Saudi Paper Blasts Israelis for Aiding Syrian Refugees

I’m not a fan of  IL4Syrians, which displays the typical liberal perversity of trying to help Muslims in countries that hate Israel. The female aid worker mentions having been in Pakistan and Iraq. That’s insane for too many reasons to count.

The Muslim reactions to the existence of the group have been mixed at best.

Coverage in the arabic press is here at Al Watan Voice (is in arabic):

“… the Arab countries offer condolences… but the best role is provided by the Israelis because they are crossing the border to provide assistance to the refugees who fled deprived of everything, risking their lives without a word of thank you…”

And then there’s

Jordanian activists denounced these acts done by the Israeli delegation, and demanded the government investigate this case, and tighten controls on the entry of Israelis to Jordan for tourism or other reasons.

But that’s generally their response to anything involving Israel. The more official reaction comes from a Saudi paper in London.

Syrian regime loyalists received a gift from Israeli TV when the latter screened a short film about people labeled “activists” who risk their lives by entering “hostile territory” in order to support Syrian refugees.

This is more than enough for “patriots” who are out to protect Arab rights to take advantage of the plight of Syrian refugees inside and outside Syria in order to promote the conspiracy theory that attributes the Syrian revolution to a Zionist/Western scheme.

Just as the column hints at the conspiracy theory that Israel really supports Syria. Both sides in any Muslim conflict accuse the other of being a Zionist/Western puppet.

There is a woman whose husband was attacked by Syrian regime thugs and needs an urgent surgery or else would lose his eyesight. When she knows that those offering her help are Israelis she starts crying for she would rather have her husband lose his eyesight than resort to this kind of help.

Is there a cheaper form of blackmail than offering to save a refugee’s eyesight provided that it is done in Israel?

Where else are Israelis supposed to arrange to provide eye surgery for Syrian refugees? Alaska?

As can be seen in the video above, the columnist somewhat misrepresents the scene which is that the woman is concerned about then being able to return to Syria.

However, the way Israeli TV hurried to make use of the tragedy of Syrian refugees reveals the shallowness with which it understands the future relationship between the Arab Spring and the conflict with Israel. It also reveals absolute insensitivity.

Portraying the “moral superiority” of Israeli activists through putting Syrian refugees to tests related to their stance on Israel is a cheap attempt that would ultimately fail in undermining the Syrian revolution or making its aims any less noble.

There’s no arguing that the video isn’t shallow and tacky at times. Israeli TV comes in two flavors. Shallow and tacky. And shallower and tackier. But it’s still a good deal better than most television in the Arab world.

Sensitivity is not something to be expected from Middle Eastern television. Or these days any television.

That said, IL4Syrians, in whatever its real form, obviously does not exist for the sake of a single belated broadcast. Its misguided activists are risking their lives and if they sometimes come off as tacky and annoying, it’s because they are Western liberals who can’t help sounding that way. In their own misguided way, they are trying to help people. And if the help is a bad idea for reasons that even they seem to occasionally understand, unlike the Saudis, they aren’t doing it to use the Syrians as a weapon against someone else.

The Saudis only care about Syria because they’re in a proxy conflict with Iran. Israelis are in a state of hostility with both sides in Syria.

  • Veracious_one

    if disaster comes…would they come to help……nope….

  • truebearing

    Once you’re blinded by Islam, who really needs eyes anyway…. unless it is to kill someone? Better to sit in total blackness and let hate simmer against those who tried to help you.
    What better place than Israel would a delicate eye surgery take place… a camel pen?

    • Cy Kh

      so send 1000’s of tons of bombs to the Muslim World and then send 2 people in a car to send humanitarian help, very clever

  • herb benty

    Israeli liberals….same as here, wow!

    • Gee

      Our conservatives make your liberals look good.

      We have our entire judicial system controlled by the leftists and the judges are elected by other judges – not the government. Those same judges appoint the Attorney General and the Prosecutor’s office – and they report to the courts not the government.

      • herb benty

        Gee! I’ve been a conservative for 50 years, you misunderstood my comment, though I just looked at it and it is vague. I should have typed, ” Israeli liberals….same misplaced compassion as in our country, wow! Those Arabs would not appreciate any assistance from Israel anyway, There was an Arab that was treated and healed at a Tel Aviv hospital and after she was released she came back to the hospital loaded with semtex. that is Muslim appreciation.

        • Gee

          herb – I did not misunderstand you at all. I am an Israeli – and Israeli conservatives are to the left of your liberals. Most of Netanyahu’s opinions are to the left of your President.

          The hospital was in Beer-Shava not Tel-Aviv – just an FYI

          • herb benty

            Gee, we here in Canada simplified the Left-Right thing a while ago. It predicates on government control, thus, Nazism, Communism/Marxism, Facism, Socialism are all on the Left, then the middle is Caring Capitalism that has enough social programs to look after those that need it, Farther to the Right is Libertarianism, and on the extreme right is Anarchy, which is as bad as the far Left.If someone says they are a Leftist, we know that they favor Big Gov’t, big taxes, with crippling regulations, etc. I always balked at the EU”s habit of putting Nazi on the Left and Communism on the Right, why on earth should FREEDOM be in the middle of those nightmares? See how we Conservatives can’t be to the left of Liberals( Socialists), and are you telling me, considering our system, that Mr. B. Netanyahu is a Marxist or worse? Obama appears to be a Communist. Thanks for the true info on the incident at the hospital. I greatly admire Israel, Netanyahu and the Jewish people, travelling there in 1995, Shalom Hotel, Tel Aviv- the people, country are awesome. My nephew worked at a Moshav picking watermelons. We all had a great time.

  • Biff Henderson

    “… the Arab countries offer condolences…

    Who would have the nerve to attempt to alter the Will of Allah but those filthy Jews?

  • Cy Kh

    so drop 1000’s of tons of bombs to the Muslim World and Middle East, then send 2 people in a car to send humanitarian help, very clever to portray themselves as humanitarians, where are these two when helping the Palestinians and the genocide that is happening to them as we speak. hypocrites.