Saudi Arabia Kicks Men Out Of Country for Being “Too Handsome”


There are no homosexuals in Saudi Arabia because any attractive men are immediately expelled from the country to avoid exciting the lust of the natives.

The more Islamist a country is, the more its clerics seem obsessed with pretty men. Egyptian Islamist Abu Islam Ahmed Abdallah told Bassem Youssef, the Jon Stewart of Egypt, that he “is so “pretty” he should wear a full-face veil, like women.

Now the Saudi religious police stormed a UAE booth with excessively attractive men.

Also at the festival in the capital Riyadh, several Saudi religious police men stormed the UAE pavilion on Sunday and evicted three Emirati young men because “they are too handsome,” according to the Saudi news website Elaph.

A U-Tube film published in Saudi newspapers this week showed national guard members were evicting a member of the feared Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice from the UAE pavilion at Genaderia festivities in Riyadh after he stormed the stand. The incident triggered furor in the Kingdom, with the Commission Chairman Abdul Latif Al Shaikh calling for an investigation.

In its report, Elaph said several religious cops deployed through the festival rushed into the UAE pavilion on Sunday and escorted three Emirati delegates out.

The answer may be a Burqa for men.

The jacket with sunglasses integrated with the hood, nicknamed “burqa for men”, is gaining increasing popularity among young Britons since it went on sale a few weeks ago, but the police are concerned with the anonymity it provides. The “goggle jacket” is a jacket with a hood that can be closed completely by using flaps to cover the entire face, with two sheets of reflective plastic for the eyes. It was nicknamed the “burqa for men” by a Sunday newspaper.

  • Christian

    "Groan….". The next Muslim that demands respect from me will get a ear full of this article.

    • Bruce

      Outstanding comment! Lol

      • stacy

        Are they "protecting" the women from being tempted or other men? Any word yet on the burka for babies? I know that this was on the table after the latest string of rapes by Muslim religious leaders.

    • Ali

      Hey, it's not Islam that does this. It is ONLY Saudi Arabia. Don't you get it? Women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive, separation of men and women everywhere, and all silly strict rules that they made to "protect" the citizens while in fact, they are making things worse. NO Muslim country has rules like Saudi Arabia. I hope you change your view towards Muslims and Islam.

  • Ali

    Please don't get the Muslims wrong. It is the Saudis who are corrupting Islam and placing these ridiculous and senseless rules for their people. We, as Muslims, have no such strict rules. Women are NOT forced to cover their face with a burqa, but are highly encouraged to wear the head scarf (Hijab). Men, on the other hand, have no rules put on them regarding their appearance, except for wearing clothes which is logical.

    • Mary Sue

      Well, the Muslim Brotherhood, as well. Which I guess has roots in the Wahhabi garbage of Saudi Arabia?

      I remember a comedy routine where the comedian asked a bunch of middle eastern muslims about the whole perception of Muslims as terrorists, and the reported reply was "It is the Saudis! They are CRAZY!"

    • kevinh

      Maybe what you meant to say is that "It is several countries where Muslims are a majority that is corrupting Islam…" or something like that? But Islam comes from Saudi Arabia, last time I looked on a map, so maybe it's you who has what it is to be a true Muslim wrong? Why don't you go on a Hadj and beat yourself with a knife in the head, tell them about your burqa issues and where it says in the Quran that they're the one's that are wrong about it, and then come back and let us know how it went?

  • Softly Bob

    The Muslims have redefined what the word homosexual means. To be homosexual means to be sexually attracted to ones own gender. If men are physically attracted to other men then they are homosexual. Removing the temptation does not change the sexuality. So once again Muslims are coming out with stupid lies and denials.
    If there were no homosexuals in Saudi Arabia there would be no need to ban pretty men, but in the world of Islam nobody takes responsibility for their own actions. It's always someone else's fault.

    • Ali

      In countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Indonesia (largest Islamic country) and so on, homosexuals are allowed in the country but are not generally favoured. I am a Muslim living in the UAE (originally from Jordan), and I know a couple of homosexual people here in Dubai. From what I have seen online (please correct me if I'm wrong), homosexuality may or may not be accepted in Christianity. Marriage is all about having a partner for life, and keeping your family name for future generations and to be remembered. If gay marriage was allowed in every single country around the world, then the world might adapt to this situation and humanity will slowly start to end. Have a look at "Parenthetical Phrase"'s post below for an actual, real life situation. I'm not against nor for gay marriage by the way. Please don't get me wrong. I hope everyone understands, and stop attacking Arab nations.

  • Ar'nun

    I thought it was okay as long as they claimed they were just stretching sphincters to fit bigger bombs in it?

  • Ben Cohen

    "Egyptian Islamist Abu Islam Ahmed Abdallah told Bassem Youssef, the Jon Stewart of Egypt, that he “is so “pretty” he should wear a full-face veil, like women.”"

    Errmmm…..Your pretty enough to be my wife

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    This is a tip off that homosexuality is so rampant in SA that even the religious authorities can't deny it and they are scared. I've read that when Westerners go to SA to work, they are confronted with a constant barrage of men, eyeing them and rubbing their crotches as a signal that sex is desired with them. Western men, especially blonde men, find themselves constantly sexually harassed — on the job, on the street, in restaurants, — in fact everywhere. Regarding females – certain bathrooms at girls' schools are now being designated as places where sexual trysts are allowed and encouraged. In fact, if you enter the wrong bathroom, you're liable to be molested whether you want it or not. So much for the Happy Kingdom.

  • Anonymous

    I've read about the thriving gay scene in Saudi Arabia (it's extensive, but underground — some have said that the homosexuality is rampant due to the rigid and enforced separation of males and females — ie, a consequence of the sexual apartheid), ditto in Afghanistan, and in Egypt.

  • DilloTank

    What about handsome goats? To handsome have also wear a burka?

  • Tom

    This is ridiculous.

    That country is a joke.

  • Haneef

    This is a spoof !