Saudi Science Discovers Cancer Cure in Camel Urine Nano-Particles


While the Zionists sneer about all the Nobel Prizes won by Jews, Muslim science founded on the unerring Koran and Hadiths transmitted by the Angel Gabriel and occasionally Satan, to an illiterate desert bandit, is about to yield the greatest prize of them all.

A cure for the most dreaded of diseases where you might least expect it, but exactly where a Koran-literate Muslim would expect to find it.

Dr. Faten Abdel-Rahman Khorshid is responsible for one of the Kingdom’s greatest national achievements in the field of science for her work which began with the urine of camels and concluded in a potential cure for cancer. After spending more than five years in lab research, this Saudi scientist and faculty member from King Abdul Aziz University (KAAU) and President of the Tissues Culture Unit at King Fahd Center for Medical Research, has discovered that nano-particles in the urine of camels can attack cancer cells with success.

It figures that Saudi Arabia’s greatest national achievement would involve camel urine. Either that or suicide bombing or cutting someone’s hands off.

“This treatment is not an invention, but rather, taken from our Prophet’s legacy,” she remarked. A Hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari (2855) and Muslim (1671) claims that some people came to Madina and fell ill with bloated abdomens. The Prophet (pbuh) told them to combine the milk and urine of a camel and drink that, after which they recovered.

Dr. Fatan fails to mention that Mohammed then had them killed. But that’s kind of an unextraordinary event in Muslim history. If you met Mohammed, either you ended up marrying one of his daughters or he ordered your death. It’s why there are so many descendants of Mohammed and corpses in the desert.

But finally that has yielded the discovery of camel urine nanoparticles. Peres must be impressed.

“We have researched and studied (camel urine) for seven years, during which we have tested the effectiveness of camel urine in fighting cancer to prerequisites set by the International Cancer Institute,” she explained. According to her published study on the subject, the clinical trial her team conducted on patients indicated that the medicine (capsules and syrup) did not entail any harmful side effects.

Aside from all the retching and vomiting.

“We will provide ointments, capsules, syrup, shampoo, soap and gels to combat a number of the illnesses mentioned, but only after they have been licensed by the Ministry of Health and mass-manufactured by the pharmaceutical company,” she explained.

At least when civilization falls, there will still be mass production of shampoos. Unfortunately they will contain  camel urine.

In Yemen, camel urine is used by women to make their hair shiny.

According to the Arab TV network al-Arabiya, hair salons throughout the country are requesting this precious ‘tonic’ and selling it at four dollars a litre – a high price considering the income level of most of the buyers.

“I have been using camel urine since I have been going to elementary school,” said Amal, a university student in Sanaa.

“The first time a neighbour told me that she had been using it (urine) for many years, because it made her hair more beautiful and shiny. Now everyone in my home uses it.”

And yes, they would jump off a bridge if Mohammed told them to. Do you even need to ask?

For those curious about the camel urine cure

Narrated Anas:Some people from the tribe of ‘Ukl came to the Prophet and embraced Islam. The climate of Medina did not suit them, so the Prophet ordered them to go to the (herd of milch) camels of charity and to drink, their milk and urine (as a medicine).

They didn’t have any serious disease. They just didn’t like the climate. And there’s no way to know how well the cure worked, because like so many times when Mohammed tried to play doctor, the patients died horribly.

Muhammad then ordered to cut off their hands and feet (and it was done), and as well their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron rods. They were put in ‘Al-Harrah’ and when they asked for water; no water was given to them”, till they died of extreme thirst!

And that ended the first clinical trial of camel urine.


  • Veracious_one

    According to the Arab TV network al-Arabiya, hair salons throughout the country are requesting this precious ‘tonic’ and selling it at four dollars a litre – a high price considering the income level of most of the buyers.
    well that explains why you see so many Muslim women sitting under a camel with a bucket pleading “…come on baby…pee for mama…”

  • N. Wasse

    Well the readers should not be surprised that a “lucky” Om Ayman used to sneak and take the container of urine where Muhammad urinated and she would and no I’m not kidding you drink his urine
    Here and use googletranslate and laugh

    • defcon 4

      If only it were merely “ridiculous”.

      • heapologiatoutimotheou

        “ridiculangerous” – ridiculous, dangerous, and full of anger.

    • Person of this world.

      Oh dear that the issue (Paul camels) is not obligatory for Muslims to drink it! But it turns out after 1,400 years to talk the Messenger of Allah is true it is a cure for some diseases, the goal of this, that God is willing to put the miracles of the human and know that Islam is the religion of God, that you believe that Islam is ridiculous, look for Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran and discovered Western scientists, not the Muslims, and then you will continue to see that the religion of Allah ridiculous or not?!!

  • N. Wasse

    Here is one more Islamic medicine that beats them all: The sputum of Muhammad and I’m not kidding cures all illnesses and again use googletranslate read and laugh

    Oh next? Flies are great medicine!

    • dan
    • Biff Henderson

      What’s next? I think they should look into the medicinal potential of nanny particles. They put such great effort into flailing their maids there has to be an efficacious byproduct they’re letting fall to the wayside. For the sake of all humanity the slaves of Allah need to rip into it pronto.

      • N. Wasse

        Or even better Muslims should be coming up with the “scientific evidence” why 53 year dirty old men should marry 6 year old girls as Mo the prophet did

        • Biff Henderson

          Obstetric fistulas have proven to be an effective means of birth control..

    • Lohit Bhatt

      what does it say? I could not quite translate it..?

  • De Doc

    Another snake oil medicine hits the market. Move over Laetrile and Antineoplastons! You have to love how these medicines are all cure and NO side effects. And this one based solely on an antiquated Arabian folk cure mentioned in the Hadiths. Silly Muslims and their camel piss. Tsk, tsk.

  • dan

    Please unzip the zipper and get cancer cure … Believe not anything Koran has claimed .

  • Dantes

    Sign me up!

    • Haran Ahmed

      You would see it ! don’t hurry .Pls call me when it happened and I will tell you how to sign out.

  • defcon 4

    Camel urine, it’s gold I tell ya, pure gold!

  • defcon 4

    I expect muslimes won’t need cancer treatment in any of the various hospitals founded by Christians and Jews then — after all, they already have their cure.

  • truebearing

    That figures. Our Muslim president thinks bullsh*t is the cure for everyhting that ails the nation.

  • Biff Henderson

    And to think that Allah by an act of His sheer will bestowed on a lowly Muslima who is inherently deficient in her religion and a forgetful half-wit the blessing of this discovery from the waist trail of a beast of burden. Can you imagine the wonders of science that is in store for us from the menfolk of the slaves of Allah? I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it…

    • defcon 4

      That’s right a lowly woman discovered this, who, as everyone knows, is deficient in intelligence and religion to any, presumably muslime, man.

  • MukeNecca

    Islamic science giant leap: from bullsh*t to camelpiss

  • MukeNecca

    A few tons of pig manure dropped over the “holy” city of Mecca would be a good start in freeing the mankind from the cancer of Islam.

    • mark

      are you sure the pig manure wont pick up some sort of infection?


      • Lohit Bhatt

        actually, Pigs have already left the Middle East for some serious reason?!

    • tickletik

      That’s rude man, what we should do is show our appreciation for all their gifts to Western Civilization by giving them some good old “sunshine in a can”. It’s an amazing gift that with only two offers impressed the Japanese so much, that they no longer had any desire whatsoever to continue WWII. I say we should offer this peace inducing gift to the Religion of Peace. Not only that, but we can give one to Mecca and one to Medina. Two cities, just like last time!

      • MukeNecca

        You mean Muke Necca?

  • emet-veritas

    A double-humped sword:



  • Blake

    funny, I knew she would be in a ninja mask and sure enough, there is a picture of her in her terrorist ninja mask. I’m still shocked they allowed her to work without a male guardian

  • Blake

    ” camel urine is used by women to make their hair shiny.”
    why waste the precious camel urine when nobody will see their hair under those terrorist ninja masks

    • Kenneth James Abbott

      Because if you’re an islamic woman, then your husband is specifically allowed by law to beat you if you don’t look good enough for him..

      • Blake

        good point. not only allowed, but encouraged

    • Muslim

      Cuz they are Virgin physically and mentally and they don’t need to uncover their beauty in front of strange men because there are still bad men who might hurt them as you. Watch your words and if it’s ok you see your wife naked in front of everyone as animal or savage as you used to call the Africans who you colonized before it’s up to you but it means you and your naked wife or daughter are uncivilized cuz with civilization people started to wear clothes and with such masks as you called we are at the peek of civilization. Respect others belief cuz this is how you respect your self this is to you and to the writer of this aritcals

  • Rastus

    I think they Saudis are taking the piss out of us.

  • Lohit Bhatt

    correction here: “If you met Mohammed, HE ended up in marrying one of YOUR daughters!”
    Rest all is day-to-day history..!

  • Anto de Chav

    Its a pity they haven’t found a cure for ignorance and stupidity in their precious koran… morons..

    • Muslim

      And I wonder you still have not found how you can respect others in your bible, pity

  • Andrew

    Guess what day tomorrow is? It’s Humpday WOO WOO !!!!!!!

  • zlerpster

    It seems rather apparent from the “Hadith” itself that the Prophet wanted to mock these visitors of his and NOT cure them from whatever ills they felt due to the climate. Thus the camel urine suggestion was something that was presumably told to naive and bothersome foreigners for sport before dismembering them. Why don’t these “experts” pick up on details like that?

  • jcd0101

    Ohh brother
    Talk about pissing away your money..
    I can see it now..
    Buy your camel pee, 29.95 per ounce.

    Cures everything..
    Ohh brother..

  • Lauren

    “In Yemen, camel urine is used by women to make their hair shiny”

    Not that anyone would notice, since they have to keep their hair covered

  • david selvers

    Apparently blood letting was also a cure for multiple disorders only the stupid pig kissers under the devine counsel of the child rapist mohamad weren’t told that the slit across the throat was only supposed to be the size of a hair…these ignorant bacon heads took everything from the neck up.

  • DVult

    I had a friend as a kid who never drank milk because he thought it was cow urine. He was a bit simple obviously but maybe mohammed was a bit simple also and couldn’t tell the difference between milk and urine.

  • Ron Lewenberg

    Evidently, camel urine is the vector for a nasty coronavisus, MERS.

  • anonymos

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  • Ama

    I thing it’s better than the shet ate by you

  • Ama

    Thats pig shet

  • mike

    you didnt mention the hole story and why the prophet mohammed killed them.
    you should be ashamed trying to mask the truth and taking only the words that suit you. the truth is the prophet killed them because they killed the shepherd of the camels and stole them. so in the next time you write somthing be onest in your writing and dont cut things to suit your needs!

  • Mahmoud Bilal

    I read the statement at the beginning of this article that ” the unerring Koran and Hadiths transmitted by the Angel Gabriel and occasionally Satan” . Why do you write such lies about a religion which is followed by almost one third of the World’s population ? Is it difficult for our God to put His miracles in any creature ? If your belief is what I read here, then you are really in need to know your creator and read more about Islam.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Are you denying the time that Mohammed transmitted messages from Satan? It’s in your religion.

  • Haran ahmed

    We ask Allah our God to show His signs on all those who have doubts in Islam and His holy book, the Quraan.

  • mahmoud B.

    To those who posted negative comments, If you are civilized enough as you claim, and your civilization depends on experimental science as means of proof why do you insult others who did not compel you to use this medicine , just go and test the said camel’s urine which is not the Muslim’s creation but God creation. Any other insulting comments are useless and just reflects uncivilized behavior or envy or grudges against the Islam.

  • shockhorror

    This is fucking disgusting. A woman from Saudi Arabia found a potential cure for cancer, and all you can say is how she’s a terrorist, or how she’s not credible because she based her theory from religion? If any American did this, they’d be looked upon with so much respect they’d probably win a nobel fucking prize for the shit that they did. Why is she a terrorist because she chooses to cover her hair and face? Huh? Why is she a terrorist because some twat decided to bomb the twin towers? Why not say that all christians are terrorists because they decided to burn innocent people alive because they thought they were witches? Huh? is that fair? I don’t fucking think so. You can make excuses for yourself, but you can’t make excuses from anyone else. I am a muslim girl brought up in a muslim country in the middle east, and I study all religions equally because I want to RESPECT the world and their religions and their cultures, because I cannot insult or slag off other religions. Who am I to judge who you follow? Who am I to dictate what is right or wrong? more importantly, who the fuck are YOU to say that she’s a terrorist because she’s wearing what we call a Niqab? And a Niqab was never enforced in the Qur’an. Saudi women chose to wear it because they were brought up to be respectable, and because of personal fucking choice. Learn about the religion you decide to be racist towards before you insult it. Furthermore, who are you to judge what a prophet did? It was the way of the culture back then to marry off people. It still is now in many countries.
    “If you’re a muslim, your husband is allowed to beat you if you don’t look good enough for him” what the fuck is THAT? do you even know what on earth is going on under the rock you live in? A good muslim would never hit anyone, let alone a woman, let alone their fucking wife. In the Quran it says that you should never raise your hand to anyone, you should NEVER hit a woman, you should treat your wife with the utmost respect and provide for her and take care of her. Hitting a woman is an unspeakable sin in Islam. “not allowed, but encouraged” NO ONE IS ENCOURAGING THIS SHIT. Only the real terrorists, the ones that live inside of us, are encouraging others to beat women. These people have no right to call themselves muslims, or even human beings, because they obviously are not right in the head and need to go to a fucking mental hospital if they think it is okay to encourage violence for their personal pleasure.
    “it’s a pity they haven’t found a cure for ignorance and stupidity in their precious Koran… morons” listen here you stupid fuck, we don’t need one. The Qur’an is the least ignorant out of every religion. it accepts all religion. it accepts christianity and other religions. Stupidity? What does religion have to do with intelligence? It seems as though you are the one lacking in that field since you chose to comment on a religion you clearly have not studied in depth before choosing to slag it off. Furthermore, should I want to, I can critisize every single religion other than my own because there are faults in everyone. Do not judge our religion based on the extremities and foolishness of others. We are not them. Not every woman covering their hair is a terrorist. Not every man praying is a terrorist. NOT EVERY FUCKING WOMAN WEARING NIQAB IS A TERRORIST. SHE HAS FOUND A POTENTIAL CURE FOR CANCER. Americans have been researching for decades, looking for a cure for a disease that kills so many people, so many loved ones, every little achievement praised… And yet all you can do is judge on her religion and ethical background? It seems as though you are the one who needs to know thyself before you decide on providing your comments to others about others which you have no right to do in the first place. This article is racist and wrong, uncited, and the quotes are taken out of context to provide false meaning. I am sick to my stomach at the INHUMANITY shown in the comments, and you know what, I hope your black hearts burn in hell for judging someone else, because it isn’t your place, it’s gods, and gods only, and that might be a religious thing to say, but in the end, he is the one who decides whether you go to heaven or hell.

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