PETA Activist Really Enthusiastic About Raping Women

"“Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever,”

Nothing creepy to see here

Gary Yourofsky spends a lot of time thinking about raping women… because he really cares about animals. Yourofsky was sponsored by PETA to give animal rights talks in school classes.

But Yourofsky may have proven too much even for an organization that engages in the mass killings of cats and dogs, displays women in cages and mocks cancer patients and the Holocaust.

It might have been all the raping.

In an interview in 2006, Yourofsky said that those who wore fur deserved to be brutally raped. “Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever,” he said.

Considering that Yourofsky has been to prison several times for his animal rights “activism”, his female friends might want to lose his numbers. And Yourofsky never learned any new tricks. It was always back to rape.

“And if you think there is such a thing as humane slaughter. I’m curious, do you also think there is such a thing as humane rape?”

Apparently based on his 2006 interview, Yourofsky thinks there is. But then there was more Yourofsky rape.

“Meat-eaters begging for vegan respect is akin to NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) pedophiles asking people who don’t rape little boys for respect. I don’t respect people who choose cruelty. I don’t respect a pedophile’s choice to molest kids. I don’t respect a rapist’s desire to violate a woman’s body. “

And then Yourofsky turned to pig rape.

“Female pigs are forcibly impregnated against their will with long steel devices that shoot hog semen into their uteruses. Sometimes the bestial rape is done by hand but regardless of the technique female pigs are the unwilling baby machines of the meat industry.”

So when Yourofsky showed up in an Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Sociology 101 class, the topic went exactly where you expect.

“Is bestiality weird to you? Doing sexual things with animals? Because I used to think everybody thought so, but not even close, my meat, cheese, and egg-loving friends, because you engage in carnivorous bestiality on a daily basis,” he told the students.

Yourofsky began his lifelong obsession with animal rape metaphors at the circus.

What Gary Yourofsky saw when the circus came to town set him on the path of an animal rights activist. Twenty years ago, his stepfather was a volunteer clown in the Shrine Circus, which raised funds for children injured in fires. When it visited Yourofsky’s hometown of Detroit, his stepfather invited him to a behind-the-scenes tour.

“One day after seeing animals backstage at a circus, chained up and caged up, I not only realized that I was witnessing a slave ship, I realized I was a hypocrite, a bigot, a species-ist.”

This is probably the worst way someone tried to subconsciously get back at his circus clown stepfather.

“I started asking, is the slaughterhouse the problem, or is who is getting killed in the slaughterhouse the problem? Because if it were Jews who were getting killed, people would be screaming bloody murder.”

The only thing better than a rape metaphor is invoking the Holocaust. If only Gary Yourofsky’s stepfather had been a volunteer hospital clown, he could be going around the country denouncing organized medicine.

  • A Z

    At what point in history was it right rather than wrong to be against wearing fur?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It was probably conceived some time in the late 19th century. It took decades to go mainstream.

      That fox might evolve in to something like humans some day. What’s wrong with you?

      • A Z

        My ideal is this. Our ancestors wore fur. Fur and natural fibers such as wool were the best thing going until a few decades ago. WW2 or even later wool was the thing to have for cold weather gear.

        If you grand parents or parents had fur, you will probably want it too for utility and for status. Chasing status is seen to be hollow and it is hollow to an extent. But there is also a real need to have status to be able to do business. It is in our DNA just as surely as so many other vertebrates.

        I resent these people who want to evolve in the same way at the same pace as them. I might give up meat,fur and other animal products. But I will do so on my timetable. If someone gets overly aggressive, I meant smile at them , say “hi how are you” and __________________________.

        You mentioned that it was around the time of the 19th century. I think that is a good guess. Thing is I was looking at the development of mill technology from the revolutionary war period thru the industrial revolution. The heck of it is is that a lot of power transmission was done by belts and pulleys. the belts were made of bovine leather. Until rubber came along in 1844 and came into full uses some time later, we were dependent on leather.

        So here is the point without the use of cow leather for belts in power transmission the mills would not be as efficient, which meant hat the society would not be as prosperous. Which means that there would not be as much prosperity and that cites and the chattering classes that dwell in them would be smaller.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “If you grand parents or parents had fur, you will probably want it too for utility and for status. Chasing status is seen to be hollow and it is hollow to an extent. But there is also a real need to have status to be able to do business. It is in our DNA just as surely as so many other vertebrates.”

          I’m giving you the modern justification. It’s not my argument. One could argue that our survival depended on using fur and that our “evolution” requires for us to be selfish.

          Darwinism absolutely depends on creatures to be selfish to evolve.

          So all of their arguments that depend on evolution are stupid and contradictory.

          “I think that is a good guess. Thing is I was looking at the development of mill technology from the revolutionary war period thru the industrial revolution.”

          Well, survival of the fittest capitalist is part of the picture no doubt!

          I don’t disagree with anything that you’ve said. I’m trying to explain where their nonsensical arguments come from.

          I advocate good stewardship but I’m not an elite that can always tell everyone what that means to them. I don’t wear fur myself but I use leather shoes. I don’t throw garbage on the ground and get angry at people that do. I don’t get angry at people that wear fur unless there is good reason to.

        • laura r

          lamb coats made in china are also used for food. well, what ever is not part of the coat.

        • posthuman

          & so it was. But things have changed a lot since then. Just because it was required to use animal products all through out history, doesn’t mean we need to be that way anymore. I’m sure the people wearing fur or leather clothes didn’t do so out of chic, or even saw what they did in that kind of way. It was only in recent centuries when European royalty started dressing ever more fancy did fur become as more than a necessity as much as a fashion statement. When the capitalists started to get richer than the royalty then it became more important for the nouve rich to emulate the aristocracy & that also included fashion as well. But now there are so many other ways to keep warm better than wearing fur, especially where wearing fur has become more of a reflection of some babes’ narcissism, or her sick idea of being ‘chic’, or even worse , sheer sadism as well. & oh yeah, BTW, why is it that the names of most furrier companies just so happen to come from a certain, bastardized form of German, as they majority of those unchristian ‘Germans’ happen to be the majority of the those furrier’s customers, as well as being the richest, top social ethnic group as well? Couldn’t not have to do what the bible’s beginning chapters saying about the earth, to be subdued, to have domination over the fowl & beasts, to be fruitful & multiply as much as possible? Hmmmmmmmmmm!

          • A Z

            Wow you have posted all of 2 comments. The one above and the one below this sentence.

            “Israel & Judaism & its sick ,unnatural offshoots of Christianity & Islam are the 3 big cancers of narcissism, self-denial, & subjection upon which humanity as needlessly been cursed on for countless centuries. Let’s send all 3 to the scrap heap of world history.”

            You just put down 2/3rds of humanity (or more). You are one sick puppy.

            I looked under the “My Disqus” tab, saw you post name and just knew you would be a nut. You did not disappoint.

            I do you feel about shearing sheering and wearing wool? Have you ever sheered sheep or do you just marry them?

            Are you perhaps a secular Jew? That is to say a Jew in Name Only and have lost your moorings? You seem to have a lot of pent up anger. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist.

          • posthuman

            NO, I’m just a lowly white male who’s just sick & tired of seeing my nation & our Earth going down the toilet by the manifestations of the ‘tea party’ U.N., NWO, World Bank, IMF,Uncle Sam/ZOG, the 1%ers, often with considerable overlap with 1 another, selling us out literally by the dollar, most obviously to the chinks. As for being Jewish, we’ll I’m so glad I was born Aryan instead of being born Jewish, not like I would wanna be born into a tribe/cult of narcissistic losers. Good night!

          • A Z

            With a name like post human I expect you to belong to a new age cult or maybe be a fruit nut or flake from the left coast.

            I mean come on with a name like posthuman why did you not choose a name like “transcendent one”? It would have been just as absurd.

            Why don;t you read Zero Hedge .com.

            They had an article about why reserve currencies always inflate. It is worth a read. Still we had inflation in the dollar before the World Bank, IMF and the chinks. We have had it ever since 1913 and the creation of the Federal Reserve’s creation.

            Tea Party roots go back at least 2 decades. People have been agitating for low taxes and no deficit spending for at least that long. Personally I believe in deficit spending but for only short periods of time. Keynes, Hoover, Moses all had a point. You can spend more than you take in if you had a rainy day fund. the Wall Street Journal showed empirically that the government general took n 20% of GDP. They argued convincingly IMO that tax rats should be about 20%. but go ahead an demonize the Tea Party. You got to have your “2 minutes of hate”.

        • KaD

          If your grandparents had a fur coat is it honoring the animals that died to throw it in the garbage instead of having it restyled and making good use of it? Faux fur is made with petroleum products and is very degrading to the environment. On a mink farm the animals eat by products from the fishing and chicken industry and their bodies are used after they die for mink oil and other products. Nothing goes to waste as it should be when an animal dies.

          • A Z

            I am not siding with PETA, if that is your concern.

      • laura r

        its the fur industry that is awful. he does have a valid point.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “its the fur industry that is awful. he does have a valid point.”

          He’s going about it the wrong way. I don’t buy fur. I think about the consequences of everything I do. I don’t need people using offensive rhetoric to “motivate” me.

          • laura r

            who said i like his “act”? he makes a valid point but discredits it. bad delivery. just like a typical college professor, right?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Probably so, because he seems to feel the need to build a whole worldview around this valid point, which transforms it in to something else.

            That happens a lot in our educational institutions.

          • WildRoseBeef

            I think most college professors do a helluva lot better job with their delivery than this nut-bag.

        • ziggy zoggy

          How are furriers awful? Is there a polite way to skin an animal?

          • KaD

            Yes, once it’s dead. ‘Skinned alive’ is a myth and under court oath the man who skinned a baby seal alive signed an affidavit that PETA paid him to do it.

        • Drakken

          MMMM I kill and eat animals and wear their fur, and the problem is?

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            A fish is a dog is a boy, as ‘Psychotic Entities Taking A-cups’ says.

          • derpbuiscuit

            You’re evil because you make animals suffer. If it’s awful for a human to get killed violently why is it okay for an animal? I hope an animal attacks you and you feel the same pain the animals you killed and ate felt. :)

          • WildRoseBeef

            You sound like a Yourofsky follower just as clueless and disturbed. You know who’s evil? You, the one making the death threats with the faked smily at the end.

            And FYI, an animal already dead wouldn’t feel pain when being consumed by a guy like Drakken. Derp.

        • KaD

          Really? Have you seen a mink farm? Have you seen the animals die? They don’t seem stressed at all, and when they are dropped into the box of fumes they don’t even scratch to get out. Most humans won’t die as humanely.

        • KaD
          • KaD

            I had a pet hamster and it didn’t get it’s bedding changed daily. If these animals were stressed they’d be chewing at the bars to get out.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    And this piece of human waste should become a bride in a lifer prison ward.

    • Drakken

      No, I think it would be wonderful to watch as he preaches the gospel of animal liberation to a pack of Timber Wolves, I’ll grab the bourbon and watch as the Wolves have the last word.

  • Veracious_one

    Because if it were Jews who were getting killed, people would be screaming bloody murder.”

    Muslims would be screaming ‘Allahu Akbarrrrr”


    “One day after seeing animals backstage at a circus, chained up and caged up, I not only realized that I was witnessing a slave ship, I realized I was a hypocrite, a bigot, a species-ist.”
    Gary began smoking mowie wowie at an early age….

  • Tina Trenner

    I love all animals and have for most of my life worked to help them….At first I ignored these types of people because I wanted to help animals, but there came a day when I just could not turn my head to these idiots in order to help an elephant. This makes all animal rescue people look crazy and the fact is most are wonderful…PETA can really pull off some crazy crap…but you have to watch out for HSUS( Humane Society of the United States) as well…not as nuts but in my years of exposure to their practices…money grubbing liars…

    • trapper

      You are an advocate of “animal welfare”. PETA and HSUS are advocates of “animal rights”. “Animal Welfare” advocates treating animals humanely while still recognizing their function as things to be used by man. “Animal Rights” advocates the bizarre and radical theory that animals possess characteristics, rights, that bestow intrinsic value to humans, but only to a lesser degree. (Although one of their philosophers, Peter Singer, believes that deficient humans have less value than certain animals).

      • fish

        When talking about cows in the meat industry I prefer the expression “unbovine” to “inhumane”. They’re not humans but they do deserve to be treated with basic respect as cows.

        • mike cumpston

          VERY basic respect. Cows are really not very respectable.

          • KaD

            In India they are worshipped. Just saying.

        • Chavi Beck

          We’re supposed to be humane because WE are human. Not because cows etc are human.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Not even to a lesser degree. A pig is a dog is a boy etc…

    • mike cumpston

      they are useless nuts and they have been around a lot longer than PITA. They chose their name to graft onto whatever respectability is associate with the American Humane Society. This is or was (not sure it still exists) a far less idiotic organization that provided animal shelters and promoted basic medical care and humane treatment.

  • defcon 4

    So, unlike the Australian imam who said western women deserved to be raped because they dressed like “uncovered meat”, this lieberal thinks women should be raped because of what they cover up with? I’m sure this lieberal scumbag and islam0fascist imam should be able to meet and flesh out acceptable circumstances under which women should be raped that is amenable to both their insane agendas.

    • Moa

      The union of their views is, “women can be raped for being covered in any animal product or uncovered”. Disgusting, not just for the rape part, but also the whole totalitarian aspect of those who seek to control other’s lives.

  • onecornpone

    This clown Yourofsky needs to be caged or chained to a stump himself.

    I’ll have a big juicy rare steak in his honor ASAP!

  • defcon 4

    I think Yourofsky should be preaching to wolf packs and lion prides that they should embrace vegetarianism.

    • John Doe

      The fallacy of false cause

  • Well Done

    I have yet to meet a “meat eater” who even cares about vegans, never mind “begging for respect” from them. In fact I have yet to meet a vegan who will discuss his or her hare-brained decision to not eat “meat”. Most seem to have medical problems which I don’t hesitate to say are due to poor diet. None of them will admit that the necessity of taking food supplements to give them what the vegan diet doesn’t provide prove vegan is stupid. So be it. Not my problem.

  • trapper

    This man is the epitome, the essence, monomaniacal fanatic. He is very dangerous and is murder in waiting.

  • Christian

    sounds to me like he wants Bubba to show him some back door love in a gorilla suit.. or pig suit?

    • Drakken

      No way ! I say let that croc on your picture have some fun.

  • Ken Swan

    10 million plants a day suffer horrible deaths………… a plant, eat a cow

    • KaD

      If you look up the book “The secret life of plants” by Peter Thompkins it shows that plants are conscious as well and DO realize when you are going to kill them. You cannot LIVE in this world without taking life. That is the cycle of life. It is not murder or a sin it is just reality.

  • mike cumpston

    The boy, I say , the boy needs to get a grip on himself.

  • grumman

    This is a genuine sicko as are the majority of PETA members

  • Lisa Clark-kahn

    At first i was so confused and disgusted about how peta is trashed in this article then i realized what site i was on .Nevermind.

    • worldgoingmad

      Telling truths about peta is not trashing peta. Peta trash themselves on a daily basis with every stupid stunt they pull, every adoptable animal they kill, and every B celeb they talk into taking their clothes off. They do nothing to help animals in need, and do more damage to the cause of Animal Welfare than good.
      Awful, awful bunch of hysterical hypocrits.

    • Drakken

      Hey I belong to PETA as well
      P eople
      E ating
      T asty
      A nimals.

      • KaD

        People for Extortion, Torture and Abuse.

  • Heather Stubbs

    When God saw Adam and Eve covering themselves with fig leaves the took the skins of animals and clothed them.
    Well, if it was OK with God, it’s OK with me!

  • suzannecarlson

    Gary Yourofsky is a deeply angry man. His motives may be altruistic, but his message is getting lost. Gary: Get some anger management therapy. You can make a difference for animals, but not this way.

  • FashionFan

    Wow, could this “article” be more biased? In my university Journalism classes, in which I earned my degree, we were taught to present both sides of the equation. Contrary to the misleading title of this opinion piece, I think that Gary is using the visual imagery of rape to help people relate to what is often done to animals who are bred for human purposes. They are, as he says, unwilling participants in a sexual act. In the first example, he needed to phrase it better, but I think that was what he was going for in each case.
    As for the “mass killings of cats and dogs,” PETA doesn’t euthanize any more animals each year than most animal shelters must, because people don’t spay or neuter their animals, buy them and then get tired of them and dump at shelters, or turn them loose outside where they are procreate before (and if) they are picked up and brought to a shelter. The problem is not PETA, or the other shelters, the problem is people treating animals as disposable and creating the animal homelessness crisis that we have today.
    The women (and men) who pose in cages, pose nude, and use other attention-getting tactics are all volunteers, unlike the animals who are caged, subjugated, and taken advantage of. And as far as the Holocaust goes, the PETA employee who came up with the idea for the “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign was Jewish, and the concept was not to mock the Holocaust, but to show side-by-side images from that tragedy and modern factory farms and slaughterhouses that are strikingly similar. The author would have known every bit of this if he had done a tiny bit of research first. But then, I get the impression that this piece isn’t so much about sound research as shock value and trashing an organization that helps animals.

    • Jessof

      How does killing cats and dogs help them?

    • Jan Hoadley

      You seriously think with “millions of members” PeTA doesn’t have 2000 per year to take animals into homes? I would point out most shelters don’t euthanize 90% of animals that come through the door, so yes, they do euthanize more than most shelters. Shelters in the northeast are importing dogs because they don’t have enough – Canada is importing dogs and other areas bringing dogs in because spay/neuter means no puppies. Statistically approaching 80% of pets *are* spayed/neutered. PeTA has admitted shock value as a tactic, so why is it offensive when they don’t come off smelling like a rose? Further, do you think a cow in heat cares if she’s bred artificially, a chosen bull or whatever bull is available (including her son)? They don’t.

    • WildRoseBeef

      And I get the impression you’ve been drinking too much PeTA Kool-Aid.

      PeTA euthanizes far more animals than what they adopt out, or claim to adopt out. And the problem isn’t people treating animals like disposable products, it’s the humanizing or misanthropy.

      There is nothing “strikingly similar” to the Holocaust in regards to factory farms and slaughterhouses if you’ve ever visited such places yourself. Animals are not subject to torture, extreme famine and dehydration like the Jews were in Auschwitz and other concentration camps, and animals are certainly not gassed to death and their bodies piled in mass graves. Animals are treated with respect (as animals, not humans), fed, watered, manure taken away, and when they get killed, the process is so quick that they don’t know what hit them. Their bodies are all used for food, clothing, furniture, and other products we use or live in and rely on in our daily lives. Don’t you know that if you subject a cow or hen to torture or extremely stressful situations they won’t produce milk or eggs, respectively? I suggest you do a tiny bit of research yourself before defending an organization that does anything but helps animals and suggesting to the author that what is known about PeTA is what they (PeTA) want you to believe, not what is truth. PeTA hates and objectifies women (I wonder if those “volunteers” are actually coerced into doing publicly humiliating acts like going half naked in public and shouting and screaming obscenities at people, unless they’re just as braindead and disturbed as Yourofsky is), condones domestic terrorism, and encourages other despicable acts of cruelty to human animals like death threats, rape threats, and for people like Yourofsky to “educate” our youngsters that horrific sexual acts are okay.

      And you think this article is more about shock value and trashing PeTA?

  • KaD

    Every man that says this should be neutered with no anesthetic.

  • KaD

    Why is this misogynistic pervert not in a padded cell? When I wear my fur a carry a Ruger in case I meet up with people as sick as him. If you really love animals and HATE people so much there’s a solution-KILL YOURSELF.

  • Sabrina

    and Gary Yourofsky is absolutely RIGHT……because ignorance deserves a taste of its own medicine

  • Sabrina

    it takes much more energy to raise an animal for it’s fur than it does to produce faux fur for a coat. faux fur does not require the large scale torture and murder of millions of animals in the name of fashion. I’d rather have a faux (petroleum based) fur anything hanging in my closet knowing i didnt contribute to the live skinning of an innocent animal. and Im so glad Daniel Greenfield took the time to break down Gary Yourofsky in his own twisted way….its a win for Gary Yourofsky that you paid him so much attention. You dont have the balls to watch and view the horrors of animal cruelty but you’ll take the time to negatively dissect a guy that is giving his heart and soul to raise awareness about the sick horrific cruelties of the animal industry. Daniel Greenfield you are absolutely a gutless, worthless human being & the farthest thing from being a real man like Gary Yourofsky.

    • Leeroy

      Sabrina, you really need to get yourself looked at.

    • WildRoseBeef

      You should speak! How is Yourofsky a “real man” if he condones the horrific acts of violence towards humans? Any sane, normal, decent man would not wish death and violence on those who do not agree with his lifestyle and dietary choices. Greenfield is just exposing Yourofsky as the kind of monster he really is. And yet you keep blindly swallowing the Kool-Aid of whatever cult you follow that this man and his evil ways is somehow saint-like. Yet Greenfield is the “gutless, worthless human being”?

      You really need to do your research on faux fur. Faux fur does indeed cause large-scale torture and murder of millions of animals because the oil and gas industry strips the land of native habitat for wildlife, displacing and killing many, many animals in the process, just to dig down and get a few barrels of oil. And don’t you know that supporting an industry that is non-renewable and contributes to climate change, like the burning of fossil fuels is far from being environmentally friendly? You’re not saving animals by supporting an industry that doesn’t care about saving and keeping native wildlife habitat intact, and the animals within a place to live.

      Last I checked an animal is not “skinned alive.” That’s just more PeTA kool-aid you’re drinking and obviously not further researching to find out if it’s in fact a lie or truth.

  • KaD

    Courts around the world have CONVICTED animal rights activists and organizations of PAYING people to abuse, torture, and skin animals alive; including PETA which was convicted in a German court:

    • KaD

      For every ‘snuff’ film they release millions of dollars pour in from their gullible minions. So who is REALLY abusing animals?

  • KaD

    PETA was convicted of PAYING people to skin animals alive in a German court. Their shock videos no doubt generate millions in donations from their gullible minions:

  • achicago105

    This article is stupid.

    The guy was clearly making a rhetorical point. He wasn’t advocating rape, he was equating what happens to animals the same immorality as rape.

    I don’t agree with him, but to pretend he was speaking literally is stupid.

  • Ally Benson

    You’re just taking small parts of his lectures and interviews to make him seem like a bad person. He says that he WISHES bad people have bad things happen to them. He’s not a bad person if he wishes something bad happens to bad people. He’s also not with PETA anymore because he thinks that they are stupid, never actually saved any animals and they are responsible for the deaths of many animals. If you idiots would actually take the time to watch his speech, you would see why he is trying to help animals. He compares the holocaust and rape with the meat, dairy and egg industry because they are both AWFUL things.

    • WildRoseBeef

      Really? Have you ever visited a farm before and seen how the animals consider their lives on such farms as anything but awful? Have you actually researched animal ethology and behaviour, or are you basing this pathetic defence on the many videos and articles put out by this “not-for-profit” organization?

  • Janet Noll

    I use to be involved with Peta until they asked me to show up at a restaurant to boycott the eating of lobster and then to break into a lab and take the animals.

  • Alexis Kaiser

    Can we even be surprised anymore by what comes out of these cultists mouths. PETA is on its way out, along with all the other AR groups that are being exposed thanks to social media. Sick. Period

  • jormabs

    Daniel Greenfield has no idea what he’s talking, Gary Yourofsky is not a PETA activist.