Savages of Stockholm


Europe has many fine traditions. Its newest tradition is the burning car. Why burn cars? Because, as George Mallory once said of mountains, they’re there. There are lots of cars around and if you’re a member of a perpetually unemployed tribe that wandered up north and forages on social services, you might as well do something to pass the time.

Burning houses is a lot of work and house fires spread. Car fires are simpler. In a welfare state everyone has houses but not everyone has cars. Burning cars is a way to stick it to those who work for a living. It’s also a way to drive off the members of the sickly Swedish tribe and claim the area for your own. And it’s also fun.

Either you have a plan for buying a car or for burning a car. Considering the Muslim unemployment rates in Sweden, France and everywhere else, it’s safe to say the car burners don’t have future plans that involve saving up for a car or taking out a loan for a car or finding work. Cars are things that they steal, either the usual way or by defrauding social services. They might get a car by dealing drugs, but those cars are disposable. One day they’ll have to burn them anyway.

If you’re the product of an industrialized culture, then you think of a car as a product of work. You realize that it’s the product of countless raw materials, that the metals had to be dug out of the earth, that the machines that make it had to be assembled and that men had to stand around putting that into place. And you might be one of those men. And if you aren’t, then you might know someone who is.

But if you come from a pre-industrial culture which may have factories, PhDs and cars, but no sense of the connection between product, innovation and effort, then why not burn a car or a city? Things fall into the category of that which you and your family own… and that which they do not. Anything in the latter category may be stolen or vandalized because it has no value.

The notion of a painting in a museum or a scientific principle or an eagle soaring over a lake having value is an abstract notion to you. Value to you is your own identity. A painting is valuable if you own it. If it sits in a museum, then you can either steal it or burn down the museum. The principle is worthless unless you can cash in on it. The eagle is worthless unless you can kill it or identify with it.

Some people would call that savagery, but that sort of talk is politically incorrect. And we all know that there are no such things as savages. The true savages are the people who use scientific principles to make cars and then use the money to commission paintings of soaring eagles for museums because they are greedy exploiters of the planet. On the other hand, the noble savages whose herds of sheep and goats turn fertile land into desert, who burned the great libraries of civilization and who believe that the hair of women emits rays that passing airplanes have to be protected from are close to nature.

A car is just a metaphor. You drive it to work because you work somewhere. You drive it on family vacations because you don’t get to spend enough time with your family because you and they are all doing things. You’re not sitting around your house with your two wives and eleven kids plotting new ways to scam social services. You go places because you’re still the product of a culture that likes the idea of new frontiers. Your car isn’t exactly Columbus’ flagship, but it takes you places. It’s a sign of progress. That’s why you own a car, instead of burning them.

Civilization is not a product, it’s a process. You can’t export it. You can ship a bunch of cars to Somalia, but you can’t ship the process that makes a culture build a car. You can hand out PhD’s to them based on knowledge and test taking skills, but you can’t endow them with a respect for ideas. You can set up democratic elections in Afghanistan and Egypt, but you can’t export the process that explains why the elections shouldn’t be abolished after the side with the most guns wins.

That’s just as true of a lot of the second and third generation immigrants who are no more Swedes than the South Africans became Africans or the English settlers of the American Colonies became Indians. They may own iPhones, dye their hair and listen to the same music that you do, but they often don’t have the same assumptions. They bought the product, but not the process. They can drive cars and when they get bored, they can burn them, because they aren’t their cars. They’re your cars.

And the hair dye and the music and the democratic elections aren’t theirs either. Those are things they took from you and if they get bored with them, they’ll put on Hijabs, ban music and go back to tyranny, because what they have is a product, not a process. They walked into the movie in the middle and they like some of it, but it’s confusing and they don’t understand why the hero doesn’t just shoot the villain in the head, take his woman and then raise a dozen children in his lair.

After the riots die down and the fires are put out, there will be more talk about integrating them, but what are they being integrated into; a culture that doesn’t resist when their cars are torched? Why would they want to join a culture that leaves you unable to protect what is yours? Why would anyone join a culture that makes you so weak and impotent that anyone can come and take what belongs to you?

It’s a movie that makes sense if you were there back in the 19th, but not if you suddenly walked in around 1965 or 1995. It’s the outcome of a historical process that is hard to explain to people who were never part of the process. They know how the story came out, but not why it matters. And even if they could, their priorities are different. They didn’t come here to meld into some gelatinous brotherhood of man but to make life better for their clans.

Most people plan for the future, they just do it in different ways. In Sweden, they plan to buy a car. In Iraq or Somalia, they plan to have eight kids. In Sweden, there isn’t supposed to be a biological tribe anymore. Everyone is meant to belong to the progressive transnational tribe which lets you have the good things in life so long as you make some kind of vague commitment to pay more and share them with others. But the savages of Stockholm already have a tribe. And their tribe isn’t big on sharing and is a lot more useful in a tight spot.

While the Swedes save up for cars, the Iraqis scam social services for their eight kids. And the demographics suggest that eight kids and no cars beats two cars and one child. Keep multiplying those numbers and the future will have fewer Swedes and fewer cars and a lot more bored Iraqi kids running through what used to be genteel suburbs looking for Swedes or cars to burn.

The native multiculturalists are post-tribal, but the multiple cultures settling there aren’t. It’s a war that can’t be discussed except with the usual accusations of xenophobia and oppression. But those are useless crutches of dogma. They don’t do much to restore a burned Audi. This is a conflict between cultures that make things and cultures that take them, between cultures that live for the moment and cultures that live for the next thousand years of manifest destiny.

The Western ideal has been reduced to a personal technocratic utopia built on efficiency and it has collided in the night with an Eastern ideal of the clan and a theocratic utopia built on total purity. That is the kind of conflict that the creed of good fences for good neighbors was meant for, but there are no fences tall enough to work it out within a single nation.

Both West and East have their own processes. And both processes are colliding. The Swedes bring their cars and the savages bring their flames. The burning cars are a metaphor for the impact of Muslim immigration on Sweden and the West.

  • Infovoyeur

    Holy mackerel, this DOES it. This is the power of LITERATURE–"attainment and restraint," (fervent anger under taut control etc.) with tone of Satire ("mock and ridicule human vice and folly on good principles"). Plus Dramatization: tell a Story, Narrative, and the rest.

    Who said that Literature is not politically powerful? Cf. A Modest Proposal and Ireland, Gulliver's Travels and government, Uncle Tom's Cabin and slavery, 1984 and totalitarianism.

    Only problem is–as things are going, even this power of words will not work in this case. Not much time remains before Western or other civilization will not be able even to Breathe (the = of Liberty or Freedom) these advanced thoughts because the world will be turned into a cemetery which my associate Dexter, the court jester, said "will make Adolf Hitler look like Mister Rogers." Of course, one could spend the end-time in counter-response and Go Out Moral… TTFN.

  • BS77

    Swedes allowed the Trojan Horse of unlimited immigration into their country …and now they moan in despair. They bought into the delusional multicult diversity agenda and now are suffering the consequences. This is the result of decades of utopian liberalism, astronomical taxation, and slavish devotion to leftist and socialist dogma. So there it is….a catastrophe.

  • Horace

    The Destroyers from the deserts of Arabia and Africa have their way because the Destroyers of what works to make civilization possible are ensconced in Western Power Centers and the Destroyer feeder system- the Liberal Universities. Dedicated to corruption of every sort, especially moral corruption the Destroyers in power in our Western nations seem happy to have the rapacious ignorant savages from Islamistan to do their dirty work for them. They hold their power through giving handouts to losers, with other peoples money and dumbing down the children in their clutches in the rapidly deteriorating education system.. I think these Liberal educated foolsand their corrupt Liberal politician buddies imagine they can eventually bring the riot under control when they want to. I DONT THINK SO.

  • joed

    I imagine the car burnings will be viewed as an economic stimulus by the Swedes, as people will have to buy new cars etc.

    Who said third world retarded immigrants don't bring properity to a country?!

  • Chtistian

    Yes and that's another example of why Greenfield is my favorite writer. Excellent, your mind has the perfect way of processing the image of the burning car. It's just the truth. Too bad the are one million social democrats to one Greenfield.

    • lynda Martinez

      Daniel Greenfield's commentaries are becoming increasingly popular. He satisfies our hunger for truth and meaning.His voice is very important in our nation's renewal.I send his articles to some of my social Democrat friends.The revolution is underway.

  • truebearing

    The truth hurts, and Mr. Greenfield just gave Sweden, and the Left in general, a well deserved acid bath. Very well done!

    The West is being taught a lesson by a primitive bunch of cult driven barbarians. The abandoment of our Judeo-Christian values, and faith, has left our culture without enough moral clarity to recognize how truly evil Islam is, and how dangerous it is to let them infiltrate our society. Our leaders are paralyzed by the moral short-circuit known as "political correctness." Either political correctness dies a quick and horrible death, or we all will.

  • Passer by

    "The native multiculturalists are post-tribal"

    The thing is that even the multicultiralists belong to a certain tribe and represent a certain culture. They can not escape that. You can not be everything for everyone. They are supposed to be the managers of all cultures, yet they still have certain, in most cases atheist/hedonist identity. Muslims know this and they consider them infidels too. Multiculturalists are the insane child that belongs to western culture. The one that will burn your house while you sleep. You know how you deal with an insane child. It might be your blood, but you will not allow it burn you in your sleep. You need send it to a mental institution, or it will send you to the grave.

  • Drakken

    Let the muslims rage,burn and create more mayhem, it serves the bloody leftist socialist right. Events will bypass the pacifist of the left and then the business of doing what must be done will be done by the nationalist. Keep up the great work you muslim savages, your just making your demise that much sooner.

  • Judahlevi

    "The native multiculturalists are post-tribal"'

    Actually, this is not true. Multiculturalism enforces tribalism, it does not eliminate it. The Swedes are very aware that they are different than the darker skinned Muslims. They are taught that difference by dwelling on this fact – which is what multiculturalism does. The only cure for multiculturalism is the human relational philosophy of Individualism. Individualism is opposed to groupings of all kinds including the harmful and divisive programming of multiculturalism.

  • popseal

    This is an important site for important information. People don't want to know the truth about the violent superstition that was founded by a known killer. We keep hearing excuses and apologies. It's as though the PC multicultural mind is somehow numb to information that in any way contradicts its naïve take on the world's bad guys. The template is set in cement. Falling buildings and cleaver attacks aren't what the perpetrators say they are? I think the Anderson Coopers are at heart cowards. They aren't at all the sophisticates they think they are.

  • rivkah f.

    Thank you for a brilliant essay which shows insight and systematic thought. My father of blessed memory came to the U.S. as a teenager from a small, heavily Jewish village in Poland in the 1920s. There was no welfare, no benefits, much antisemitism (social, professional, cultural) — but if one learned and mastered English, worked hard, became a citizen and participated in society while remaining a traditional Jew, one could get an education (my dad worked hard & got a PhD), benefit from the opportunities, democratic and free enterprise system and contribute to it as well (served in the US army in World War II). In today's Sweden it would easy for Muslim immigrants to use the welfare benefits to learn Swedish & get an education & a profession. You have explained cleearly why they don't & what is wrong with them and Swedish society. What a difference in mentality!

  • Alfred II

    The SocialistsLeft have made a pact with the Islamic devil: Recieving millions of emmigrants from the Muslim world while promotingadopting an anti-Israeli policy in exchange for OIL and buisness with the Arab world (For more detalis see "Euro-Arabia" by Bat-Yeor)
    This "pact" serves their purpose perfectly:
    1. Establishing a "Multicultuarist" Europe thus replacing the old traditional (White) Christian Europe.
    2. Securing future "democratic" election wins. More emmigrats = more votes for the left.
    3. Reducing the influence of their REAL enemies – Conservatives, Christians, Jews, etc..
    4. Creating Civil unrest – Serves their Socialist-Marxist political agenda.
    5. Appeasing the Islamic world in hope that when time comes they will spare them….
    6. Recieving money, oil and buisness opportunities from Saudi-Arabia and com

    All in all their main purpose is DESTROYING the Judeo-Christian culture of their countey in favor of their political agenda. If that's not treason I don't know what is..

  • isiswirth

    Excellent ! Congratulations, Mr. Greenfield.

  • war_man

    I've been told diversity is our strength.

  • laura r

    as pam geller said “europe is on fire”. good artical, explains how polar opposite the cultures are. i wonder why europeans/americans cant grasp this?

  • Jostalin2013

    This article is true not just for Muslim immigration but so many other
    Third World Distopians who push their ways into formerly First World
    Nations with long histories of identity, culture and freedom.

    not been involved in the process of building these societies, these
    newcomers only see their adopted homes as if they were hotel rooms.
    Hotel rooms with maid and room service, a fully stocked “honor bar” and
    plenty of “free” towels to steal. They didn’t have anything to do with
    the hotel being built, don’t participate in its servicing and have no
    interest in its long term survival; And they aren’t paying any bills

    I witness this daily from Eastern Europeans who earned
    PhDs in fraud, social service theft and political corruption. They steal
    and launder billions while laughing at the stupidity of Americans who
    they deride as lazy. Add in the entire lower castes of South America,
    Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Asia- all groups with zero
    histories of involvement in Modern and free societies. They have no
    concerns other than filling their bellies and breeding to further their
    own clan. They certainly haven’t any concern for their “fellow”
    citizens. It is a zero sum gain for them. Take, take, take – Capitalism
    taught us that we could increase production when need arose through
    ingenuity and efficiency. For groups that never had the experience with
    science and economics this is as foreign as the english language is to
    them as they apply for welfare.

    These groups never shed their
    Third-World-isms. They embrace their Savage tendencies and adapt their
    hunter gatherer mindset to the Social Services and theft. With the rise
    of the racial grievance industry and the billions to be made at
    extorting the heretofore dominant culture – you know the one that they
    willing came in to- any reason to adapt to the culture in place has
    passed on. Why adapt, when they can change the country to suit their
    culture? They cannot or simply refuse to understand that the dominant
    culture that supports them cannot function with this pervasive
    parasitism. Do parasites ever care about their host’s ability to
    continue to provide them with a blood meal?

    The key to the US
    Successful Immigration prior to 1965 was only admitting groups with
    common heritages and a dedication to not become dependent. This was done
    in a tightly controlled way with sprinklings of other groups who
    demonstrated that they would not become wards of the state. For the US,
    all that changed in the Teddy Kennedy Immigration Bill that allowed
    masses of people to pour in along with their “extended” families who
    would absolutely become dependent upon the state immediately. The voting
    demographics changed, the cities died and crime along with Social
    Services Spending SKYROCKETED whie entire societies crumbled.

    massive shifts in population and moves toward Medievalist thought has
    never been resolved without prolonged bloodshed. There is a World War
    coming and it will come to the homes next door to so many.


      I love this response.