Saudi Arabia on Track to Break its Own Beheading Record


While other countries excel in science and the arts, the heartland of Islam knows what it’s good at and sticks to it.

Ever since Mohammed’s day, they have had one thing that they are really good at. Chopping people’s heads off. And this year, the Saudis are on track to break their own beheading record.

The latest beheading brings to 74 the number of executions carried out in Saudi Arabia this year, according to an AFP count. In 2012, the country carried out 76 executions, according to a tally based on official figures.

The question now is can the Saudis beat their 2012 beheading record before the year ends?

In 2013, the Saudis have been beheading people at a rate of two a week. But they don’t have much time left and they’ve been held back by swordsmen problems.

An official in the ultra-conservative kingdom said that sword-bearing executioners “are not readily available everywhere and on some occasions, executions were marred by confusion as the executioner was late in showing up at the designated public place”.

The unnamed bureaucrat told the daily Al Youm that in the age of easy digital communication, executioners’ lateness was “causing confusion and sparking speculation and rumours through modern technology”

It’s just a shame when your barbaric method of execution clashes with all the Japanese and American hardware you’ve imported. If only they had Egypt’s executioner who really loves his job.

In all honesty, I love my work. I just love it! I never say “no” when they need me at work. This is my work and my livelihood.

Strangulation was my hobby. When I applied for the job and did well on the tests – proving that I could take the psychological pressure and so on – they said: “Congratulations. Now, grow a moustache.

Islamic law. How did they ever live without it? Oh right, they “lived” without it.


  • margstar

    Wow, a beheading award! They should be proud!

    • John P.

      The only reason I voted negative on this comment is because it is so banal. Now is the time to hate Islam and everything that it stands for. We that disagree and hate Islam need to be more caustic in all our dealings with these fetid and putrid followers of their pedophile false prophet.

    • punnylady

      Instead of the traditional congratulation you and I are familiar with, “My hats off to you!!!” The Saudi version will now instead be, “My heads off to you!!”

  • Gms House-designs

    I was wondering why these Muslim people praised this heinous act of ending ones life without being bothered by their conscience. Human is human with an inherited weaknesses and is prone to sin. ALL OF US are sinners and NO ONE IS WORTHY to judge others due to his exposed deeds. The Bible introduces GRACE through the Lord Jesus Christ instead of highlighting the power of law. No human being in earth who could completely fulfill the law. Only Jesus had fulfilled it that’s why He is the only qualified person to represent us in the judgment. In Jesus there is love and forgiveness. In Him every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. In Him there is hope for all sinners who repent an seek God’s mercy.

    • gtihack

      so, you don’t think people should be sent to prison for their crimes?

    • Backslap_Bob

      You and they by virtue of your blind allegiance to some humanoid in the sky are one and the same — cut from the same cloth. God is the problem, not man.

  • A Z

    Some history on beheading

    I do not know how true it is, but I have no reason to doubt it.

    I have to ask why is the executioner and the condemned both wearing hoods or masks. If they are so sure of God, there should be no masks. I think it is a deliberate and unspoken nod to monkey psychology.

    Personally, I think firing squad is a better way to go unless it be the Chinese method.

  • Robert Johnson

    Amazing: the pictures clearly show the Saudis feel very badly about the executions. Look at the great lengths to disguise both the victim and executioner. The victim is completely clothed, hooded, decorated, like a large doll or mannequin. So with the executioner. This proves that there is a desperate, primal, psychological need to hide the fact that one human being is savagely murdering another in the most brutal, bloody way. The average Saudi is naturally revolted by this and so it must be covered up, disguised and hidden.

    • The March Hare

      Watching an execution is a lesson in why you don’t want to revolt. Stay low and don’t lose your head.

    • Adeel Umer

      For your information, this picture is not from Saudi Arabia. In here they were “thobes” (an ankle-length garment, usually with long sleeves, similar to a robe) not trousers.

  • Alleged Comment

    To me, the type of execution tells me how you feel about your tribe… and life in general.

  • Linda

    this IS the 21st century isn’t it???
    well, these people, all of them in islam, have been brainwashed since birth….so they accept it…and live (or die) with it….no problem….
    remember if YOU accept sharia to come into our country, then this IS what you will witness!!!

  • Gina

    I hate Mohammed since he brew all this hate into our world and too much judgement as an excuse to kill.

    • Adeel Umer

      For your information, if you were to look into facts, Israel and America have killed more people than any Muslim on this planet.

  • Adeel Umer

    “Decapitation is quickly fatal to humans and animals as brain death occurs within seconds without circulating oxygenated blood.” Beheading is therefore the most humane and painless method for execution for humans and animals alike. However, the author prefers to show his lack of research and understanding, and writes an opinion based article just to promote anti-Saudi and anti-Islamic sentiments. And while he was at it, he did not bother noting that Saudi Arabia, has historically, one of the least crime rates in the world, a fact that would have hurt the objective of this article.

    • Mano

      Decapitation is not human. There have been so many cases where the accused was refused a defense lawyer. U had mentioned Saudi has one of the least crime rates so you clearly understand other countries are also on that list. They have managed to do that without beheading, public lashing or shooting the criminal. Why cant Saudi do the same?

  • davienne

    our tax dollars hard at work…// sar