SEAL Mom: “This is Submission and the Cost of that Submission on August 6 was My Only Son”

karen vaughn

I’ve said before that the Rules of Engagement are a much bigger scandal than Benghazi. I don’t have much else to say, except watch this video. Find an Obama supporter who still has some sense of right and wrong and show them this video.

“The hearts and minds of the enemy are more valuable to this government than my son’s blood. This is submission and the cost of that submission on August 6 was my only son.”

  • Cassandra84

    My prayers and condolences for your loss.

  • SGTChas

    There are no Obama supporters who still have a sense of right and wrong; it is doubtful there ever were any.

  • Muriel Short

    God bless you for speaking up for your son and others. This administration is a disgrace.

    • Nanis

      Obama zombies are already brainwashed they agree with everything he says. I bet, if he tells them to jump off a building they would do it that is how zombified they are.

  • And So It Goes…

    To Karen Vaughn: My heart is with you. I mourn the loss of your son and the children of all those who have been slaughtered unnecessarily in this outrageous joke of a war. I was deeply moved by your words and feel as you do. I listened to the words of Mr. Buckley whose son Greg was murdered in Afghanistan when he was unarmed by the tea-boy (sex slave) of an Afghan policeman who was trained by American soldiers and who owes his life to those Americans. Yet there is hundreds of Americans who are being gunned down by Afghans every day, as soon as they turn their backs on the people they are training. Yes, play another round of golf Mr. President. Laugh it up. It is not going unnoticed by the American people or by God.

  • rubiconcrest

    I cannot not agree more with everything you have said Karen Vaughn. There are millions who agree with you.

  • DDay66

    "Find an Obama supporter who still has some sense of right and wrong and show them this video."

    We would be more likely to find a Jihadist willing to convert to Judaism.

  • Atikva

    This is the most powerful indictment of Mr. Obama’s policy that I have heard so far. The outrage must be heard by the whole country.

  • Quiet Please

    National PRESS Club? 5 days later (5-14) and absolutely nothing on any major media outlets? Things that make me wonder where we are today in just how far they will go to protect this poser in the WH.