Planned Parenthood: “For Twenty Years Bob Filner has Defended Women”

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Planned Parenthood is the last word in women’s rights. And by last word, I mean they reduce women’s rights to abortion and nothing else. And that is how you end up with Bob Filner as the great defender of women.

Women’s right to choose and access to safe birth control are under attack.

For twenty years, Bob Filner has defended women… our right to choice, our right to healthcare, our right to equal pay.

Bob Filner has a 100% voting record on women’s health. He put the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay for Women Act on President Obama’s desk.  Now, it’s the law.

Carl DeMaio is a stealth candidate who refused to answer Planned Parenthood’s questions about women’s access to health care. Carl DeMaio cannot be trusted.

Julie Bornstein, Chair

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest

Insanely enough, their Planned Parenthood branch still hosts Filner’s essay, “Why I am pro-choice.”

Surprisingly enough, Filner was an opponent of abstinence education and a big fan of emergency contraception.

I believe that abstinence-only education is not the answer. That is why I am a co-sponsor of the Prevention First Act, H.R. 819, which provides comprehensive access to medically-accurate sex education and all forms of contraception, including emergency contraception.

Medically-accurate sex education where Filner is concerned would involve pepper spray and a taser.

 We should be making it easier for men and women especially youth to obtain birth control, not harder!

The exclamation point really conveys Filner’s emphasis. Filner apparently also appeared at Planned Parenthood’s Golden Anniversary gala and spoke there.

And here is Filner appearing at a Planned Parenthood rally and getting the PP endorsement.

“And here is the man who is going to be the next mayor of San Diego. (Applause) He is the only 100 percent pro-choice candidate in the race, worked tirelessly to protect Planned Parenthood from vicious ideological attacks in Congress and has spent the last twenty years protecting our rights and the rights of women everywhere.

With all the time that Filner spent protecting women, who was protecting women from Filner?

  • tickletik

    Why in the world would I care about protecting women? After all the damage they have done, all the trust they have abused, all their manipulations of the family court system, the horrific destruction of children at the hands of “heroic” single mothers (most people in jail are the product of single mothers), all the two-faced hypocrisy I have had to put up with in my life, their endless privilege in both school and the workplace, their endless expressions of contempt for men, and most of all their insufferable self-entitled arrogance, why would I lift my littlest finger to help a woman under any circumstances at all?

    At this point their welfare means nothing to me at all. The only women I will show any consideration for are those who as individuals have proven themselves to be my concern. Aside from that, I have no feeling at all for them.

    • tagalog

      What you point out is bad enough, but women have also hijacked the legal system. Notice the recent high-profile trials in which the judges are women, and the outcomes of those trials.

    • Anon Y. Mous

      I have to give you a +1, for the epic nature of that rant if for no other reason.

    • Boots

      I understand your rage brother, but, there are many women I have enormous respect for… the ones who refuse to live on the liberal plantation and understand men and women are different. The intellectual dishonesty of the left is impressive and Filner is just the latest example of what the left will accept to protect the agenda of neutering men, increasing women’s dependence on the government, and destroying the nuclear family.

      • tickletik

        Women are women. If you respect them because they are women and useful as women, cool. But if you “respect” them because you think they can take care of you on any level, then baby you are in for one hell of a ride.

        They aren’t shorter, cuter men with boobs.

    • SAK68

      You are painting with a (no pun intended) broad brush aren’t you? Don’t you mean white women?

    • DDay66


  • pupsncats

    If women ruled the world there would be peace and harmony. That was what the feminists said long ago. Fast forward to the last 20-30 years and see that as more women have been given more power and influence, there isn’t peace or harmony but

  • Christopher Riddle

    Once again El Rushbo is proved RIGHT!ABORTION ON DEMAND(at Any stage in a pregnancy)is their RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CowboyUp

    To be a democrat woman one has to drop their dignity and self respect off at the door. Just keep thinking of all the free stuff those democrat males can get you. Forget they are the poster children of all you claim to obhor.

  • Crazycatkid

    Yikes! Is “Guest” a Muslim? His tirade makes him seem like he could be.
    Collectivizing individuals into groups and then generalizing are hallmarks of uncritical thinking.
    Females human beings are individuals and so vary-greatly. What the Leftists have done through use of promoting female status as equal to minority status and through welfare is truly tragic. Not every individual has the wherewithal to understand that. As families fall apart (men have some culpability here too) women turn to other means to run their lives. Its a leftist paradise (sarcasm, of course).
    But, really we need to judge each person on her-or-his own merits.

  • Clare Spark

    See my comments on teen-age sex here: That Filner is a jerk is not reason to reject contraception. The abstinence strategy defies biological urges and will sink the Republican Party if it doesn’t get real. Is Planned Parenthood a flawed organization? What isn’t?

    • Just saying


      I suppose the KKK is a flawed organization, too. What isn’t?

      Let’s be clear. Planned Parenthood has killed more African American folks than Robert Byrd and his boys ever could have dreamt of.

  • Erudite Mavin

    I was at another recall Filner rally yesterday, his last day to reply to a complaint filled in court days ago. I am one of many who will be out starting Sunday with the Petitions for Recall Filner.
    Besides Republicans, there are Democrats and major Democrats involved.
    Some spoke yesterday.
    Carl DeMaio, a Conservative Republican mentioned above was Filner’s opponent.
    He had a good chance to win but the bogus attacks believed by the low information voters and some Pures who did not vote for him because he is gay gave us Filner.
    Even if you take the harassment of women off the table, Filner has major other issues in the past 10 months that is enough to get him out.
    Unlike other cities, San Diego is not sitting back and letting this go.
    Every major political and organizations have called for him to resign.
    the only holdout, Unions. typical.

  • spyeatte

    He defends women, but expects/demands “favors” in return.

  • Patriot_ll

    This is standard form in California. We like to think that our politicians are not held to any standards. You think this clown just started this stuff. Just wait.

  • DDay66

    “He is the only 100 percent pro-choice candidate in the race, ”

    By 100%,I am guessing this means he is pro late term and partial birth abotions. Geez, is it too late to abort him?

  • Bryan Schmick

    Nice to know that feminist groups are so supportive of a person that considers females nothing more than objects to be used and abused. Of course conservatives have known this since the Clinton days.

  • AbsolutelyRight

    If Ted Bundy was only publicly pro-choice, planned parenthood would have defended him and his record on women.