Red Crescent to Make Medicines Out of “Halal Muslim Blood”


So does this mean that the Red Crescent won’t accept blood donations from infidels next time there’s an earthquake in Turkey?

A recent Turkish Red Crescent initiate is set to be turned into a factory-supported production process, making medicine out of Turkish people’s blood in order to rule out any risk of non-Islamic dietary impact, according to the organization’s head, Ahmet Lütfi Akar.

Akar told daily Hurriyet that the move could both eliminate dependence on drugs imports, as well as providing Muslim Turks with assurances that their medicine complies with their religious codes.

“For instance, if we are buying medicine from Britain, it is made out of the blood and plasma of the blood of the people of that country. We have different dietary habits from those countries. Being a Muslim nation, we do not eat pork. We don’t eat some of problematic foods, but these exist in the medicine that we import,” he said.

Well this is certainly progressive, but why not take it one step further? Think of all the particles of air expelled from infidel mouths filled with all sorts of non-Halal particulate matter.

And those particles can then drift into Muslim mouths. Something must be done about that.

Akar said treatment through one’s own national production would be healthier. “We will eliminate imports, and create an opportunity to export to Islamic countries. There will be no change in the regulation of receiving blood donations; no one will be asked whether or not they eat pork. 95 percent of Turkish people already don’t eat port anyway,” he told daily Hurriyet.

Sure, sure. And then pretty soon they will be asked. And then blood donations won’t be taken from Alevis because they’re heretics anyway.

Turkish Medical Association head Özdemir Aktan, however, ruled out any chance of his association offering scientific facts to support the Red Crescent’s point.

“There is no scientific fact that says national blood is more helpful. Being a doctor, how can I possibly say that one blood is halal, and the other isn’t? We are just watching events unfold in complete shock,” Aktan said.

Either he’ll learn to say it Erdogan will lock him up and charge him with being part of the vast Deep State conspiracy.

  • Profit

    This is more proof that Mohammedans have a deep disdain for the West and anyone with different beliefs. Islam allows evil to do evil and forbids the good from all its joys.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    When we hear about the “Muslim contribution to medicine,” they’re actually talking about halal. So…there’s your religion of science. And don’t forget the peace.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Well this is certainly progressive, but why not take it one step further? Think of all the particles of air expelled from infidel mouths filled with all sorts of non-Halal particulate matter.”

    That’s one of the reasons I’m trying to get them their own planet. We’ll keep earth for the infidels, thank you.

    • marla1

      What about muslim male animals raping females , their bodies are not halal !!!! What if a little girl bleeds since the younger the better, not halal. If a woman just has had her period and the muslim animal rapes her! We have to get that out for all the muslin slime to see!! And kissing an infidel she is breathing infidel air in the muslim slime!!

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Actually a lot of the Muslim worldview falls apart when we consider microbiology or virtually any discovery made after the 7th century.

        Blood they can see. The prophet raped infidels so that’s halal. That’s the extent of their logic on that matter.

        If only logic could used against them, we’d have eliminated most of the problems already.