Philly Nears Bankruptcy, Decides to Cover Sex Changes for City Workers

Won't someone think of the trannies

Won’t someone think of the trannies

If the United States ever does go down, the last gallon of gas will be used to drive a Planned Parenthood representative to an elementary school, the last loaf of bread will be divided based on race, gender and victimhood status and the last dollar will be spent paying a diversity officer to decide who gets the last slice of the last loaf of bread.

Philadelphia is on the verge of bankruptcy. Its bonds are hovering above junk status, it has nearly 9 billion dollars in debt and it has the lowest credit rating of any city its size.

But its elected officials are focusing on the important issues. The really important issues. Like housing projects for old gay men.

His dream project, an affordable housing complex welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender seniors, had won a competitive bid for an $11 million state tax credit.

For more than three years, the 61-year-old founder and publisher of PGN has been planning, lobbying, negotiating, collaborating, and cajoling every social-service agency, activist group, and political leader he knows to make Philadelphia one of the first cities in the nation to meet the needs of the aging LGBT community.

And mandatory gender neutral toilets reported on in a story titled “Flushing Away Shame.”

Advocates say the transgendered community makes up 1 percent of Philly’s population.

That would mean that there are 153,000 trannies in Philly. While Philly can be on the seedy side, it isn’t that seedy. No place outside Bangkok might qualify.

But that’s about to change because despite being near bankruptcy, Philadelphia’s City Council voted 14-3 to cover gender mutilation surgery for city workers.

In a move that the LGBT community called “historic,” City Council approved a bill yesterday that would require the city’s health plan to pay for transgender city workers to complete “gender-confirmation surgery.” The bill also would require newly constructed or renovated city-owned buildings to have gender-neutral bathrooms.

The bill would establish transgender health benefits for city workers to cover psychotherapy, hormone treatments, laser-hair removal and gender-confirmation surgery, which costs about $50,000 per procedure.

The bill would also provide up to two tax credits – the lesser of $4,000 or 25 percent of any cost increases – to companies that start offering health care for life partners and their children and covering transgender medical needs.

Mayor Nutter will sign off on the measure, said spokesman Mark McDonald.

While the majority of Philly city workers enjoy life too much to get themselves castrated, its pension liabilities are already huge. The city has 9 billion in unfunded liabilities and is expected to hit the wall in 2015.

That’s 2 years away.

While Mayor Nutter is running around trying to convince investors that Philly isn’t run by a bunch of irresponsible morons with less common sense than squirrels on absinthe, its city council, ignoring 9 billion in unfunded pensions, adds a 50,000 per worker sex change operation entitlement and tax credits for companies willing to cover castration for their employees,

This isn’t rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. This is drilling politically correct holes in the hull and inviting any LGBT icebergs to step inside.

  • Horace

    Brought to you by the Democrat Party- Sodomy, Abortion and Socialism, but wait that's not all- The Democrat Party will also throw in free—- genital and breast mutiilation surgery and a shorter life–absolutely free!!!! The Democrat Party is well on the way to bankrupting the entire country.

  • rivkah f.

    I thought today was April 28, not April 1st ! This is too idiotic for words!

    • wolfeatworld

      ► I need time to consider this. Blood is shooting out of my eyes at the moment….

  • AdinaK

    The result of leftist dementia, in conjunction with a POTUS leading Demsters to destroy America's ethos, is more than bearing fruit. As such, cities are imploding and society will be upended, sooner than later. Their hatred of western civilization is on full display, and this insane coverage (despite its imminent bankruptcy) is a bitter manifestation.

    Think the above is hyperventilation? The moral decline of America (and the west in general) tells the story –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • wolfeatworld


      Loved the post; was very impressed with your website, and most of all, your world view, expressed so honestly and beautifully.

      I’m Officially A Fan.


      Sam Page

  • Moa

    Bye bye USA. You were a beacon of light once.

  • ophu

    Just think how much mony could b wasted on paying psychiatrist to try to convince these people that they're something that, deep down inside, they know they're not.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    The decline began in 1976, when the U.N. declared Constitution Hall a "World Heritage" site; despite the best efforts of Sylvester Stallone.("Rocky" was from Philly)Seriously though–turn your Heritage over to a foreign body, and eventually, you'll lose it. America has forgotten what its role in the world is…and the worst is yet to come.

  • bobh

    They can do this because they know that the federal government will bail them out no matter what they do. They will not bear the consequences of their stupidity.

  • chets1girl

    Not to worry. The fed gov't has their speech therapy covered as well. And, I was SO concerned that they wouldn't be able to talk like the other gender they've become. Sarcasm, folks, sheer & outright sarcasm. OMG! How insane is this country becoming? King O must be laughing his a*# off in OUR White House (& by the way, exactly what don't they want tourists seeing there anymore?) because he knows that the "hope and change" he peddled in 2008 was all this stuff: killing small business, shoving unfeasible healthcare down our throats, weakening our borders & military…..George Soros is working his evil dark magic here in OUR nation…..and, the mobs are eating it up; just like they always do. God help America!

  • JohnTor

    Mayor Nutter? That's so rich. Sounds like they're all nutters.

  • RedState_Vet

    Stockton…. Detroit…. and it looks like Philly will be next on the failed blue cities hit parade. Just don't look to me for federal tax dollars to bail these idiots out.

  • kafir4life

    Nobody here will comment on the "other side" of this issue. My story, sad but true…..
    I am a lesbian muslim woman. I am hopelessly trapped in a Jewish man's body. Do you have ANY IDEA what I go thru on a daily basis? I've spoken to a rabbi, and was told that the circumcision was as much as I could take off, and the imam wanted me thrown off the tallest building. Can you imagine what I have to go thru at airports? When I announce that I need another muslima to perform the secondary and cavity search, it brings the TSA to their knees (and not in a good way).

  • PAthena

    No one can change their sex. Every cell in the body has the DNA which determines one's sex. All that so-called "sex-change" operators can do is fancy cosmetic surgery. Wearing clothes of the opposite sex is the most anyone can do. So Philadelphia can save its money.

  • UCSPanther

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting things to change.

    With that criteria, our public officials ARE insane…

  • Federale

    And it is a city council of black people that RINO Republicans think are "natural" conservatives.

  • theccur

    EASY to see why the city is bankrupt, BUT the people, like those in Detroit, apparently LIKE being fleas in an armpit.

  • craig

    Have to disagree with you on this one. LGBT people aren't responsible for Philadelphia's budget deficit or Detroit's either. Why don't you check out those superstuds on Wall Street gutted the US economy by exporting jobs to China or our Republican and Democratic leaders who endorsed NAFTA and left out borders open for years so they could get re-elected.

  • m_astera

    Not the point. The point is when the city is close to banko and with 9 billion in unfunded liabilities, one does not authorize spending more taxpayer money on sex change operations for city taxfeeders.

  • Guest

    Last days of Rome. It fell because it went homo.

  • Matt D

    This shouldn't come as a surprise to any one ! Way too many killings, too many houses burned down, no Manufacturing of any kind and the list goes on and on ! Nutter is a good men but he camre way way too late ! And where have you gone Wilson No Good, the Brown Bomber ????

  • matt

    I'm from Philly and the only people not welcome are right wing republicans. We're nice but we wouldn't tolerate your brand of hate. ew.

  • MaroonVee

    wow, just wow… crazy crazy crazy