School Confiscates Third Grader’s Cupcakes for Being Insensitive to Gun Violence

Every time Americans wonder how Sweden got to be that way, take a look at the educational system. This is the Swedenization of America.


A local third grader who took cupcakes to class in celebration of his 9th birthday was told a topping on those cupcakes was inappropriate.

Last week, Casey Fountain’s third-grade son had a birthday party at his school in Caro. His wife decided to whip up 30 cupcakes for the boy’s classmates. She topped the treats with plastic army guys like the ones countless boys and girls have played with for decades. Fountain says he never thought his innocent act of party planning would lead to controversy.

Fountain says the principal of Schall Elementary School called him personally and told him that dressing the cupcakes with soldiers was, in the principal’s words, “insensitive” considering recent gun-related tragedies. Fountain says the principal was referring to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

The green plastic figurines are representations of WWII soldiers, and Fountain said he doesn’t see a comparison to Sandy Hook.

Now here’s the Swedenization part.

The school’s principal, Susan Wright, released the following statement.

“In the climate of recent events in schools we walk a delicate balance in teaching non-violence in our buildings and trying to ensure a safe, peaceful atmosphere… Recently, a third grade boy brought cupcakes to school with plastic soldiers carrying weapons atop each one. These are toys that were commonplace in the past. However some parents prohibit all guns as toys. In light of that difference, the school offered to replace the soldiers with another item and the soldiers were returned home with the student.”

“In hindsight, one can always second guess a course of action. Schools walk a tightrope on many topics. By not permitting toy soldiers on cupcakes at school, no disrespect for our military or for the brave men and women who defend our right to have differences was intended. Our commitment is always to our children and creating a safe place for them to learn, grow and have respectful dialogues about their differences.”

This is Orwellian gibberish. It is not the job of a school to teach non-violence. It is the job of a school to teach knowledge.

Our children are not china dolls. Not only can they survive toy soldiers, but they can thrive with them. The average school is not a war zone. It is not threatened by school shootings. And a school that sends the message that an American soldier is not fundamentally different than Adam Lanza has gone Full Sweden.

  • Edward Cline

    This incident is a consequence of the government involvement in education. Get the government out of education, where it never belonged, and kids can decorate their cupcakes with as many WWII toy soldiers as they'd wish, and not have to endure a politically correct dressing-down by PC-compliant teachers and principals.

    • Bama fan


      Read your history! It is precisely where it belongs. The American genius was that institution of the people, by the people and for the people provided educational opportunities for ALL its citizens and did so long before the other nations caught on to the inherent advantages of an educated popluace.

      • Capt_Z1

        Spoken by a true leftest moron called bama fan

        • Buzz

          Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Bill Fischer

      this just exposes the stupidity of those that are supposed to be teachers, A good teacher would have taken this as a class and explained the difference between the Idiot that shot up sandy hook and the way american soldiers are protecting the freedoms of America, this so called teacher is just full of Obama type crap and trying to push it off on innocent children,Thanks for your input Edward Wild Bill

  • Gee

    As a veteran with many years of service – I have just one question for the person posing as a principal.

    Are also going to remove all pictures of soldiers and weapons from the social science books?

  • Rifleman

    Judgement, something children certainly aren't going to learn at school these days.

  • Triston

    It is very disrespectful to our military, to lump those who fight for our freedom with a crazy child killer! The solders represented on the cup cakes were fighting Nazi Germany, not entering classrooms to kill kids! It is so crazy. They shouldn't be called "teachers" any more because what they are teaching our kids is nonsense.

  • American citizen

    The school's principal, Susan Wright, is acting like a Nazi.

    • Capt_Z1

      The school principal, Susan Wright, is not only actine like a NAZI, She is also an Anti-American NAZI.

  • causingfitna

    wow…… thats dumb

  • Moishe Pupick

    F., 03/08/13

    Our beautiful country is being rapidly dumbed down, and the "progressives"int the NEA are working overtime to brainwash kids in public (a.k.a. government) schools that all "gun violence" is inherently evil. One hopes that the current fast growth of home schooling will continue to combat this anti-liberty indoctrination.

  • FPF

    Without the ally soldiers in WWII, Susan Wright will probably be a slave to the Nazi now, or she may not even exist today. Why was she so afraid of the power of justice? Is it because of PC? Or is she against justice? Avoid the fact and truth will increase the anxiety and fear.

  • Mary Sue

    So this is the hippie land of Michigan doing this. I swear to gawd, that principal has the FACE of a stupid hippie. I know that look, that face that seems to be common among women who are stupid leftist hippie hoplophobes.

  • Drakken

    The pussification of boys continues with the leftist cause of PC. Bark once at this idiot principal and she will fold like a deck chair in a hurriane.

  • rangerrebew

    So "some parents" object to plastic toy soldiers. Many others don't but still the principal sided with the "some." This is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. I'll bet anyone objecting to something to do with islam would be ignored. Anyone praising the military would probably be suspended since they are more objectionable than plastic toys. Cops have to be an enemy since they carry weapons and if they are an enemy kids can't trust them. I'll bet Santa Claus is forbidden, Harry Potter, and religion – except for islam – of course. I'll bet Jesus in a jar of urine is acceptable but not anything criticizing islam. I'll bet real American History has been replaced by revisionist history where any mention of commiecrats role in creating the Civil War is no longer taught. I'll bet pot and condoms are acceptable but aspirin isn't. In other words, the school is a leftist temple of lies, distortion, and half truth and little true education.

  • tagalog

    How do toy soldiers on cupcakes take anything away from schools teaching, oh, how did they put it? "walk(ing) a delicate balance in teaching non-violence in our buildings and trying to ensure a safe, peaceful atmosphere?" Is there some need to walk a thin line between those two extremes? Does the person who made that statement understand what it means to talk about a walking a delicate line between two things? You don't have to maintain a "delicate balance" between two equivalent things.

    They're just toy soldiers as cupcake decorations for Christ's sake. How could anyone be dumb enough to take them as a threat? Oh yeah, I forgot, we're talking about elementary school teachers. The pupils are more squared away than they are.

  • Tan

    This is just sad. They would take a Jesus toy off of the cupcake too if the kid took it to school. It's the same thing with the toy soldier. This is the anti-gun/anti-conservative syndrome that people should be aware of. Sooner or later, these kids that are being indoctrinated will one day call all gun law abiding citizens terrorists or right-wing extremists just because they own a gun. I wonder what would happen if the kid decided to put a Hamas flag, the Palestinian flag, or a small Qur'an on the cupcake. I bet that the teacher would give him a free pass if he did that. Political correctness, as one of my friends once said, is a new version of fascism.

    • tagalog

      What's more likely to happen is that for every incident like this one of depriving the kid of the "army men" on his cupcakes there will be another incident of kids finding an unsupervised way of expressing the fascination for firearms that many little boys have.

      I wonder how many of the school kids who massacred their classmates at a school were actively discouraged from acting out their gun fantasies in a socially acceptable manner by schoolteachers who were so dumb as to believe that if they eliminate pretend gun play in the school they have eliminated it altogether. They don't remember their own childhoods, when we all treated school as something we had to do for part of the day, with the rest of the day ours to do with as we wished, including playing with guns, usually toy ones.

  • thereandbackagain

    Feeling the urge to bake cupcakes with memorable salutes to all before and after me…. and I'd like to send a batch to the 9 yr old because really…. he will remember (not fondly) his 9th birthday forever now…. way to go principle and teacher for traumatizing yet another child. My son grew up with 2 Combat Vets as parents…. he would have gotten his cupcakes and the USMC and USA would have stood there and made sure of it…. we protect the innocent…. something you epically failed at that day. Strong work!

  • Buzz

    Go to the dollar store and purchase 50 toy plastic soldiers. Mail them to this moron of a principal at:

    Schall Elementary School
    325 East Frank St.
    Caro, MI 48723

    Attention: Principal Susan Wright

    On a sheet of paper put this:

    In World War II 25 million soldiers, with guns, fought and died for this country.
    Take these soldiers out one at a time and for each one think of 500,000 soldiers dying to keep this country free so people like you have the freedom to be stupid.

  • Buzz

    If the figures on the cupcakes had been of two men or two women kissing, the kid would have been praised for his sensitivity and diversity.

  • Buzz

    Email this moron and let her know what you think.

    Do a google search on schall elementary school caro mi

    Click on the Schall Elementary School – Caro link. Scroll down to the
    picture of this principle and click on Email Contact, fill in the form and let this
    Obama liberal know what you think.