Rush Limbaugh Scores the Gay Rights Superbowl

Football, according to Salon Magazine anyway, is dying. There are too many head injuries and some football players don’t want gay players in their locker rooms. Sure the Super Bowl will still pull in many times the viewers of a truly “relevant” show like Girls or 30 Rock, but the inevitable death is still being forecast.

Rush Limbaugh offers his own Super Bowl pick, not on the actual game, but the game that really matters, the contest for politically correct superbowl superiority.

Chris Culliver, cornerback of the Fort’iners, got into big trouble by saying he didn’t want any of that “sweet stuff” in his locker room. He didn’t want gays around. He said it wouldn’t happen in the NFL. No gay players. None of that. He went out there and apologized, and the coach said, “That’s not who he is,” and he said that’s not who he is.

We have time to squeeze in one more bit of news. Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens was asked if he would have a problem with a gay teammate. Terrell Suggs said, “Absolutely not. No, we wouldn’t have a problem with it. We don’t care. Our biggest thing in the locker room is just to have fun, stay loose. We don’t really care too much about that. We’re a football team. I said it yesterday: Everybody deserves a certain amount of privacy. Who cares?”

Here’s the way I look at this game. Both teams are pretty equal on the rap sheet. The 49ers are obviously on defense. They’ve been embarrassed, and they’ve got some explaining to do on gay rights, gays in the locker room and gay marriage. The Ravens are very confident on that score. The Ravens had to make no apologies, make no excuses about that, but the 49ers have been asking for forgiveness all week. They’ve been making excuses, the coaches had to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Terrell Suggs says, “Ah, we got no problem, we’re hip to it.” But the 49ers, they’ve been knocked off whatever momentum they had. They’ve been knocked off the pace they were on. And as such, they may face a tougher obstacle, bigger row to hoe when Sunday comes. Brian, do you know what the points are? I think I saw three-and-a-half, but I don’t know who’s getting the points.

I’ll have to go with the Ravens in this case — especially since you have a team from San Francisco that really has been knocked off its game here on the issue of gays in the locker room, gay marriage, gay rights. They ought to be leading in that score. And they’re not. The Ravens are clearly dominant.

Meanwhile it doesn’t seem to be getting any better for the 49ers.

The “It Gets Better” gay rights campaign has pulled its ad featuring the San Francisco 49ers from the project’s website following various controversial comments from the team.

Four 49ers players — including Donte Whitner, Ahmad Brooks, Isaac Sopoaga and Ricky Jean Francois — made a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign and supporting gay rights in 2012. At the time, the team was praised for being the first in the NFL to shoot an ad for the campaign. Just one problem: they had no idea they were supporting gay rights.

While making the press rounds for Super Bowl 2013 in New Orleans, 49ers defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga and linebacker Ahmad Brooks told USA Today that they didn’t even remember making the video. When prodded further, they recalled the ad, but admitted they didn’t realize they were supporting LGBT youths, instead thinking they were just speaking out against general bullying.

Because just speaking out against bullying in general isn’t good enough.

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        NO such thing as an "honest" conservative debate. it's no coincidence that the antigays supporting America's ILLEGAL marriage bans all kept having to lie, just to get their bans (temporarily) voted in as valid "law", when marriage bans are clearly anything BUT…

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