Saudi Rapist Linked to Al Qaeda May Be Released After Serving Less Than 1/3 of his Sentence

Homaidan al-Turki did his part to introduce Muslim culture to America by keeping his own sex slave. Colorado authorities and the FBI proved not to be very understanding despite Homaidan al-Turki’s status as a VIS (Very Important Saudi).

The victim slept on a mattress on the basement floor, was paid less than $2 a day, and Al-Turki eventually intimidated her into sex acts that culminated in her rape in late 2004, according to prosecutors.

Al-Turki not only kept a woman as a slave for four years while repeatedly raping her, but he also ran an Islamic publishing house with the copyright to the works of Al Qaeda kingpin Anwar Al-Awlaki. Naturally Al-Turki did what every single Muslim charged with any crime does, he cried Islamophobia.

Homaidan al-Turki argued that the United States was attacking Islamic customs such as not paying your slave and controlling her life. “We are Muslim. We are different. The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors. Attacking traditional Muslim behaviors is a focal point of the prosecution,” he testified.

And that certainly is true. Sexual abuse, “retention of wages” and controlling the legal status of foreign labors are common practices in Saudi Arabia. Because Saudi Arabia had legal slavery until not that long ago. The United States does not.

Homaidan Al-Turki was sentenced to 27 years in prison by Judge Mark Hannen in Arapahoe County District Court for 12 felony counts vis-à-vis his Indonesian housekeeper (unlawful sexual contact with use of force, criminal extortion, and theft) and two misdemeanors (false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit false imprisonment), plus eight more years on other charges. Far from acknowledging any wrong-doing on his part, however, Al-Turki denied having enslaved the woman or abused her. To the contrary, he insisted that he treated the woman the same way any observant Islamic family would treat a daughter.

Considering how the Saudis treat women, this is not terribly reassuring.

Since Homaidan Al-Turki is a VIS (Very Important Saudi), the Saudis put on a full court press on his behalf. While American governments abandon their own people, the Saudis do not. And there is a very important lesson in that. The Saudis, the Kuwaitis and the other Gulfies have spent a lot of money extracting their terrorists from Gitmo and back into their “custody” for the revolving door of terrorism.

Now Al-Turki is about to benefit from the same privilege.

In a total exception to all the rules, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers flew to Saudi Arabia to explain Al-Turki’s trial and punishment. As John C. Ensslin writes in the Rocky Mountain News, Suthers met King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan, other Saudi officials, and Al-Turki’s family over a two-day period last week. He did so at the request of the U.S. ambassador, who had the State Department contact Colorado governor Bill Owens, who in turn requested Suthers to make the 19-hour trip. The king picked up the tab for his travel and lodging in a six-room suite in what Ensslin calls “a lavish palace hotel owned by the royal family.”

Suthers says he encountered vast cultural and legal differences.

“Under [Saudi] law, to prove a rape case, you need four eyewitnesses,” Suthers said during an interview at his office Monday[, Nov. 20]. “And they considered it inconceivable that an Indonesian maid was considered a competent witness in our courts.” Another significant difference is how civil and criminal courts mesh under Saudi law, making it possible for a victim or a victim’s family to come to a financial settlement when it involves a criminal matter. “They didn’t understand how that wasn’t possible here,” Suthers said.…

But apparently it is possible here.

Prison officials have approved the transfer of Homaidan al-Turki back to Saudi Arabia after serving less than 1/3 of his sentence.

There are no Islamophobes to see here. The new Obamerica is respectful of Islamic customs such as slavery and rape. If you’re linked to Islamists, we won’t pay attention. If you rape your slave, we’ll send you back home.

18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler, who took office last month, opposes the transfer, saying there are no assurances that al-Turki will serve the remainder of his sentence once he’s out of the United States.

“It is completely unacceptable that a sex offender of any nationality be released before completing his sentence,” Brauchler said in a statement. “Mr. al-Turki has never accepted responsibility for his crimes nor undergone any rehabilitation as a sex offender. I am hopeful that the Department of Corrections will put the interests of justice and the protection of women above the interests of the Saudi government.”

Considering Colorado’s Democratic governor and legislature, good luck with that. There’s no justice to see here. Just complicity in the ongoing Muslim War on Women. Because to do otherwise, to stand up against the Islamic belief that women are inferior creatures who can be abused and enslaved would be Islamophobic.

  • LindaRivera


  • LindaRivera

    Our Extremely Kind, Merciful, Compassionate God gave the DEATH sentence for kidnapping. This ensures that the filthy, vile, demonic predator will NEVER again kidnap another innocent human being and cause immense suffering.

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

    The death sentence is to be administered by men. Kidnappers will be given their proper punishment by God after death on Judgment Day.

  • Mary Sue

    Oh man someone's got to tell that rapist that he Misunderstands Islam! [/sarcasm]

  • Steve

    We in the USA should be ashamed that when Muslims come to our country, we should show some respect and change our laws just for them . ( na). What happens when we go to Saudi Arabia and commit a crime? Will they respect the US laws there? Who do these Muslims think they are?

    • Money Cant Buy Love?

      Al-Turki isn't the only VIS, there are at least 7! The Saudi ambassador in Washington said SEVEN Saudi prisoners in the US would soon be repatriated to the Kingdom and that the Kingdom had signed a "prisoner exchange agreement" with the US. Those prisoners will supposedly complete their sentences in the KSA. Just what exactly is their return on investment on the millions of riyals they've paid for these creeps?

  • JacksonPearson

    This Muhammadan should be facing the same fate as Osama bin Laden. Murder, rape, incest, terrorism are all part of being a fundamentalist. American law, should never bend to foreign law.

  • JacksonPearson

    Once a rapist, always a rapist. He won't change his ways, because Islam says it's okay.

  • truebearing

    What was that about women's rights? Or how about sexual harassment? What degree of sexual assault is sexual enslavement? Where is NOW, or is NOW a thing of the past?

    Isn't the core of the Black political conciousness the fact that their ancestors were enslaved? Doesn't the horror of slavery include that slavery committed by Muslims…the group who enslaved more blacks for longer than anyone, by a longshot? And why are blacks becoming Muslims when Arab Muslims enslaved more blacks than anyone?

    Why am I asking questions that no leftist or Muslim will ever honestly answer?

  • Boston Poverty Law

    The problem with us Islamophobes is that we haven’t been trained to associate Islam with an orgasm.

  • Tina Trent

    Ah yes, a linguistics graduate student at University of Colorado. Where he doubtlessly commiserated with fake Indians about the oppressive nature of the United States, while attending an institution subsidized by taxpayers who cannot get their own children into the same school, where Ward Churchill taught people to hate the victims of 9/11 from the ethnic studies department, which features experts in "decolonialism," "Red feminisms" and other pricey garbage.

  • pathorz

    i am sickened homaiden getting away with it,and if true obama lets this happen, even worse!

  • Pedro

    Media plays and says whatever against whoever,but are you really that naive to believe all that being said to you? I didn't think so, you wanna know something about Islam search for but hey avoid everyone even these words I'm writing and read as much as you can about Islam. Even if you don't think or believe that Islam is a religion at all, as believer you know you will be asked for all the goods and bads you made in your life. Go read about Muslims before making any judgement.

  • I.m. Strandedinsonoma

    Lock him in a cell and weld the door shut. Problem solved.

    • Biff Wellington

      or just lop his empty head off and save a few tax dollars…