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Ron Paul on Murder of Hero Navy SEAL: “He Who Lives By The Sword Dies By The Sword”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 4, 2013 @ 2:04 pm In The Point | 51 Comments

This comes from Ron Paul’s official account [1], though I’m sure if he ever runs for office again, his supporters will claim that it was really posted by some mysterious figure who cannot be named.


Chris Kyle¬†was a decorated war hero who was murdered while trying to help veterans. Ron Paul’s contempt for him shows [3] just how extreme and twisted the Paultard movement has become.

The Paleocon far-right has melded with left-wing anarchists and absorbed their hatred for America and the military. It is not merely critical of the legal authorization for war, it is actively hostile to the American soldiers fighting it. Ron Paul has become John Kerry with the Taliban as the new Viet Cong.

Now that Ron Paul is no longer running for office, he feels free to vent this kind of ugliness without worrying about the political consequences. He’s free to be the ugly person he was in his newsletters.

For once the usual social media mob that follows Ron Paul around praising everything he says seems to have gone on vacation. Instead he’s dealing with serious blowback on Twitter.

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[3] Ron Paul’s contempt for him shows: http://weaselzippers.us/2013/02/04/ron-paul-gloats-over-chris-kyles-murder-seems-to-confirm-that-he-who-lives-by-the-sword-dies-by-the-sword/

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