Saudi Woman in Hijab Robs 5 American Banks


The great thing about Hijabs and Burkas and Niqabs  and Abayas and Chadors and Jilbabs and the rest of the whole Dr. Seuss meets Islamic Misogyny forms of mobile purdah is that they double as disguises.

Which is handy when you’re robbing banks.

Ranya al-Huthaili, who was arrested earlier this month on charges of robbing the five banks, is now set to remain in custody out of fear she will flee to Saudi Arabia, U.S. newspaper Star Tribune reported on Friday.

“She has been charged with bank robbery [and] telling the teller that she had a gun. She took $2,300,” said Nadia Bilbassy-Charters, an Al Arabiya correspondent in Washington.

According to the newspaper, the FBI believes Huthaili robbed the Klein Bank in Minnesota on Aug. 15, the First State Bank of Wyoming in Minnesota on Aug. 23, the TCF Bank in the Cub Foods on Broadway Avenue W. in Forest Lake on Sept. 1 and the First State Bank and Trust in Wisconsin on Sept. 5.

Huthaili stole $2,300 from the Wisconsin bank. However, the money’s identification markings led police to a shopping mall in Minneapolis where she bought a computer, the correspondent confirmed.

Huthaili, a dual Saudi-U.S. citizen, is now deemed a flight risk as court documents state Saudi Arabia has no extradition pact with the United States.

Rau wrote that the defendant has acknowledged robbing four of the banks, while surveillance images from the robberies showed her wearing big black sunglasses.

Oddly, or not so oddly, he failed to mention the Hijab.

  • Veracious_one

    can’t wait to hear her claims of torture while in jail…

    • Bob

      excellent comment. that pretty much says it all. good job.

  • Bubba Jewford

    If convicted she won’t have any objections to having her hand cut off.

    • Greg

      She did steal after all.

  • abbygal64

    Well why do you think she came here for? All the criminals in other countries know how soft we are on the criminal elements and our justice system is a bleeding heart for the poor bad person!

  • UIO

    Niqabs are perfect for bank robbers. It is the only outfit you can be masked in public without the risk of getting arrested. They can also hide all sorts of weapons under them.

    If the police get too close, they can call them racists and islamophobes and they’ll walk the other way.

  • Sean

    Step 1: Buy a niqab for a Halloween costume party.
    Step 2: Wear niqab to the party and declare it is your bank robber disguise.
    Step 3: Watch the left descend on you like a pack of wolves.

    Never mind that if the left was not aligned with Salafis they would describe the act (if they did it) as performance theater necessary to shock people into listening.

    The left will not admit the problems of Niqabs and positive identification. EVER!

    That makes them Pr_cks.

  • Dye Pack the Theif!

    “However, the money’s identification markings led police to a shopping mall in Minneapolis where she bought a computer, the correspondent confirmed.”

    I wonder how much formal education Ramya has?

    I wonder if she has watched enough decadent TV (fiction or documentary) to know that banks use exploding dye packs and can trace serial numbers?
    But watching TV would be to become culturally contaminated.

    I would have liked to see a dye pack go off on her.

    Nothing like bright Green or bright, fluorescent ORANGE paint on a black niqab to point out a hypocritical, holier than thou thief!

  • Raymond_in_DC

    I remember the signs in some beach towns that read:
    No Shoes
    No Shirt
    No Service

    Perhaps banks and jewelry stores (which have also been robbed by folks wearing niqabs and burka-like covering need a sign reading:
    No Face
    No Entrance

    Apropos, though I’ve rarely seen niqab-wearing women in DC (I encountered one a few blocks from the Capitol), I’m seeing more hijab wearers in my own neighborhood. One, covering everything to below her shoulders, was coming out of my own building just this morning.