Please Stop Feeding Alan Grayson’s Nazi Trolling

Trolls... this is what they look like

Trolls… this is what they look like

Alan Grayson has one skill in life. Comparing people to Nazis. If Alan Grayson were forced to write a sentence in which he didn’t have to compare anyone to a Nazi, the Confederacy or Genghis Khan, his hands would seize up, his eyes would roll back into his head and he would pass out.

Grayson has nothing to say. The limit of his contribution is comparing something to Nazi Germany. Then someone gets outraged by his idiocy and he gets to do it again.

There’s an easy way to defeat him. It’s the same way you defeat any troll. Stop paying attention to him.

It’s not as if Alan Grayson is going to make a compelling argument when you aren’t paying attention. It’s just not going to happen. All he’s going to do is keep chanting “NAZI NAZI CONFEDERACY TEA PARTY REICH WING SARAH PALIN NAZI NAZI” because he has half the brain cells of a YouTube commenter and twice as much exposure.

Alan Grayson is the embodiment of Godwin’s Law. So much so that it should probably be renamed Grayson’s Law. He sent out a dumb fundraising pitch that would have been ignored if not for the outrage. It would have been better if Grayson had been ignored and if he had been forced to spend his time accusing random pigeons of being Nazis.

Grayson gets his power from being noticed. Then he can pretend to be controversial, when he’s really a one-note troll. Stop paying attention to him and he becomes just another obscure member of Congress.

  • tagfu222

    NAZI = National Socialism = Progressive Agenda = Demcrats

  • Beth

    “his hands would seize up, his eyes would roll back into his head and he would pass out.”
    I busted out laughing when I read that. (good one)
    I wish everyone would do the same with the alphabet media. Without us – they wouldn’t exist. (I quit paying attention to them in 1989 – blocked them permanently from my television. My kids grew up without their influence).

    • Harald Eigerson

      I learned that lesson back in the 80s when Noriega surrounded the Hotel Marriott with the PDF guardia, rousted them out, gave them the rubber hose treatment on camera and arrested a bunch of them. The next day one of these yahoos gets on TV and says “…on the whole we were treated rather well…” and I’m thinking yeah you were treated rather well on the hole. I’ve looked at the media with skepticism ever since that day.

      I was stationed down there on Fort Clayton at the time and had visited that hotel. Those news guys really seemed to love the place. It was a nice place in an upscale area of Panama city. I could definitely see why they would congregate there instead of the Ancon Inn or the bar Ovalo in the much rougher calle jote neighborhood.

  • Andy_Lewis

    Grayson roolz. That is all.

  • Drakken

    The Romans did have the right idea where this traitor is concerned.

    • Andy_Lewis

      So much for free speech, I guess. You don’t even pretend to be a good American, do you?

  • DogmaelJones1

    “There’s an easy way to defeat him. It’s the same way you defeat any troll. Stop paying attention to him.” I can vouch for that tactic. I learned the hard way that engaging a troll on my own website (Rule of Reason) only prolonged the agony of trying to counter every little picayune objection a troll would raise. But once I ignored a troll, he eventually sought greener trolling pastures and he never returned.

    • winstonS

      This doesn’t take into account this is Leftist agitprop….Grayson does his thing and it’s picked up by the media….the only cure is for the GOP to get a couple of Grayson’s playing for their team.

  • Anamah

    A flat monotone, monotony, unilateral, a frustrated troll, a flop, a failure….a negative vacuum, a minus sign, an irrelevant …

    Let him die by his own embarrassment … slooooooowly…

  • Jsjk

    Hmmm….never heard of him (except for some brief headline which I skimmed across). But he’s a member of Congress?? I didn’t realize the Democrats had sunk so low — a party of utter nit-wits. What a disgrace…

  • winstonS

    So where is the GOP’s Grayson screaming the DEMS were the party of Slavery and the KKK and Obama hates whites and wants to wreck America’s economy?
    Don’t hold your breathe,…the GOP is made up of wimps who were bullied as kids.

  • Lanna

    Grayson is way over the top….he even looks like hes demonic, and his rants show he is not for peace or a stable government.

  • mark

    you shouldn’t ignore him because this nonsense is believed in various degrees by many uninformed people. I have very intelligent educated relatives that think the GOP is a racist organization. When you have the likes of Chris Mathews finding racism in any statement a republican makes you can’t just ignore it!