Qatar Smuggles Weapons to Al Qaeda, Obama Turns a Blind Eye


Consider this yet another one of the New York Times articles which document briefly how Qatar is arming Al Qaeda and other Islamists while Obama Inc. turns a blind eye.

The entire affair carries with it the stench of plausible deniability. That was true in Libya, where the Times documented that US personnel were told to turn a blind eye to Qatari smuggling ops. And it’s the same thing now.

The Times tries to claim that Obama has no control over Qatar and needs Qatar. But is that really the truth or is he aligned with the masters of Al Jazeera and using that supposed lack of control as an excuse to let them do what he wants them to do anyway?

Qatar, the tiny, oil- and gas-rich emirate that has made itself the indispensable nation to rebel forces battling calcified Arab governments and that has been shipping arms to the Syrian rebels fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad since 2011.

Since the beginning of the year, according to four American and Middle Eastern officials with knowledge of intelligence reports on the weapons, Qatar has used a shadowy arms network to move at least two shipments of shoulder-fired missiles, one of them a batch of Chinese-made FN-6s, to Syrian rebels who have used them against Mr. Assad’s air force.

The Times gently understates what Qatar is actually doing and where those weapons are going. Until we reach this formal “warning” from Obama.

Mr. Obama, during a private meeting in Washington in April, warned Sheik Hamad about the dangers of arming Islamic radicals in Syria, though American officials for the most part have been wary of applying too much pressure on the Qatari government. “Syria is their backyard, and they have their own interests they are pursing,” said one administration official.

Obama backs the FSA, so we’re not talking FSA here. We’re talking hard core Islamists. Harder even than the FSA’s brigades. But parse this phrasing, “American officials for the most part have been wary of applying too much pressure on the Qatari government. “Syria is their backyard, and they have their own interests they are pursing,” said one administration official.”

Syria isn’t really Qatar’s backyard. And Iran and a dozen other countries are also pursuing their own interests in Syria. What makes Qatar special.

What makes Obama Inc. so afraid of applying pressure beyond a minor formal warning?

The United States has little leverage over Qatar on the Syria issue because it needs the Qataris’ help on other fronts. Qatar is poised to host peace talks between American and Afghan officials and the Taliban, who have set up a political office in Doha, the Qatari capital.

Really? We’re turning a blind eye to Qatar arming terrorists because we need their help appeasing the Taliban? If you want the absurdity of Obama’s appeasement policies in one snapshot, there it is.

“They punch immensely above their weight,” one senior Western diplomat said of the Qataris. “They keep everyone off balance by not being in anyone’s pocket.”

“Their influence comes partly from being unpredictable,” the diplomat added.

Let’s reword that.

Qatar is entirely predictable. Qatar supports Islamists terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood on up. Its pet propaganda network, Al Jazeera, gave Bin Laden a forum. It helped push the Arab Spring. It supports Hamas.

Qatar isn’t in anyone’s pocket, but plenty of American diplomats are in Qatar’s pocket.

In Mr. Obama’s meeting with Sheik Hamad at the White House on April 23, American officials said, he had warned that the weapons were making their way to radical groups like Jabhet al-Nusra, also known as the Nusra Front, a Qaeda-affiliated group that the United States has designated as a terrorist organization.

Plausible deniability established. Proceed on course.


  • Spikey1

    I wrote some about this in 2011 and 2012, here are a few snippets:

    • “Obama speaking on April 14th 2011 with the Emir of Qatar (Sheik Hamad) present at the White House: “Well, I want to welcome the Emir of Qatar, and we have just completed a very useful conversation. I expressed to him my appreciation of the leadership that the Emir has shown when it comes to democracy in the Middle East… In addition to our efforts in Libya, we have a strong relationship between our two countries. It is an economic relationship. It is a military relationship. It is a cultural relationship. And obviously, Qatar has done very well under His Highness’s leadership, but his influence extends beyond his borders. And so we’ve had discussions about how we can continue to promote democracy, human rights, increased freedom and reform throughout the Middle East.””

    • “The New Your Times stated on October 15th: “the arms shipped to (Saudi Arabia and Qatar) are going to hard-line Islamic jihadists, and not the more secular opposition groups that the West wants to bolster.””

    • “Marc Turini: Arms dealer and resident of Arizona and Abu Dhabi
    Early March 2011; applied to the State Department to be an Arms merchant to the rebel groups in Libya.
    Late March 2011; application rejected.
    April (sometime) 2011; applied to the State Department to be an arms merchant to the country of Qatar, providing $200 million worth of weapons.
    May 2011; application approved
    Interview; what “the U.S. government and Qatar allowed (with the weapons) from there was between them.”
    July 2011; Marc Turini’s house was raided by the Department of Homeland Security.
    Interview; The government of Qatar “just handed them (the weapons) out like candy.” along with hinting that the Obama administration thought that he (Turini) was getting in their way.”

    Note: Our meddling around in the middle east needs to stop ASAP.