Russia Repeatedly Warned US About Muslim Boston Bomber


It is becoming clear that there was ample warning that there was ample warning that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a threat and that he needed to be deported.

Russian authorities alerted the US government not once but “multiple’’ times over their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev — including a second time nearly a year after he was first interviewed by FBI agents in Boston — raising new questions about whether the FBI should have focused more attention on the suspected Boston Marathon bomber, according to US senators briefed on the probe Tuesday.

The FBI has previously said it interviewed Tsarnaev in early 2011 after it was initially contacted by the Russians. After that review, the FBI has said, it determined he did not pose a threat.

In a closed briefing on Tuesday, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee learned that Russia alerted the United States about Tsarnaev in “multiple contacts’’ — including “at least once since October 2011,’’ said Richard Burr, a Republican of North Carolina, speaking with reporters afterward.

Senators said the briefing also revealed failures among federal agencies to share vital information about Tsarnaev, indicating, they said, that the US government still has not established a strong system to “connect the dots’’ about would-be terrorists residing in America more than a decade after 9/11.

You can’t connect the dots if you can’t address motive. Without Islam as the motive, there was no reason to believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a threat to anyone but Russia. The FBI, under the influence of political correctness, likely chose to see him as a Chechen nationalist. But a Chechen nationalist is generally a Muslim terrorist. And Muslim terrorists don’t limit their sphere of terror to just one country.

  • @quillerm

    You would think after the success of the Shoe Bomber, Underwear Bomber, Times Square Bomber, Fort Hood Massacre, Benghazi slaughter, and Boston Bombers, Obama would worry about the total breakdown of our Intelligence Operations due to Isalmophobia and PC hysteria. Gun Control is way down on America's list of priorities. The Shoe Bomber, Underwear Bomber and Times Square bombers all completed their missions but luckily for us, had a technical failure to explode their bombs. Being 'Lucky' is not a gauge of competence in prevention of terrorist attacks.

  • PAthena

    President Obama ordered that the FBI (and other agencies?) remove all references to Islam, Islamist Terrorism, etc. from its files. He insisted that the Islamic Terrorist attack by Major Hasan, who yelled "Allahu Akbar (?)" as he shot 13 soldiers, be caked "workplace violence" instead of "Islamic terrorism." No wonder the FBI has had problems identifying Islamic terrorism!

  • Softly Bob

    Obama has blood on his hands!

    • john spielman

      He should be impeached and removed from office for his duplicity in regards to Islamic terror.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Obama has blood on his hands!"

      Obama has more blood on his hands! Those bumps some times get bloody.

  • xkn

    Should we fire FBI, RHSA (errr… DHS) and contract their duties to FSB? Looks like we would be safer?! Plus, savings would be considerable.

  • AdinaK

    We are dealing with an administration that stinks from the head up. Therefore, its dept heads are not able to protect the nation as they should. In fact, between Fast & Furious and Benghazigate they are mucking everything up. They are infused with dangerous PC (im)moral relativism and this is the real crux –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Rothschild

      Excellent….the left is sub-consciously conditioned for violence, at this point… you say…..and I would add the right (at least the politicians in the USA know it, and encourage it; they love the left being that way….not to make America safer, but because of their egos… they want to win the argument…the right are all basically (good Roman citizens)…about the only way, things will change is if Americans renounce internal violence…every thing can change for the better…. if they can tame their mind,; and also act to stop violence in the world; then world can change.

  • Rothschild

    Boston Bombers Had Links to al Qaeda Terrorist Cells

  • whatever

    hussein obama is muslim!

  • truebearing

    If you look at a mosaic too close, all you see are individual tiles. Once you step back and view it from the proper distance you can see it for what it is. The failure of the FBI is indisputable, but that is only one tile. Step back and see the whole thing. It's Imambama speaking at the Caliphate West Mosque, formerly The United Nations.