Possible Hijacking Attempt on Flight from Pakistan to UK


Reports are still sketchy, but this is some of what we know so far. Two men attempted to rush the cockpit of a plane traveling from Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

Passenger Nauman Rizvi told Pakistan’s GEO TV that two men who had tried to move toward the cockpit during the flight were handcuffed and arrested once the plane landed. Rizvi said that after the men were taken away, the flight crew told passengers there had been a terrorist threat and that the pilot had raised an alarm.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of endangering an aircraft Friday after a U.K. fighter jet was scrambled to divert their plane as it traveled from Pakistan to Britain, officials said.

A British security official said the situation involving the Pakistan International Airlines flight, which carried more than 300 people, did not appear to be terror-related, but that police were still investigating.

Since Pakistan is a Muslim country, I’m sure that this couldn’t have possibly been an act of terror, because we know Muslims don’t do that.

Mashhood Tajwar, a spokesman for PIA, said the incident followed a call to air traffic control. He said that about 20 to 30 minutes before landing, information received by air traffic control in Manchester had indicated there might have been “some security threat”.

A spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines said the two men had threatened to blow the plane up, then said they were joking.

Someone call Albert Brooks and tell him that he doesn’t have to go looking for comedy in the Muslim world anymore. It’s been found.

  • onecornpone

    Would the Brits wake up if the Islamist jihadis crashed an airliner into 10 Downing St?

    This official state of denial could get ugly…

    I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, Keep Calm and Carry On

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, Keep Calm and Carry On"

      One should keep calm and carry on after justice is served, and no sooner.

  • Greyweasel

    Yeah that picture is irrelevant to this story, that's from the hijack attempt over Schiphol airport in the Netherlands from last year. Last August to be exact.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Yeah that picture is irrelevant to this story"

      Not irrelevant if it illustrates what happened in this story.

    • Mary Sue

      oh yes because it HAS to be the EXACT photograph of the EXACT thing happening in order to picture it! [/sarcasm]

      Seriously, grow a brain cell.

  • Mickey

    Pigskin seats for airlines

  • RUI

    They just invented Blow-up comedy.

  • guest

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