President of the Islamic Forum of Canada Explains How Gays Benefit from Being Stoned to Death

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Islamophobes think that Muslims stone people to death just for kicks. Perish the thought. (Also perish whoever the stones are being thrown at.) The stoning is a kind of therapy. Except with big rocks. And it’s meant to help the one being stoned.

Adulterers and homosexuals can benefit from being stoned to death: Canadian Muslim Cleric

Brampton Sheikh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak justifies the Islamic law of stoning, explaining that a Muslim who is sentenced to death by stoning actually benefit from this capital punishment as his soul is being purified by this act.

Sheikh Muhammad Saalih al-Uthaymeen, prominent Sunni Muslim Islamic scholars of the latter half of the twentieth century, ruled that the Islamic law of the stoning the adulterers and homosexuals (both partners to the sexual act) it highly essential for cleansing the Muslim society from evil.

Shiekh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak, well known Imam in Brampton, Ontario, who also serves as President of the Islamic Forum of Canada and Vice-President of the Islamic Council of Imams of Canada, justifies the stoning of sinners to death.

“Even in Islamic Sharia [Law] the act of stoning is also done to reject certain evil actions, evil deeds. If someone commits certain crimes in Islam, and he is found guilty by an Islamic court, one of the punishments is stoning to death, signifying our rejection of evil actions as well.”

“But for the believer there is an important benefit.”

What is this amazing benefit, aside from the accompanying weight loss and amateur plastic surgery?

“And finally the Prophet ordered that he will be stoned to death. And this was done, and the Prophet, peace be upon him, ordered that he will be prepared for [an Islamic] funeral and the Prophet himself prayed [in] his funeral. He told his companions: ‘he is in heaven, he is purified, he is purified’. So, this act of stoning now [meaning as is learnt from this story] is also purification for the believer.

So apparently stoning gay men to death purifies them for those 72 virgins. Isn’t Islam so incredibly considerate?

  • Biff Henderson

    What wonderful news! Mujahidin can trade-in their AK-47 for a jar of vaseline and guarantee themselves a place in the Garden. In His merciful and compassionate wisdom Allah grants the sodomite a divan alongside the shahid.

    • defcon 4

      Bob Dylan giving the thumbs up on the soundtrack? Why not Yusuf Islam (aka. Cat Stevens)?

      • Biff Henderson

        Bob Dylan – “Everybody Must Get Stoned”

        Artist: Bob Dylan

        Well, they’ll stone ya when you’re trying to be so good
        They’ll stone ya just a-like they said they would
        They’ll stone ya when you’re tryin’ to go home
        Then they’ll stone ya when you’re there all alone

        But I would not feel so all alone
        Everybody must get stoned

        Well, they’ll stone ya when you’re walkin’ ‘long the street
        They’ll stone ya when you’re tryin’ to keep your seat
        They’ll stone ya when you’re walkin’ on the floor
        They’ll stone ya when you’re walkin’ to the door

        But I would not feel so all alone
        Everybody must get stoned

        They’ll stone ya when you’re at the breakfast table
        They’ll stone ya when you are young and able
        They’ll stone ya when you’re tryin’ to make a buck
        They’ll stone ya and then they’ll say, “Good luck”

        Tell ya what, I would not feel so all alone
        Everybody must get stoned

        Well, they’ll stone you and say that it’s the end
        Then they’ll stone you and then they’ll come back again
        They’ll stone you when you’re riding in your car
        They’ll stone you when you’re playing your guitar

        Yes, but I would not feel so all alone
        Everybody must get stoned

        Well, they’ll stone you when you walk all alone
        They’ll stone you when you are walking home
        They’ll stone you and then say you are brave
        They’ll stone you when you are set down in your grave

        But I would not feel so all alone
        Everybody must get stoned

  • cathy

    Why do followers of Islam get a pass to openly proclaim aspects of their faith but Christians are forced into a silence to avoid a backlash from the PC.

    Both articles are a must read in their entirety. IMO


    Nation of Islam can open a restaurant in Chicago, but not Chick-fil-A?
    Thursday, July 26, 2012

    Todd’s American Dispatch: Feds forced churches to get baptism permits
    By Todd Starnes
    August 30, 2013


    • mtattoo

      Very simple answer to your question Islam is defended by Politically Correct and Left wing politics

      • Maestro

        and that Christianity is kind of stupid. really? God has a son? hahahaha.

  • JacksonPearson

    “President of the Islamic Forum of Canada Explains How Gays Benefit from Being Stoned to Death”

    Bahahahahhaaa…I’m sure he can lead by example.

  • georgejochnowitz

    If you have faith, then you can believe stoning is good for the victim. You can also believe that setting off bombs at the Boston Marathon will help achieve independence for Chechnya. You can believe that shooting people at Fort Hood or flying into buildings on September 11th accomplished something for your cause.
    Hitler, who had faith in the doctrine he himself invented, believed that he could help Germany win the war by killing or driving out Jewish scientists.

  • Jsjk

    The notion that no one should be subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment” was first enunciated in the English Bill of Rights in 1689 (also adopted by Americans in the US Constitution, Amendment Eight). That’s 1689. Yet here we have Islamists advocating for that very thing — the infliction of cruel and unusual punishment. Also note the obscenity of this organization’s slogan “Caring for Humanity, One Soul at a Time.” What an outrageous joke.

  • motherofbeaver

    Seventy-two male virgins, right? Or is the stoning a form of conversion therapy? I think it was Bob Grant who used to say “we’re sick, and getting sicker folks.”

    • Biff Henderson

      Two guaranteed paths to Paradise with pleasure units for every persuasion. Femme-bots for Allah’s Shahid and boys for Allah’s Purified Rump Rangers.

      Koran 52:24
      Round about them will serve, to them, boys (handsome) as pearls well-guarded.

      Koran 56:17
      Round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness.

      Koran 52.24
      And there shall wait on them [the Muslim men] young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls.

      Koran 76.19

      They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders.

      The houris aren’t all there cracked up to be.

      A houri is a most beautiful young woman with a transparent body. The marrow of her bones is visible like the interior lines of pearls and rubies. She looks like red wine in a white glass…
      TIRMZI, volume two (p 35-40):

      Islam’s virtuous femme-bots, a science kit of the transparent human anatomy body model with internal organs to eyeball (now that’s sexy).

  • Toni_Pereira

    The future of the West: A huge Caliphate were every Gay couple has the right to a wedding cake and a couple of stones on their heads…

    • Bryan Schmick

      Washington state is leading the way. Here, a homosexual couple can be legally married and legally stoned (with marijuana).

  • defcon 4

    But if you’re a pederast from Iran or Afghanistan, you’re not a homosexual.

  • Shmalkandik

    The issue is not whether, like the Halachah (traditional Jewish law), the execution is a penanace for the criminal. Rather, what inference are the True Belivers in free societies going to make from this? Traditional Jews do not execute their fellow Jews in Israel for violating the Sabbath laws, even though the Halachah prescribes death for such actions. But, in the Muslim world, violaters of the Sharia ritual laws are frequently executed. What the Muslim tyranophile in this case desires is that Sharia be valid law so that he and his can kill homsexualist at will. It is this last premise – that what is prosribed in a religious ritual law – allows believers to impose a death penalty in a free and open secular soiety.


    This is interesting on several levels. Apparently, Islam has had from its early days a method of obscuring its unjust and barbaric punishments: pretend that “it’s for your own good”, which in civilized lands is said about no punishment more severe than a spanking. It also shows why Islam is so dangerous – it provides a moral or spiritual justification for its totalitarian rule.

  • DVult

    Why in a million years did we let this trash into Canada and how do we get rid of him?

  • Juni Aiko

    President of the Islamic Forum of Canada prescribes “Stonning” as a form of Therapy..

    **(( .. Marijuana advocates agrees! ))**

  • kyleyoder

    What’s weird is the number of left-leaning gays, especially lesbians, who support such radical idiots.

  • Maestro

    Muslims are taking over. And they seem to keep on winning no matter what we do. You think us white folk should go back to Ireland or Scotland? or maybe Saskatchewan?

  • In Defense Of Shaykh Faisal

    Shaykh Faisal never said that homosexuals or gays should be stoned to death. This is willful misrepresentation of what was said in the video.

    Simon Kent of the Toronto Sun wrote a similar article and the Sun has apologized to Shaykh Faisal on Nov 16, 2013. The Toronto Sun recognized that Shaykh Faisal NEVER said in his sermon that homosexuals or adulterers should be stoned. Read the full apology at

    Shaykh Faisal believes the apology is inadequate and intends to pursue a claim for damages.

    This article should be taken down because it is defamatory and misleading.

  • Nizam Bhatti

    ive read some of these Islamaphobic comments and I must say, just because you dislike somebody’s opinion does not mean you should tell them to leave this country. We all have freedom of religion and speech.

  • Night Hawk

    Never saw a magazine that twists the flow like the media does until now. To begin with, the act of homosexuality in islam is punished by death. However, my friends in russia just stab gays in the streets and get it done with.. Anyways,

    I don’t think that anyone has the right to judge an entire religion no matter what the actions are. Keep in mind that religions and their regulations were on earth way before any current country. Till now these rules and regulations maintained the human race and helped us reach our diverse population. If you notice, due to homosexuality, the U.S and many other countries are at risk of losing their heritage and native people over the next 50 years, and guess to who? To muslims of course, muslims birth rate is above average, which means they can take over a country just by living in it within the next 30 years. Where on the other hand, atheists (homos in general) are affecting the reproduction rate of americans real bad. It is actually below average which will lead to the end of it of course. there is an entire documentary regarding this topic on youtube, check it out.

    Religious or not, many people still believe that homosexuality is wrong, i didnt want to come across with a self centred opinion so enjoy these scientific facts:

    1-Studies indicate that the average male homosexual has hundreds of sex partners in his lifetime.
    2-The CDC reports that homosexuals comprise the single largest exposure category of the more than 600,000 males with AIDS in the United States
    3-Homosexuals are at increased risk for this rare type of cancer, which is potentially fatal if the anal-rectal tumors metastasize to other bodily organs.

    And have a good one folks.

  • Tameron

    My Canadian gay friend sent me this and I am flabbergasted. I now believe that we must purge the West of these people, and I am a Liberal, who is now, no longer naive about Muslims in North America.