Saudi Arabia Sentences 2 Women to 10 Years/1000 Lashes for Witchcraft


Every time Muslims complain about being the victims of a witch hunt, they should be reminded that they are the ones who actually hunt witches.

A Saudi court sentenced two Asian housemaids to 10 years in jail and ordered their lashed 1,000 times each after they were found guilty of indulging in sorcery at their employers’ houses in the Gulf Kingdom, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Their Saudi employers reported the two maids to the Gulf country’s feared religious police, saying they had discovered that their families had been harmed because of sorcery practiced by the maids against them.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice who searched the two houses in Riyadh found talismans and other magic items in the bedrooms of the two maids, Sabq Arabic language daily said.

A 1,000 lashes may not even be survivable. But don’t look for any outrage or attention from the media. It’s just two, probably, Christian women, being murdered by a wealthy medieval theocracy that also happens to have a death grip on American foreign policy.

It’s not as important as every broken Muslim hangnail and house key that has to be immediately condemned, under the impetus of the Saudi death grip on our foreign policy.

When a Muslim settler cries in Burma, Obama rushed forward to demand action. Two women sentenced for witchcraft in Saudi Arabia. He knows nothing.

This kind of insanity isn’t an aberration. In the Muslim world, it’s the norm, as I wrote a while back

A Saudi Al-Qaeda terrorist can expect to spend a little time at a plush rehabilitation facility before being set free to head off to the next conflict zone. But Saudi witches and sorcerers mercilessly have their heads chopped off in car parks.

A Saudi witch hunt is not a committee hearing; it is an actual unit of the Islamic religious police which is tasked with fighting witches and sorcerers, who according to the authorities, in the absence of the Jews, are responsible for most of the problems in the land.

Muslim witch hunts aren’t only limited to Saudi Arabia. In Iran, Ahmadinejad’s allies have been accused of being sorcerers. In Pakistan, witch hunts end the old fashioned away, with a bonfire.

Black magic is also a serious problem in the United Arab Emirates. In non-Muslim countries airport security personnel screen for Muslim terrorists carrying explosives and weapons; but in Muslim countries, the local equivalent of the TSA searches for magic wands and potions. Vigilant security personnel at Abu Dhabi International Airport caught one such would-be Harry Potter trying to enter the UAE.

“The airport staff suspected the passenger, so they inspected his luggage and found books that contained spells, mostly in unknown languages, and some suspicious tools which seem to be used for black magic,” said Colonel Rashid Bursheed, the head of the organized crime section at the Criminal Investigations Department.

Why exactly are we treating such backward theocracies as having anything of worth or value to offer the civilized world, except for the oil that happens to be on the land their ancestors settled?

  • UCSPanther

    News of this sort reads like something out of Europe 500 years ago.

    Saudi Arabia: See the Medieval times today!

    • Guest

      "She turned me into a newt!…I got better."

  • Edward Cline

    "Why exactly are we treating such backward theocracies as having anything of worth or value to offer the civilized world, except for the oil that happens to be on the land their ancestors settled?" And over which Arab tribes raided and slaughtered each other and collected loot and sex slaves up until WWI when Lawrence of Arabia went to their rescue (and even after that). If the Arabs had discovered oil there first, they would probably have discovered a new way of exterminating apostates, witches, and infidels by dropping them into fiery caldrons of oil. That's how technologically "advanced" they are and will be for ever more.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The Bible commands us to kill witches. "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" says Exodus 22:18. Chistianity was defanged by the Enlightenment; Judaism was defanged by the Talmud. The two doctrines that still have all their fangs are Marxism and Islam.

    • Mary Sue

      the problem is Islam's witch hunters aren't even actually catching any witches.

      • g_jochnowitz

        There is no such thing as a witch. There never has been.

        • Peter Dybing

          Wow thats ignorant

  • DVult

    I smell a market niche opening up for little mohammed dollies with a set of pins to be stuck in after terrorist attacks.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I would discount this incredible form of accusation if it were not for meeting some of the
    ex-wives of my associates and listening to thier scary stories. Under this understanding
    I fully comprehend how witch tales come about and see that there are two things
    pertinent, one is revenge and the other is satisfaction. Saudi Arabia needs many things
    but not any more of what they are smoking in thier pipes. Only on Earth, I hope.
    Ten years and 1,000 lashes, sickening………………………….William

  • jack adams

    Thanks to Allah, we can whip these witches into submission, which is what Islam translates to.

  • kafir4life

    If muslims want to beat and kill their muslimas, and the muslimas are solid with it by remaining members of the gutter cult of islam, who are we to complain? The shutdown of ANY potential bomb factory is a good thing.

    allahu's snackbar!