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Protesters Respond to Zimmerman Verdict with Dignity, Restraint, Window Smashing and Flag Burning

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 14, 2013 @ 1:13 pm In The Point | 15 Comments

Protesters march in Oakland vandalize after George Zimmerman trial not guilty verdict [1]

But then again it’s Oakland. And what better way to express your feelings over a verdict thousands of miles away than to drive away the few businesses [2] still choosing to do business in your community.

Protesters angered by the acquittal of George Zimmerman held largely peaceful demonstrations in three California cities, but broke windows and started small street fires in Oakland, police said

Ah some of that mostly peaceful arson and window-breaking. Much like Islam is mostly peaceful aside from all the bombings and beheadings.

aptopix-neighborhood-watch-california-protests [3]

The Oakland police dispatch office said about 100 people protested, with some in the crowd breaking windows on businesses and starting small fires in the streets. As the protest wound down with the crowd dispersing, the office said that as of 2 a.m. PDT it had no word of any arrests.

Trashing local businesses has practically become a victimless crime in Oakland once Occupy Oakland got started. Occupy the Rubble! Occupy the Rubble!

neighborhood-watch-california-protests [4]

The Oakland Tribune said some windows on the newspaper’s downtown offices were broken, and footage from a television helicopter show people attempting to start fires in the street and spray painting anti-police graffiti.

Protesters also reportedly burned an American and a California state flag and spray painted Alameda County’s Davidson courthouse.

Quick. No one question their patriotism [5].

Occupy Oakland organized the gathering over Twitter at 10 p.m., encouraging protesters to wear hoodies, as Trayvon Martin did when he was shot to death by Zimmerman.

Some protesters held a banner declaring: “We Are All Trayvon Martin.” Others spray-painted anti-police graffiti throughout Frank Ogawa Plaza, while a small contingent of officers looked on from afar.

These guys aren’t exactly making the case for Trayvon Martin that they think they are.

Protesters march in Oakland vandalize after George Zimmerman trial not guilty verdict [6]

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