Saudi Arabia’s Candidate for Afghan President has Ties to Both World Trade Center Attacks


Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, one of the godfathers of global Islamic terrorism, who brought Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan, who founded the Call of Jihad training school for terrorists attended by Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the World Trade Center bombing and was a mentor of his uncle Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, may be Afghanistan’s next president.

That may sound farfetched, but Sayyaf was conveniently sorta kinda part of the Northern Alliance, even if he seemed to be part of it mainly to bring it down from the inside.

And he’s already become fairly powerful in Afghanistan.

Sayyaf’s influence in the convention was felt further when his ally Fazal Hadi Shinwari was appointed by Hamid Karzai as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, in violation of the constitution, as Fazal was over the age limit and trained only in religious, not secular, law. Shinwari packed the Supreme Court with sympathetic mullahs, called for Taliban-style punishments and renewed Taliban’s dreaded Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, renamed the Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs.

So you can guess where this is headed.

What’s Abdul Rasul Sayyaf’s secret? He’s backed by our friendly allies in Saudi Arabia who not only value his Wahhabism, but also his Shiite-killing skills.

The operation became an urban war zone and escalated into the Afshar massacre when Abdul Rasul Sayyaf’s Sunni Wahhabi Ittihad committed “repeated human butchery” turning against the Shi’ite Muslims. Reports emerged that Sayyaf’s Wahhabist forces backed by Saudi Arabia rampaged through Afshar, murdering, raping and burning homes.

The Islamic State’s Defense Minister Ahmad Shah Massoud ordered an immediate halt to the crimes on the second day of the operation, but especially looting and the destruction of houses continued to take place for a second day. Massoud then appointed a Shi’ite commander to ensure the safety of the Shi’ite civilian population in Afshar. He also ordered the withdrawal of all offensive troops and persuaded Sayyaf to do the same.

700-750 people abducted by Ittihad during the campaign were never returned, and were presumably killed or died in captivity.” Many women were abducted during the operation, but said that few families would report it.

Massoud was assassinated before the US intervention, supposedly through Sayyaf’s doing.

The Ittihad was Sayyaf’s Islamic Union for the Liberation of Afghanistan. Sayyaf then transformed that into the Islamic Dawah Organization of Afghanistan which functions as a political party.

With the collapse of American power and influence under Obama, Afghanistan is now a chessboard for Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Sayyaf is Saudi Arabia’s man. He always has been.

  • Chris Gait

    Why is this vermin walking around without a missile sticking out of his head? For that matter, how is it that Saudi Arabia, our enemy, is always called our friend? I would present that question to the Bush family, who over the years have maintained a close relationship with our enemies the Saudis, as well as Obama, who bowed to their so-called ‘king’. We need to return Turkey to being the secular republic Ataturk envisioned and give them back Mecca. The Saudis can…pound sand.

    • Mark

      Obama bowing obsequiously to the Saudi King will be a good campaign advertisement in 2016.

      To wit, the Republican party would never have nominated such a person.
      To vote Democrat is to invite the same mistake.

      We will get hit again. More people will harden their harts to Saudi Arabian meddling

      Democrats own this.

    • DogmaelJones1

      That isn’t a missile sticking out of his head. That’s a bandaged brain tumor. Most Muslim leaders have one. Look at their creed.

  • PAWatcher

    Why isn’t barry obama considered in this presidential bid- Afghanistan could use some fundamental transformation, moochelle and girls could be treated like all females in the middle east (no discrimination against blacks, sodomites, or women there!) and it’s already a third world country- barry’s hope and change come true. Think he could be a King there no clothes and all.

  • Erudite Mavin

    and Obama continues to pull Americans out of Afghanistan and turn
    that country over to this Radical Islamic Terrorist.