Republican Congressional Leaders Investigate 201 Salaried IRS Union Reps


Could the IRS survive an audit of the way it does business?

Republican congressional leaders are demanding to know why the Internal Revenue Service pays hundreds of full-time employees to do union work.

As reported last month by The Daily Caller, 201 IRS employees receive full-time pay while doing no actual work, instead devoting their entire work days to union business

These workers collect taxpayer salaries to serve full-time as exclusive representatives of a union in dealing with the Department of Treasury, according to information the IRS provided to Americans for Limited Government.

More than 200 IRS employees spend 100 percent of their work time doing union work, according to IRS documents cited in the letter.

“Known as ‘official time,’ in this arrangement (permitted under Title V of the U.S. Code, section 7131, enacted under the 1978 Civil Service Reform Act) federal employees are paid to perform union duties instead of the jobs they were actually hired to do.

Just how many community organizers are there working for the government anyway?

  • ziggy zoggy

    “Title V of the U.S. Code, section 7131.”
    As usual, Congress and its endless legislation is to blame.

  • Spikey1

    1978 Civil Service Reform Act

    Signed into law on; Oct 13 1978.
    Signed by… (wait for it, wait for it…) Jimmy Carter.
    His Quotes:
    “History will regard the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 as one of the most important laws enacted by this Congress”

    “This legislation will bring fundamental improvements to the Federal personnel system.”

    “I would particularly like to acknowledge the efforts of … Tom Donahue of the AFL-CIO”


    “Our aim is to build a new system of excellence and accountability.”

    What a joke…. We will forever pay for this pos of a president.

    • glpage

      I really like the part about “excellence and accountability”. What an eff’ing joke. That act has made achieving that goal impossible.

  • tanstaafl

    And guess who would be in charge of ObamaCare?

  • glpage

    Maybe it’s just my weird way of thinking but unions in public service jobs seems to be counterproductive.