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Roger Waters Supports Cultural Boycott of Israel, Opposes Cultural Boycott of Himself

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 10, 2013 @ 12:08 pm In The Point | 19 Comments


Another brickhead in the wall

Roger Waters is just this guy you know. He supports boycotting Israeli musicians and urges American musicians not to perform in Israel. But he is shocked, saddened, grieved and aggrieved that a Jewish center would then boycott him… because dialogue is important when he’s the one doing the speaking.

Waters, who believes that Israel is an apartheid state forged by the Zionist Devil in the flames of hell, was due to appear at the 92nd Street Y, which is a great place full of events about how Israel sucks, but then there was blowback and backlash and the boycotter got boycotted [2].

On his site, which appears to have been frozen in time back when MySpace was popular, Roger Waters responded with a hurt note bemoaning Jewish “sectarian prejudice” for scuttling his appearance.

“In these troubled times, opportunities for serious, measured discourse are too precious,” Waters writes with a hilarious lack of self-awareness, considering that his response to Israel has been to try and shut down all forms of cultural discourse, right down to a philharmonic performance.

And besides Roger Waters was willing to talk about so many other things. And he wants the 92nd Street Y to remember that he is not a one trick pony. He can do more than discuss how the Jews are really Reptilian space aliens or how all the gold in the world is hidden under Netanyahu’s basement floor. There’s so much more to him.

I have other interests, we could have talked about how Pink Floyd got its name, or whether David and I will ever get back together (sorry, irony) or suicide rates among returning veterans or Las Madres de Malvinas, or the missing in Mexico, or the concept of Us and Them.

40 years later, the number of people interested in stories from faded rock stars about their bitter issues and glory days is remarkably small.

And the number of 92nd Y’ers interested in hearing about a faded rock star discuss his political hobbies in other parts of the world are also fairly low.

But it’s nice to see Waters is backing Argentina’s nationalistic quest to seize a bunch of land that other people live on because he hates the UK that much.

Maybe he should boycott it too. Or boycott himself.

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