Russian Commies Celebrate May Day W/Stalin, Lenin, Gaddafi, Putin and Kim Jong Un


May 1 is the traditional time when Commies longing for a return of the Gulag and the Collective Farm. These days May Day in Russia has come to resemble May Day marches in Europe and America, with an assortment of insane leftist groups competing for attention, rather than the usual grannies holding up giant portraits of Stalin.

kim jong un

New anti-capitalist icons like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un join the parade of red worship


Even Gaddafi puts in an appearance despite being dead


And Lenin never goes away


Neither does Stalin


But even Putin makes a brief appearance

The grannies are still in evidence, but these days the Communists are trafficking in capitalism by recruiting and paying younger participants 200 Rubles through ads in the paper. Uniforms and signs are provided.

True to the Communist legacy, May Day marchers are being underpaid with only 200 Rubles for an hour of marching around. That’s around 6 running dog capitalist Yankee bucks.

Compare that to Vladimir Putin who reportedly pays marchers 500 rubles or 16 bucks to march around at rallies in support of him. Still having looted Russia, Putin is in a better position to pay people to support him. The Russian Communists who once funded the left wing parties of the entire world are running low on filthy lucre.



  • Owmyballs

    Putin is a corrupt thug but he is also a patriotic capitalist. At least Russia has a treasury to loot while he's in power.

  • Edward Cline

    All these people in the photos carrying signs of Lenin, Stalin, Putin, Kim Il Jong what's-his-name, and even a dead Arab dictator, long only for a "leader" who will tell them what to do, and when, and what for. No, wait, that's communism.

  • kafir4life

    No Obama signs? He's a natural.