Philippines to Begin Funding Al Qaeda Linked Terrorist Group


The peace process between the Philippines government and the Islamist MILF has worked out as excepted. The violence continues but now MILF will be receiving a fortune in funding that will enable it to scale up its attacks and probably funnel the money into more international terrorism.

The Philippines government hasn’t just made a deal with the devil. It’s becoming a sponsor of international terrorism.

A 75 percent share in taxes and earnings from natural resources and metallic minerals in the proposed Bangsamoro entity, and 50 percent from energy and other mineral resources.

These are the terms won by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the wealth-sharing deal it signed with the government late Saturday night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Government chief negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer said the peace panels finally completed the wealth-sharing annex, with the lion’s share of earnings in the Bangsamoro going to the MILF.

How much money are we talking about here?

Ending one of Southeast Asia’s most entrenched conflicts could help bring investors to Mindanao and unlock mineral deposits worth an estimated $312 billion.

So there’s plenty to go around. International Muslim “investors” put money into start up Islamic terror emirates and then reap the dividends after the terror groups achieve some political autonomy.

MILF has links to Al Qaeda and hundreds of its terrorists have trained with Al Qaeda.

The MILFs known linkages and interdependency to terrorist groups such Al Qaeda and Jemaayah Islamiyah plague the peace process at the present time. MILF provides safe haven in their camps in the Southern Philippines in exchange for financial aid, arms, ammunition, and training from Al Qaeda and Jemaayah Islamiyah.

So the Philippines has just turned over territory and massive wealth to Al Qaeda.

  • vince

    It would have been a non-fictitious article if the author got its facts first.

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    I actually thought that MILF stood for something else.

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      porny? LOL

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    Um…”expected” instead of “excepted”?

  • Asean

    What an moronic analysis. This shows how ignorant the writer is about the Philippines….

    • Edward Reyes

      the riter is correct..THE MILF is A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, funded by the malaysian monkeys–it is you who does not know crap about southern philippines–

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        Yeah right with your crappy spelling….Do tell Mr. Einstein…

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    …obviously the author hates MUSLIMS…. what a pity.

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    Knows nothing about South East Asia, The Philippines, Moro people, Mindanao or what the MILF is about.

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    Wow! Author must have hit the nail on the head for all of this spam denial to appear. Funny, those who hate 24/7 accuse every one else of their own flaw.

  • Edward Reyes

    the MILF is abu sayafff ( a terrorist org) — if you still want to dispute that.;. then go back to the BASILAN MASSACRE– and educate yourself about that massacere, and it will show that the abu sayaff,and MILF worked side by side killing and beheading pilipino soildiers and even posted it in youtube— noynoy aquino is just following orders from obama the terrorist negro

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      Here is classic racist commentator with his 1 cent opinion and cannot even spell correctly.

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        @Asean, you call someone else a racist and you go off on a racist rant yourself? Even useing “gay” in a derogatory manner. You are not only ignorant, you are racist aswell.

  • Froi Vincenton

    RP-MILF Wealth-Sharing Deal: Treason By Another Name
    What our current government did is a big insult not only to law-abiding, freedom-loving Filipinos, but also to our fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives just to defend the government and to protect the people of Mindanao. The President did not just desecrate the Constitution and his oath of office; he also betrayed the entire nation, including the victims of Mindanao conflicts.

  • Froi Vincenton

    RP-MILF Wealth-Sharing Deal: Treason By Another Name

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    Dude, shes a MILF! WAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!