous presidential campaign. McCain should understand that being a hateful warmonger like he is does not qualify him as an expert.

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  • biffula

    Matthews is a drooling slob. He gets so torqued up sometimes he has to slurp his spittle back in. I can’t believe this loser has a stage.