Saudi Shenanigans in Boston and D.C.


Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, a Saudi student who was behaving suspiciously near the bombing site, was briefly treated as a suspect and then as a person of interest. His apartment was searched and law enforcement officers carried out large bags from it. Now there are reports that he is being deported on national security grounds.

During this period, Secretary of State Kerry’s meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister suddenly went from being open to the press to closed to the press.

Then Obama had a sudden unscheduled meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister at the White House, supposedly over Syria, but nothing appeared to have happened in Syria that would require an urgent meeting at the White House.

That’s all we know. And there’s much that we don’t know. But there are pieces that we can put together.

We have no idea whether Alharbi had anything to do with the bombings. Quite possibly he didn’t. But if his apartment was searched and his roommate was questioned, then he was a lot more than just an eyewitness, as some officials belatedly tried to claim. If he is being deported on national security grounds, then there was probably something there.

Some amount of secrecy is obviously necessary in a terrorism investigation, but this wouldn’t be the first time that the Saudi Lobby has subverted a terrorism investigation and gotten its way.

Saudi media coverage shows a bit of the influence their regime has on the United States. And it shows that high ranking Saudi officials were involved in the process, suggesting that the Saudi Foreign Minister had indeed been speaking to Obama and Kerry about the Saudi student.

Ambassador to the royal crown, Adel ben Ahmad Al-Jubeir, had several phone calls with the paper as well as with the Royal family. He stated that very high-ranking, U.S. government officials stated that there is no suspicion of any Saudi nationals relative to the Boston marathon explosions.

Prince Saud al-Faisal, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah from the Foreign Ministry, and Prince Khaled bin Saud were involved in the entire affair.

Alqin disclosed that he cleared three Saudis from the forbidden area and housed two of them in a hotel; the third stayed with a friend. He also met with a group of Saudi students, telling them to carry on with their lives and that Saudi ambassadors would handle everything. These students were also told not to cooperate with any media entities and to lay low.

Saudi Arabia has arranged for terrorists to be shipped home before.

ABC News reported this week that two of the four jihadi leaders behind the Christmas Day terror plot were released from Gitmo during the Bush administration in November 2007.

The freed detainees were shipped off to terror-friendly Saudi Arabia, where they underwent “art therapy rehabilitation” – the ultimate bloody brainchild of the jihadi-as-victim mindset.

In January 2009, the two “rehabilitated” recidivists released a video vowing to wage jihad to “aid the religion,” “establish the rightly-guided caliphate,” and “to fight against our enemies.” One of the duo, Said Ali al-Shihri, is suspected of involvement in a deadly bombing of the United States Embassy in Yemen’s capital, Sana, in September 2008

As of 2010, there were reports that at least 25 Saudi Gitmo vets returned to terrorism after being “rehabilitated” in Saudi Arabia. Since going to terror rehab in Saudi Arabia is like going to drug rehab in a crack house, those numbers are not surprising.

It’s not just terrorists who get that kind of treatment.

The world was outraged when Saudi Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Saud beat his African “servant” to death in London. His trial and conviction gave people reason to think that perhaps finally a Saudi Prince would not be above the law.

But the Saudi Lobby is much too powerful to allow one of their princes to sit in an infidel prison for murdering a black servant. And so the arrangements were made and Prince Saud was flown home to “serve out” his sentence in Saudi Arabia.

There is no question that the House of Saud has far too much influence over Western governments. The Arab Spring is a bloody reminder of that. That is why we should insist on transparency in dealings between our government officials and the Saudi monarchy.


  • Christian

    I am done doing business with this dispicable and disgusting country. I heard that we do not get much if anymore oil from them, if that is true why are we even letting them in?

    • Defcon 4

      Bribery, corruption. Our politicians and judges in DC don't know the difference between bribe and campaign contribution anymore.

    • Raymond in DC

      China isn't the only foreign country holding Billions in US debt. So do Germany and Japan and … Saudi Arabia. Saudis also have Billions invested in US properties and companies. Many influential people have business ties to Saudi Arabia. Saudis have given millions to leading universities to advance their interests. And the Saudis buy a lot of defense hardware. All that gives them access and influence.

  • gee59

    We sure a lot about the so-called "Jewish lobby" that is suppose to control the United States – but it seems that it is the House of Saud that is really doing that.

    On September 12th the White House had Osama Bin Ladin's family flow to Saudi Arabia from America even though no non-US military aircraft were allowed to even taxi

    • AdinaK

      In fact, Bush's fly out of complicit Saudis stained his legacy, that's for sure. As to Boston, well, Obama's roots lie much deeper than oil ties, even though they exist too –

      Therefore, determining when one is a "person of interest" just depends, even though a Saudi (or two…or three…) can ostensibly be CLEARED of charges, even when one supposedly was not even arrested…you all understand said paradox…hooey and phooey –

      The fist stinks from the head up…never mind the dead and maimed Americans they are sworn to protect!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Dr. E.Ramon

    The mighty U.S. is already liking the Saudi's ………
    Shame !!!

  • BLJ

    I hope the House of Saud falls down. Shameful how we kow-tow to these creatures.

  • guest
  • Ruckus_Tom

    15 of 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. Bin Laden was a Saudi. As mentioned, Bin Laden’s family was given high level passage out of the country right after 9/11. A Saudi suicide bomber attacked our Marine base in Beirut in, what was it?, 83? It goes on and on. We increase Saudi student visas. We let the Saudis fund mosques that “preach” our death in our own country. One of our presidents bows to the Saudis. Another one holds hands and takes windy walks with the Saudis. Our former Secretary of State has a personal aide who’s a Saudi. WTH is it with the Saudis? It’s almost as if they’ve got some serious blackmail information on every single high level person in our Federal government.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Th., 04/18/13

    The wicked Saudi government seems to have much influence with both political parties. This is all the more reason to heed the wisdom of Sarah Palin's statement, "Drill, baby, drill!" (and the sooner, the better)

  • Toni_Pereira

    What to say about a country that has the name of the rulling family as official designation? I guess huge oil reserves gives you a free pass to do anything.

  • minismom

    is that why the two pictures of young males in black jackets, tan pants, baseball caps, & carrying b lack pack packs was deleted from the internet? the photo that I saw had front and back pictures of these guys – they were circled in red and yellow – I tried looking for them but they seem to have disappeared – and there was a posting on Schmidt show about how the Saudi's covered this up and Kerry made a deal –

  • guest

    Ah yes, the ministry of truth must have disapproved. Are these the photos you're looking for?

  • JacksonPearson

    You can bet the white house hot line, and Saudi ministers are busy…working on the cover up plan!

  • Indioviejo

    Everybody here knows that Islam is a totalitarian political cult, but nevertheless we seem to be in a minority in our own country. Right after the terrorist attack in Boston, Solon on line came out with a blog praying that the bombers would be white Americans, because they could not "cover" Islamic terrorism and apologize for their terrorist heroes. They are but one more propaganda tool for the Islamic war against their own country. They are not alone. It seems like the American people have accepted our nations' downfall and are ready to be taken over by the Islamic horde.

  • Defcon 4

    Let's not forget the genocidal muslime dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin, was given safe harbor in Saudi Arabia and a government stipend to boot.

  • tanstaafl

    Notice how we can't build a pipeline from Canadian oil fields or use fracking in this country?

  • JeffT

    Obama has bowed to the Saudis in more ways than the obvious.

  • DOZ

    this is the most amateur form or "reporting" i have ever read. bravo.

  • TaterSalad

    Washington, D.C. makes me sick. Both parties are nothing political prostitutes to say the least!