San Francisco Sends Fireplace Log Burners to “Wood Smoke Awareness Class”


Big Brother just read this news story and walked away shaking his head at San Francisco’s craziness and George Orwell sent a message via Ouija board to the Bay Area that 1984 wasn’t supposed to be an instructional manual.

Bay Area officials have banned residents from burning wood, indoors and outdoors, on Tuesday — and might extend the ban into Christmas Day — as part of an air quality initiative.

The order came from a governmental body called the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. It issued a “Winter Spare the Air Alert,” which prohibits people from burning wood, manufactured logs or “any other solid fuels” in fireplaces and outdoor fire pits.

He said it is “imperative” that people follow the rules.

According to KTVU, those who violate the burning ban must pay a $100 ticket, or take a “wood smoke awareness class.”

Are you aware of wood smoke? If you throw another log on the fire in San Francisco, you will be. Or pay the price.

  • DogmaelJones1

    One of the many charms of Colonial Williamsburg in winter is the setting up of dozens of cressets along the main historic area street, Duke of Gloucester, and burning tons of “fat wood.” People gather around the cressets, fascinated by how Virginia colonials used to light the streets. Burning fat wood gives off a nice, steady warmth and also a pleasant aroma. No one complains, not even militant non-smokers. Fat wood was also used in colonial houses, taverns, and hostelries for cooking and warmth. Bans on open air wood burning wouldn’t fly in Colonial Williamsburg, although one never knows. The president of Colonial Williamsburg is a loyal Democrat and crony of major Democratic figures, and who’s done more to make Colonial Williamsburg politically correct than any past president. So it’s not inconceivable that he would, in the name of “air quality,” announce of ban on fireplace use and open air wood burning. He’s already overseen the doctoring of colonial history as visitors receive it.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Maybe he can introduce sustainable colonial energy exhibits

  • guest

    Is there an inversion layer of the bay area (basin).

    The wood burning should not be a problem.


    Frankly, I think the nonsense will continue until we start burning in effigy those who would command us to cease burning wood. And notice the method used: another unaccountable administrative body whose members are not even removable by the voters when they pull something like this.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I’m sure burning a wooden effigy of Bush in SF is no problem day or night. Do that when you’re cold.

    • laura r

      isnt this another way for the govt to make $$ from fines?

  • Biff Henderson

    Renewable biomass energy bad. No lug, just hug. Fossil fuel good.

    • UCSPanther

      They’d probably ban any kind of fossil fuel using device if they could.

      • Biff Henderson

        If you were to trace the labels of clothing “they” wore the day “they” enacted this pompous pile of propaganda in you would most likely find the plants that manufactured their duds used energy from coal-fired generating plants in mainland China. There’s nothing worse than hypocritical NIMBA trash making a splash.

  • UCSPanther

    Soon, it will be illegal to have any kind of internal combustion engine or combustion-based heater (Woodstove, natural gas heater, etc) in that Progressive swamp.

    Let them freeze in the dark. They deserve it for their foolishness.

  • guest

    google ‘breathing wood smoke’ or ‘fireplace delusion’
    talk to some one who lives next door to a wood burner,
    it’s like an industrial amount of stink in your yard

    • guest

      We had a real fireplace in our house growing up. It is just a great thing to have.

      Great ash for the garden. Place to roast marsh mellows. Warmth.

      There was only one problem with the stone fire place. It was not modernized for maximum heat efficiency.

    • guest

      I looked up “fire delusion”. You are a sick, controlling individual.

      A bunch of people could bring packaged food to a campsite, cook nothing over a fire and still build one later to roast marshmellows over a fire. They would do this anytime of the year. So where is the religious element.

      I was not brought up in a religious household. My parents did not attend church. Yet when we bought a house with a fireplace we used it when it got cold out. In the northern hemisphere that coincides with Christmas. We usually bought a cord of wood. We used that cord of wood weeks before Christmas and weeks afterwards. It had nothing to do religion.

      But here you are conflating religion and your view on the environment to attack people on both grounds.

      Just check yourself into a psych ward.

    • UCSPanther

      I’ve lived around wood burning stoves all my life and I’m not talking through a hole in my throat using an artificial voice aid…

  • oneteedoffpatriot

    I’d go outside, light my fire and stand there with my AR-15. The first official that enters my property get a brand spanking new hole clean through their chest for Christmas.

  • bruce lorraine

    I’d like to see the totalitarians in San Francisco tell those in China when not to burn. When I was growing up in the city Herb Caen used to refer to SF as ‘the city that knows how’
    Ole Herb mut be spinning in his grave

  • echo sierra

    This has nothing to do with actual smog levels like a Smog Alert. They forecast low winds and then hunt down the SMELL of smoke to hammer those insensitive violators. They have taught a generation of children to fear the smell of burning wood. Hilarious.

  • EdwardT

    The fire’s dying down…time to throw a few more faggots on it.