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Samantha Power Hoped to Convince Iran to Abandon Syria over WMD Use

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 7, 2013 @ 10:50 pm In The Point | 14 Comments

samantha power [1]

Yes that is a sentence. It’s also a peek into the completely delusiona [2]l world of our decision makers. They may Chamberlain waving his agreement around look positively sensible.

I can’t vouch for what kind of thoughts slither through Obama’s very little grey cells, but Samantha Power is an international expert on international affairs [3]who appears to have so little clue about the real world, that she might as well be from another planet.

Iran is enduring economic sanctions designed to slow the country’s nuclear weapons program, but President Obama’s team thought the regime might abandon dictator Bashar Assad over his use of chemical weapons in Syria’s civil war.

Samantha Power, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, hoped that a team of UN investigators — many of whom, presumably, have a longstanding relationship with Iranian leaders — could write a report that would convince Iran to abandon its ally at the behest of the United States.

“We worked with the UN to create a group of inspectors and then worked for more than six months to get them access to the country on the logic that perhaps the presence of an investigative team in the country might deter future attacks,” Power said at the Center for American Progress as she made the case for intervening in Syria.

“Or, if not, at a minimum, we thought perhaps a shared evidentiary base could convince Russia or Iran — itself a victim of Saddam Hussein’s monstrous chemical weapons attacks in 1987-1988 — to cast loose a regime that was gassing it’s people,” she said.

This is your smart power right here. If we took a random name from the phone book, the odds would be excellent of having someone with more common sense in charge of foreign policy planning.

The sad thing is you have to be smart and educated to be this dumb, which is why credentials are often meaningless when the elites have gone down the rabbit hole into wonderland and far from any common sense.

I don’t even have to explain to anyone reading this why what Samantha Power said is indescribably stupid. Any average person thrust into this slot would quickly understand why. The odds are that your cab driver would understand why. But we’re dealing with an insulated elite that rejects basic common sense and fails to understand why its sophisticated liberal ideas don’t work out in the real world.

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