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Reset Button II: Kerry Can’t Get Russia to Return His Phone Calls as North Korea Tests Nuke

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 14, 2013 @ 10:15 pm In The Point | 14 Comments


Soft power. It’s well… soft. Really, really soft.

But there’s an answer. Kerry needs to make up a new Reset Button and take that along to Moscow and reset relations since the time that Hillary Clinton reset relations. And the Russians will have a good laugh [2].

Following Monday night’s nuclear test in North Korea, newly installed secretary of state John Kerry placed calls to get in touch with his counterparts from the key regional powers. That night, according to the State Department, he spoke with the foreign ministers of South Korea, China, and Japan. But one key player didn’t deign to get back to JFK: Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov.

On Wednesday, one reporter suggested that it seems Kerry has been “frantically trying to call Foreign Minister Lavrov,” but State’s press secretary retorted, “There’s been nothing frantic about it. He reached out to Foreign Minister Lavrov yesterday [and] made it clear that he’s ready to talk whenever Foreign Minister Lavrov has the time.”

And that’s how you know you’re a world power. When another country calls you and offers to talk whenever you have the time.

To be fair, Kerry’s voice is annoying and he has nothing to say that the Russians actually care about. Obama is weak. His foreign policy is a joke. And the Russians hardly took Bush seriously. They think of Obama as highly as they do Kerry.

A phone call from Kerry means having to nod along while he talks about getting North Korea to the negotiating table and trying not to laugh at the realization that the greatest power in the world is run by complete idiots with no understanding of how the world works.

One reporter pointed out to press Secretary Victoria Nuland on Tuesday, after it was revealed that Kerry hadn’t spoken to Lavrov, that it’s “funny how Foreign Minister Lavrov always seems to be traveling and unavailable when the secretary of state of the United States wants to make an urgent phone call to him.” Nuland explained that “our understanding is he’s traveling in Africa.”

And apparently they have no phones in Africa. But that’s soft power. When Africa takes precedence over America.

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