Ron Paul on Murder of Hero Navy SEAL: “He Who Lives By The Sword Dies By The Sword”

This comes from Ron Paul’s official account, though I’m sure if he ever runs for office again, his supporters will claim that it was really posted by some mysterious figure who cannot be named.

Chris Kyle was a decorated war hero who was murdered while trying to help veterans. Ron Paul’s contempt for him shows just how extreme and twisted the Paultard movement has become.

The Paleocon far-right has melded with left-wing anarchists and absorbed their hatred for America and the military. It is not merely critical of the legal authorization for war, it is actively hostile to the American soldiers fighting it. Ron Paul has become John Kerry with the Taliban as the new Viet Cong.

Now that Ron Paul is no longer running for office, he feels free to vent this kind of ugliness without worrying about the political consequences. He’s free to be the ugly person he was in his newsletters.

For once the usual social media mob that follows Ron Paul around praising everything he says seems to have gone on vacation. Instead he’s dealing with serious blowback on Twitter.

  • Joel S Henderson

    Wow, are people THAT intellectually bereft that they cannot process a statement regarding cause and effect without hating the person who makes the observation??

    Blowback is a REAL thing, whether or not your childish minds can process it…

    • kevinh

      And Dr. Paul apparently knows the Bible well enough to find a verse or two to blame someone for their own misfortune. Good for him. He can stand over there with the Westboro crowd and cheer to his heart's content. In a free country, at least. While it lasts.

      Pride and ignorance is also real.

  • Horace Y.

    Pathetic smear attempt after an observation made by Ron Paul that simply states that people who kill tend to be killed.

  • Rusty H.

    This is not at all surprising. Ron Paul is a contemptible human being, this just his way of reminding us.

  • Joel S Henderson

    Horace Y – good point; this reminds me of how the craven types came out against RP by saying he BLAMED America for being attacked on 9/11…what a stinking pile of crap – people need to do some research on the concept of blowback then put on their grownup pants and realize that observing cause and effect does NOT mean you are blaming the victim…sheesh

  • surfcitysocal

    In the debates, he came off as a crazy old guy. I get the libertarian thing, but I couldn't understand why people are enamored with him. Some of his answers made me think his next stop was the looney bin (I'm sure someone will chastise me for being insensitive in using of that term). Should he extricate himself from the hole he dug with this one, and once again rear his head to run for president, I hope this is brought up. I'd love to hear his rambling, incoherent explanation.


      Ron Paul came off as a crazy old guy because that's what he is – a nut. But he's sort of the Obama of the Libertarian movement, and an alarming number of people projected their hopes and aspiration onto him, thus his supporters tended to intensely passionate and completely wrongheaded at the same time. You can see some of that in these comments.

  • JacksonPearson

    Ron Paul may have some good points, than there's this. {{{sigh}}}.

    People like Chris Kyle should never be vilified by anyone for being a dedicated, and skilled military person, that took his job performance up to a high level. Kyle was an American hero that was killed by a sick person, that he and his friend were attempting to help.

  • Joel S Henderson

    Surfcitysocal – he didn't come off as a crazy old guy to me and thousands of others; maybe the depth of what he was speaking of went over your head?

    I wouldn't claim that he's a great orator, but personally I'm a bit tired of politicians who are great public speakers but have no integrity…

    Which particular answers made you question his sanity?

    Also, do you understand the concept of blowback as well as the idea that someone can observe and report upon the natural phenomenon of cause and effect without blaming those affected?

    • Ar'nun

      Karma doesn't fit here. While half of the story is that he was an incredible sniper, he also dedicated a lot of his time doing a lot of good.

      And your Karma theory does little to explain the second victim, Chad Littlefield.

  • Joel S Henderson

    Jackson Pearson – I agree that Kyle should not be vilified…I also don't get any sense of vilification from RP's tweet but more of an observation of the laws of cause and effect (something which RP has been sort of famous for over the course of his political career).

    Granted, Dr. Paul probably could have softened his commentary but prefacing them with condolences, etc (though I'm not sure if he did this in a separate tweet, etc) however, the act of reporting on cause and effect (or, what is considered to be a form of cause and effect/karma, etc to many folks) does NOT mean that a person is vilifying the victim…

    The same goes for a person who understands the blowback inherent in quite a lot of American foreign policy; just because you recognize the feedback loop of 'invade/fight terro-insurgency/invade/ad nauseum does NOT mean you are 'blaming America'

    Just my $.02 – my heart goes out to Chris Kyle's family, but then again my heart goes out to the whole world, generally speaking…

    • kevinh

      Cause and effect? Like what is that, some newly discovered form of energy? Gravity? Magnetism? The week and strong nuclear forces? Now we have "cause and effect"? Is G-d keeping account here, and administering "justice" for Chris because he saved lives in a part of the world that worships death?

      The problem with your made-up pseudo-spirituality trash is that it's not true. It's not anything but 1-900-PSYCHIC silliness that is in the back of the Weekly World News, right along with Bat Boy.

      You're enabling Dr. Paul, and overlooking a place and time where he should have kept to his own business, his own areas of expertise, and kept his mouth shut. He's embarrassed himself, and now he's embarrassed you too.

    • SoCalMike

      Paul Vilified him.
      Sticking any values you want in the numerator and denominator of a fraction does NOT create a relationship between the values, much less a causal relationship.

      Paul implied Chris Kyle got what he deserved or had coming to him which is the apex of self serving ideological hypocrisy.
      When your heart goes out to the whole world in reality it goes out to no one.

    • JacksonPearson

      Thanks, everyone commenting here are entitled to opine their feelings…Why Ron Paul decided to come out with his on Chris Kyle, is still mystifying. Because members of our Special Forces play an ever important role in defending America. Ron Paul knows that Special Forces live by, and fight by a sword, so that's why his comment is being criticized for being off the wall.

      I'll always be grateful and thankful to Americans like Chris Kyle, and am glad he was on our side. First oft, any person that makes it through the rigors of becoming a Navy SEAL, is special. Kyle's skills took him a few notches up. He developed a successful reputation, of which there's no doubt his commanders found him valuable enough to place in tougher, and more difficult assignments, fully aware he'd deliver. IMO, our "Special Forces" are more than just a title, or name only.

      Agree, in situations like Chris kyle, surviving military families are always the ones that end up on the short end for them serving.

  • wasicu36

    A pathetic nasty tweet from a pathetic nasty old man who if he even read the Gospels doesn't have a clue as to what Christ was talking about in that passage.

  • Mary Sue

    Man this is so nasty it almost seems like someone hacked his account. It wouldn't surprise me.

    • Ar'nun

      Yeah, but he has had similar, less vulgar, but similar opinions in the past.

  • Edward Cline

    Ron Paul is a Christian anti-abortionist and his political positions are an incoherent mess of libertarian and anarchist ideologies. His statement about Chris Kyle (and implicitly about Chad Littlefield, who was also murdered) is the height of insensitivity and a measure of personal callousness that I ascribe only to people like the Clintons and Obama. If a cop or a soldier died while preventing someone from murdering Paul, would Paul say the same thing, that his defender lived by the sword and died by it?

    • Ar'nun

      It's easy to see why he was never elected President.

  • Reason_For_Life

    Everyone who thinks that treating PTSD at a firing range is a good idea signify by giving my comment a thumbs down.

    • Ar'nun

      "Lt. Cmdr. Rorke Denver, who served with Kyle on SEAL Team 3 in Iraq in 2006, called Kyle a champion of the modern battlefield. Denver wasn't surprised that Kyle apparently used a shooting range to help someone with PTSD.

      "For us, for warriors, that's a skill set that has become very familiar, very comfortable for us," said Denver"

      • Reason_For_Life

        Kyle wasn't the "disturbed ex soldier". It was Kyle who gave the gun to the disturbed ex-soldier in an attempt to help him deal with PTSD. It was Kyle whose judgment was being questioned by Ron Paul.

        Kyle took a chance in attempting to help the shooter. It went bad. Kyle was no idiot so I'm sure he understood that things might not turn out well. I'm not blaming the victim, the shooter is the only one to blame for the killing. I'm saying that Kyle misjudged the state of mind of the shooter. It was a mistake, but sometimes mistakes are fatal.

    • Drakken

      I do it all the time with men and women out of the service who have issues, it helps them adjust to a better life instead of suffering at the present state they are in, but if you served in uniform, you would know that, since you didn't serve you don't know jacksh*t about PTSD.

  • Ar'nun

    The ultimate stupidity here is that if there were ever anyone who could use the PTSD claims, it was the victim. Not many have ever seen as much direct combat as Kyle, and yet he wasn't the one who snapped. Scientifically speaking, and Paul should know this since he is allegedly a Doctor, there is no discernable evidence that PTSD causes people to kill.

    Some people are just bad. They are perfectly sane and will kill us for a wristwatch, for sport, or because they wanted some excitement.

    Paul's comments are beyond insane; it is Anti-Vetranism and perpetuates a dangerous stereo-type.

  • Joel S Henderson

    Ar'nun – I fail to see how Paul's comments are 'anti-vetranism' and how they perpetrate a stereotype.

    I don't see any judgement in the tweet; just an observation of cause and effect.

    I also don't see him making generalizations about PTSD-affected folks, other than the implication that a person being treated for PTSD is like ANY OTHER person under emotional distress; they are an unknown quantity and perhaps exposing them to a similar environment that caused that distress may not be a great idea.

    I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with the above opinion…but I hardly think that voicing that opinion is somehow blaming CK for his murder or making dangerous stereotypes about all PTSD-affected people…

    • kevinh

      I hope you don't use a plunger for your job, because just how you are going to "get yours" is something just too gross for me to speculate here. But of course saying that plumbers who live by the plunger, typically die by the plunger, would not be an "anti-plumber" thing for me to say, since I would just be making an "observation" according to your way of thinking.

      You really don't see Dr. Paul's statement as "anti-veteran", and a disgusting broadbrush of fear and contempt for our warfighter family and the extremely difficult job that they are asked to perform? Well, I do. And I see that others do as well.


    • JakeTobias

      Since the defense of Paul’s statement is one of “cause and effect,” then Paul fans, please, note the cause and effect here. Paul’s statement is in the form of a tweet. It’s not meant for deep analysis. It’s a quip, or stand alone. His tweet was as SEEMLY as callus as Obama’s callus “we can absorb another attack.” Or, “You didn’t build that.” Which, by the way, it was. It reads; “He had it coming.” But I thought it was an odd way to help someone with PTSD too. The man needed a doctor. Just like the shooter at Sandy Hook needed one. Chris Kyle is a hero for his service. He did not have it coming. If Paul only meant, he thought it was an odd form of treatment, that is all he should have said. It’s like when Bill Maher said, the terrorists were brave, and our troops were cowards. He was given a chance to take it back, or explain, and he didn’t. He defended it, and got kicked off network. We all shoot from the hip, including me. So we will see if Paul retracts it, or not.

    • Ar'nun

      Your pseudo -intellectualization of PTSD has no basis in fact or reality. Anti-Vetranism is well documented. It was the basis for the original Rambo movie, Deer hunter, and many others that pushed this idea into our society that somehow returning Veterans were ticking time bombs.

      Scientifically speaking, PTSD is only proven to be a danger to the one who is suffering from it. Study after study after study has proven beyond a doubt that a vet with PTSD is no more a danger to society as any other person in the world. Effects of PTSD usually cause a person to become reclusive, withdrawn and depressed. A person who never leaves their home, is afraid of crowds, is hardly a danger to society. But you have ignorant people like Rep Paul who believe against all of science that somehow people returning from war are ticking time bombs. It's wrong, and I believe his medical license if still active should be revoked because of it.

    • Ar'nun

      "I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with the above opinion…" See that’s the problem with people like you, we can all still see the several comments prior to this one in which you do in fact show support and agreement with this opinion. Don't be a coward, if you truly believe something, stick with it when challenged or admit you were wrong.

  • F.K. Juliano

    Paul supporters are not fooling anyone. Ron Paul was militantly against Americas’ action in Iraq. Anyone who doubts only has to look at his old articles on Apparently, along with Paul’s hostility to the conflict came a hostility to the troops, including Chris Kyle. Let’s not pretend that his tweet was anything other than hateful gloating.

  • VLParker

    Nasty man is right. Funny I've never heard him say, "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword" about any of the Islamic nutcases wreaking havoc around the globe. He is totally clueless about Islam and its history of conquest which has been going on for 1400 years. I wonder if he thinks the Barbary wars were Jefferson's fault.

  • Edward Cline

    Ron Paul was delusional, and not just about Islam, which he thought the West could tolerate if only we didn't "provoke" its minions into waging jihad. He shared with the left and with Islamists the notion that if Islam is waging war against the West, then it was the West's fault. It never penetrated his mind that Islam hates the West, wants to conquer and loot it, because Islam without jihad is basically a pointless, mindless, California style cult that demands absolute obedience and submission of its adherents and its victims. Perhaps he even realized that, but he still believed that the aggressive nature of Islam was all the West's fault. It's tantamount to blaming the victim of a pit bull mauling for the pit bull's behavior.

  • Ghostwriter

    Ron Paul's little tweet got him some well deserved condemnation. He sounded like a jerk and he deserved to be called on it.

  • Thomas_h

    Ron Paul has been an idiot all his life and it seems his defenders are just as stupid as the old fruitcake. If he and the sub-intellectual commenter who takes his side were a bit more intelligent and understood the words of Christ they wouldn't have known what Christ meant by "living by sword" and wouldn't apply the metaphor to Chris Kyle.

    Chris Kyle did not LIVE by sword!
    Chris Kyle lived by the noble principle to serve and defend those without sword against those who live by the sword.

  • Eddie Routh

    The serial killer Chris Kyle dispatched evidently 180 people, none of whom wore an enemy state’s uniform, and given what we know about special forces night raids, most likely comprised civilian 17 year olds who might have once met a Taliban combatant. None of Kyle’s victims had close air support, ground radar tracking, sat images, or electronic intell, nor were shooting at a sniper hidden from view. And if these victims were indeed combatants, they were in their minds at least patriots in opposition to a foreign occupation. much like Mel Gibson in his film, The Patriot, with the US playing the role of Red Coats. Gurrila warfare against colonial occupation was as American as Apple pie, until at least the age of empire.

    Meanwhile Ron Paul was quoting the Christian savior:

    Mathew 26:52

    Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.

    I don’t see how Christian Patriots can dismiss this out of hand. Kyle’s manner of death seems almost revelatory, a sign.

    • Arlie

      Why would you post under the name of the killer? Strange!

      Twitter was hacked a few days ago..and anyone who twitters is a twit! If you would like to see some twitts

    • Ar'nun

      It was more like 230 enemy combatants. Sure, you can try to walk a mile in the Jihadist's shoes and make a claim they in their own minds they are patriots, but they don't wear uniforms because they are cowards who hide behind civilians. We, US Soldiers, proudly wear a uniform as a way of declaring, "Here we are, come get some."

      Your actual knowledge of how things happened over there is clearly a product of dramatized television. In your mind the enemy was different from you, as you find commonality in your disgust with the United States of America. You are free to go join your fellow compatriots. You'll just need to keep the Jesus talk to your self.

  • kevinh

    @Eddie Routh: Wow. Just wow. So Chris Kyle is a "serial killer" and what, none of his 17 year old "victims" had guns and they weren't shooting and killing American soldiers? And Dr. Paul is a Christian because he can quote scripture out of context? And al-Qaeda is equal in moral justification as those brave Americans who were fighting the British in the Revolutionary War?

    Do you realize how silly you sound?

    If your verse in Mathew could be read in the sense you interpret it, then anyone who picked up a gun would be killed by one. They aren't. Therefore your interpretation is "twisting" to your own use. Or you've called G-d a liar.

    If you're not a Christian, but you are a al-Qeada sympathizer who hates Christians and enjoys Dr. Paul's occasional bursts of stupidity, at least be honest with yourself about it, and disclose that here. If you're Biblically illiterate, then please wait before saying anything related to the Bible, and give others a chance to provide accurate information.


    • guest

      of course they had guns and were shooting soldiers, we invaded their f'kin country! And drop the Fox News nonsense about the insurgents being AQ. The surge, if nothing else, proved that the main fighting force was nationalist, not religious. They turned on the relatively small AQ opportunists when it suited them. But the main thrust of the insurgency, and the majority of those kyle murdered, were defending their country from foreign invaders who manipulated 'evidence' so they could have a war.

      • kevinh

        Thanks for the Westboro/MSNBC/et al viewpoint. I think we already knew that was. However it changes nothing: bad guys were shooting at our men and women in uniform, and Chris Kyle was one of many who responded to that threat. Whether the war was a good thing or not, or regardless of how or why it took place, doesn’t make up for the fact that Dr. Paul has taken scripture out of context and used it to smear veterans with fear and contempt. Dr. Paul is a nice guy with some interesting ideas, who happens to be sort of a nut-job as well. Now we all know that. Again.

        I’m sure your issues with the war can be taken up with your congresswoman or man. You know, the one you voted for that that voted for the war. And while your at it, you can discuss the wars that Obama has entered without congressional approval, if you happened to have voted for him as well. Go ahead and get all those issues with your past worked out.

        Now, can we get back to resolving the issue of what an unfortunately occasional idiot Dr. Paul is? Eh? And the fact that Chris Kyle was really good at what he did? And saved a lot of American lives? Wouldn’t that be something we could agree upon?

        Or is Noam just too convincing for you?


      • Ar'nun

        There was plenty of proof that from day one, the opposition was heavy with al Qaeda insurgents. Liberals like to point out that in the initial invasion we were fighting non al Qaeda forces, and of course we were, Sadam Hussein still ran Iraq and had his forces. As the Iraqi military started to fall, immediately following were terrorist attacks from al Qaeda. Now we are functionaly talking about approximately 3-4 months in between the initial invasion and the surge of insurgent al Qaeda operations. Had they recruited because of the invasion, they would not have been able to mount such a well coordinated effort that quickly, it would have been logistically impossible.

        As far as "invading their country", this came after over a decade of UN action and games played by their dictator. Our first few years we were welcomed by the people who dreamed of the day Sadam Hussein would be sent to meet his virgins along with his two little monster sons who raped pillaged and plundered those people for 30 + years.

  • tarasbalderdash

    This is a shocking, disappointing statement from Dr. Paul. By his twisted logic because I was in the Navy I deserve to 'die by the sword' as well? He condemns himself as well, since he served as a flight surgeon in the Air Force and later in the Guard.

  • rlstime

    The tongue is a "two edged sword" according to the Bible. So Ron you have used yours as a weapon and according to your own words will you achieve the same fate as our American hero? When it comes to National security you don't have a clue. Put your head back in the sand box and remain quiet.

  • atthebeach

    Ron Paul enjoying his life as American Senator- and now 'ex-Senator' – has reaped the benefits of not only this Navy Seal who 'lived by the sword'; but all our Military who do same. Where would America be; without a Chris Kyle? Without soldiers protecting – by their 'sword' – on 'our' behalf? Adding; the second, PTSD comment; one as reasonable, as the first is not; does not cancel out; Ron Paul's ignorance.

    Oh, yes 'peace', you people. Yes; our Unalienable Right; and one without wars to protect; would be no more than a DNA memory in 2013.

  • Tan

    I appreciate Ron Paul's constitutional beliefs, but this is shocking for him to make a comment like that! What a huge disgrace! This is a slap in the US military's face and those family members that died in service. I had second thoughts about Ron Paul regarding some of his views on Israel anyway. I certainly don't believe in isolating from Israel like he does. I've kinda noticed that's he's been a bit far-right lately, if not, far-right this whole time. He's also been associated with that right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (although he's not wrong on everything, but he goes overboard on a lot of things). Ron Paul, if you call yourself a constitutionalist, then respect our soldier's sacrifice and service. Other than that, get your head screwed on right! Remember, the world is watching you.

  • silver gonzales

    Another Western politico/academic on a Muslim payroll; Hagle, Hillary, Powell, Pres.Obama, Pres.Clinton,Pres. Carter,,,,

  • @darmyman

    Paul is a whack job.

  • dickymo johnston

    I think this was a dumb and insensitive thing to tweet. However, it s clear to those who can handle the truth that the wars in Iraq and Afgoneistan have been an incredible waste of life and other scarce resources. There is an epidemic of soldiers getting disability under claims of PTSD, Someone help me here. Who was the politician who consistently opposed these wars? The same geniuses who are criticizing Paul thought :going over there to fight the terrorists" constituted military genius. How'd that work out for ya', America?

    • Ar'nun

      The war would have been worth while had there been less opposition right here in this country. Yeah, fighting over there was a much better idea than fighting them here. Unless of course you are one of those whack-a-doodles that thinks 9/11 was an inside job.

  • Capt_Z1

    Ron Paul just proved what an Anti American idiot he really is.

  • Ghostwriter

    People like Mr. Routh and Ron Paul have basically proven themselves to be idiots. They can dish it out but they can't take it.